Transcript of The Tale of the Muspah

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This transcript involves dialogue with Ali the Wise, Erjolf, Jhallan, Natural historian (Rellekka Hunter area), and the player.

Note: If The Fremennik Trials is completed before this quest, Erjolf will refer to the Player using their Fremennik Name.

Erjolf's Secret[edit | edit source]

  • Erjolf: Incredible! This'll show them!
  • Player: Hello?
  • Erjolf: Oh! Hello there.
  • Player: You seem rather excited about something.
  • Erjolf: Who, me? No, I'm not excited about anything. I certainly haven't found anything amazing inside the caves here.
  • Player: You won't mind if I have a look inside the cave, then.
  • Erjolf: Just you hold on a minute. I know what you adventurers are like, you'll wander in here and decide that anything you find is yours to take.
  • Player: I thought there was nothing in the caves to get excited about.
  • Erjolf: Alright, [grandpa/grandma], you caught me out! If you promise to keep it a secret, I'll show you what I've found.
    • Player: Okay, your secret is safe with me.
      • Erjolf: Great! Then follow me into the caves to see something amazing!
    • Player: No thanks, I don't like secrets.
      • Erjolf: Then, in the name of the Fremennik people, I shall not let you enter the cave!
      • Player: (I wonder what he's hiding down here?)
      • Erjolf: Well, you can carry on wondering.

If you talk to him again after saying no.

  • Player: Hello again, weird-secret-cave-boy.
  • Erjolf: My name is Erjolf, you know.
  • Player: Okay. Hey, Erjolf...
  • Player: I thought there was nothing in the caves to get excited about.

Dialogue proceeds as above.

A Trophy for the Trials[edit | edit source]

The Cave[edit | edit source]

  • Erjolf: Hey, over here! Jump across the stream to reach me. The flat rock is a good jumping point.
Once across
  • Erjolf: Come on, we're nearly there.

Water and Ice[edit | edit source]

  • Erjolf: See the ice there, in the middle of the pool? There's something in there. Earlier, when the ice was clearer, I could see spikes. Perhaps it's some long-lost armour! Whatever it is, this could just be what I need to get me through the Fremennik Trials!
    • (If The Fremennik Trials is completed)
      • Erjolf: But you'd know all about that, wouldn't you, [Fremennik Name]?
      • Player: You've heard of me?
      • Erjolf: We've all heard of the outerlander who passed the Trials, and here you are! Adventuring with [Fremennik Name] – what a day!
    • Player: Why are you excited about the ice?
    • Player: Tell me more about your Trials.
      • Erjolf: I'm proving my worth to my kinsfolk. The Fremennik Trials! Once completed, I will have come of age. I'm having trouble with some of the tasks, though. I was set a maze task yesterday. I spent all day in there and still couldn't find the way out. I never did have a good sense of direction. I'm sure that if I can get whatever's in the ice it would help me prove my worth. Perhaps it won't even matter that I'm having trouble with Swensen's maze!
      • (Return to previous options)
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: Perhaps I can help with your Trials.
      • Erjolf: You know, I was hoping you would say that. Not that I couldn't do it on my own, you know. It's just that I can see you want to help so much.
      • Player: Er... well, if you'd rather-
      • Erjolf: No! It's settled. You'll help me.
      • Player: Okay, what do I need to do?
      • Erjolf: We need to somehow melt the ice in the middle of the pool. I'd had a think about it, and I've come up with a way! I'll show you when you're ready.
      • (Return to previous options)
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: I'm ready to learn how to melt the ice.
      • Erjolf: Great! Now listen carefully... We're going to melt the ice in the middle of the pool using an old Fremennik tradition... making boats and setting fire to them! We won't need full-sized boats, of course, a simple raft will do. Them we can light them, and set them in the pool so they drift out to the ice in the middle.
      • Player: You want me to build rafts then set them on fire and launch them?
      • Erjolf: Got it in one! First I'll show you how to build a raft. Take a piece of driftwood from one of these piles to make a fire raft. Watch carefully how I make them. I just take this knife... and use it with some driftwood, like this... and you get a fire raft! Now to launch it, You need a tinderbox to do this. There she goes! We just need to figure out how to get the rafts to the ice in the middle. Let's look around the cave. So, here's the ice in the middle of the pool with water flowing around it. If you watch the ice falling in to the pool you can see how the water is flowing. There are four streams around the pool. You can block or clear some streams to adjust the flow. This is the north stream. Water flows into the pool from here. This is the only stream the feeds the pool. This is the west stream. Water flows out of the pool, as long as the stream is unblocked. If it is unblocked then nearby fire rafts will move towards it. This is the south stream. Water flows out of the pool here, just like the west stream. This is the east stream. Guess what? It's just like the west and south streams. Water flows out of it! Here's one last tip for you... I can't work out how to melt all the ice, but... If you launch several fire rafts at once, they'll come to rest against each other. That means you'll be able to melt pieces of ice which look difficult to reach by launching several rafts at once. Well, hop to it then! Make some rafts, change the current, and melt the ice.
    • Player: Never mind.
Speak to Erjolf again
  • Player: Why are you excited about the ice?
  • Player: I need some tools to melt the ice.
    • Erjolf: There you go, now you have all you need to start melting the ice.
    • Player: Thanks!
  • Player: Can you remind me how to melt the ice?
  • Player: Never mind.

Shock and Thaw[edit | edit source]

  • Erjolf: Well done, [Fremennik Name]! You've melted the ice! Come and speak to me when you have a moment. Oh, it isn't a piece of armour at all!
  • Player: A frozen monster...
  • Erjolf: I wonder how it got in there.
  • Player: Perhaps it got trapped in an avalanche.
  • Erjolf: But... something's not right. The ice closest to it hasn't melted, not even a bit. Is it some kind of magic? And I don't think I've ever heard of a creature like this before. Not even in stories!
  • Player: So... you leave it alone and get on with the Trials?
  • Erjolf: Not a chance! If I could get some kind of trophy from it, that'd impress everyone! The whole Council would vote in my favour, I'd pass the Trials straight away!
    • Player: What do you make of the creature in the ice?
      • Erjolf: Well I'm a bit disappointed that it's not some flashy armour. But at least it's impressive! If I can just get a trophy from it... but... It's odd that there's still ice around the creature. Perhaps we need some specialist help here.
    • Player: What should we do now?
      • Erjolf: Hey, I know who we can ask about the frozen creature. A natural historian from a museum is in the area, looking for yetis. Now, where did I see him last... Oh, yes! Up at the Trollweiss Hunter Area! Apparently he's trying to research yetis for the museum in Varrock. I doubt he's having much luck, though; no one will help him find them because he's an outerlander!
      • Player: Should I go to the Trollweiss Hunter Area and speak to this natural historian?
      • Erjolf: Yes. I'd go, but I must stay here and guard the cave. I don't want anyone else getting my trophy!
      • Player: I guess I'll be going to find the natural historian on my own, then.
      • Erjolf: Before you go to find the natural historian, take a good look at the creature. You'll need to describe it to him so he can tell us more about it.
        • Do you want to look at the creature?:
          • Yes, look at the creature.
            • You study the creature, trying to remember evey detail.
          • No, I'll look later.
    • Player: Never mind.

Research Trip[edit | edit source]

Field Work[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Natural historian: Ah ha! Oh... you're not a yeti... are you?
    • Player: Don't you know what a yeti looks like?
    • Player: What are you doing here?
      • Natural historian: I'm doing valuable research work for the Varrock Museum.
        • Player: You're quite far from home, aren't you?
          • Natural historian: Oh, yes. For me, this is where the real museum is! Not stuffed away in echoing galleries or writing exhibit cards in an ill-lit cupboard.
        • Player: What exactly are you researching?
          • Natural historian: I'm trying to find out about yetis for the Varrock Museum. There's a whole exhibit there dedicated to natural history.
          • Player: So you're trying to make a yeti exhibit?
          • Natural historian: Yes, the displays in the museum are most impressive, you know. Instead of just reading about different creatures they have moving models of them, so you really get an idea of what the animals are like.
          • Player: Sounds fun!
          • Natural historian: Oh yes. You should definitely visit the Varrock Museum!
        • [Talk about something else.]
        • Player: Never mind.
    • Player: Never mind.
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: Are you any good at identifying creatures?
      • Natural historian: I am rather good. Why do you ask?
      • Player: It's because of a curious creature I've found. I'm trying to find out what it is.
      • Natural historian: Oh, I'm sure I can help you. Now, I'll ask you questions about the creature, you tell me the answers, and let's see if we can figure out what it is.
        • Player: Okay, I can start describing it now.
          • Natural historian: Then let's get started! To start with, what colour is the creature?
            • Player: It's blue.
            • Player: It's red.
            • Player: It's yellow.
              • (Correct response)
            • Player: I'll come back later.
          • Natural historian: Okay, and how many arms does it have?
            • Player: It has two arms.
            • Player: It has four arms.
              • (Correct response)
            • Player: It has six arms.
            • Player: I'll come back later.
          • Natural historian: Okay, now how many legs does it have?
            • Player: It has no legs, like a snail.
              • (Correct response)
            • Player: It has four legs, like a mammal.
            • Player: It has eight legs, like a spider.
            • Player: I'll come back later.
          • Natural historian: Tell me about its head.
            • Player: It has a smooth skull.
            • Player: It has spikes, which run down its spine.
              • (Correct response)
            • Player: It has unkempt hair flowing down its back.
            • Player: I'll come back later.
          • Natural historian: Now could you describe its tail, please?
            • Player: It's like a scorpion's stinging tail.
            • Player: It has a spiky tail, with vicious spines.
              • (Correct response)
            • Player: It's a bit like a fishtail.
            • Player: I'll come back later.
          • Natural historian: We're nearly there, just one more question. Tell me what its hands are like please.
            • Player: It has pincers, like a crab.
              • (Correct response)
            • Player: It has three big fingers on each hand.
            • Player: It has webbed skin between its talons.
            • Player: I'll come back later.
          • Natural historian: Oh my! Well that sounds like... But it can't be...
          • Player: What is the creature I described?
          • Natural historian: I must say, the creature you've described to me is most puzzling.
          • Player: Can you tell me what it is, then?
          • Natural historian: I can try, but I'm afraid it's as much of a mystery to me as it is to you.
          • Player: What do you mean?
          • Natural historian: Well, this is a mythical creature. Just consider the way it's built, nothing like that could really exist. I've never heard of a real creature such as this, it's the kind of being you'd find in folk tales.
            • Player: What is the creature I described?
              • (Repeats previous conversation)
            • Player: Where can I find out more about this creature?
              • Natural historian: I'm unable to say, I doubt any natural historian can help you. I do have one piece of information which may help, though. On my field trips I hear many reports of interesting finds. One such report was of a statue found in the Kharidian Desert which had a remarkable similarity to the creature you've described to me.
              • Player: A statue in the desert? Whereabouts?
              • Natural historian: That's just it, other people went looking for it, but never found it. The rumour said it was east of the Desert Mining Camp. If you could find the statue, perhaps you'll be able to learn more about the creature. If you let me know where it is, I have a small reward I can give you for your effort.
              • Player: It's certainly worth a go. The desert is a fair distance off, though.
              • Natural historian: I can help you get some of the way there at least. Here's a teletab which will take you to Lumbridge regardless of your Magic level.
              • The natural historian gives you a Lumbridge teletab.
              • Player: Thanks!
            • Player: Never mind.
        • Player: I need to remind myself what it looks like first.

Under the Sand[edit | edit source]

  • Ali the Wise: So that's where it is... and to think I've been searching far and wide.
  • Player: Oh, hello. Have you been looking for this statue, too?
  • Ali the Wise: Come and speak to me when you have a moment and we'll discuss it more.
Speak to Ali the Wise
  • Ali the Wise: That's just what I'm looking for. Is the statue not splendid?
    • Player: Who are you?
      • Ali the Wise: They call me Ali the Wise, and I explore the desert in my eternal quest for knowledge.
      • Player: And this statue is knowledge?
      • Ali the Wise: Indeed. From my cursory glance I can see that it is incredibly old... Perhaps it can tell us something about the beings who created the statue.
    • Player: Why are you interested in the statue?
      • Ali the Wise: I heard a rumour about it, and, inquisitive as I am, I came searching for it.
      • Player: You came along at just the right time then, I've only just dug it out of the sand.
      • Ali the Wise: That would explain why I haven't found it before, even though I've passed this way many times. The sand storms in this area are particularly bad. It may have been covered and uncovered thousands of times over the years. And look what I've missed out on – such magnificence! Such tremendous masonry!
      • Player: You're really pleased with the statue, aren't you?
      • Ali the Wise: I shall study it without delay!
    • Player: I've found a creature just like this statue.
      • Ali the Wise: Hold there, adventurer! That cannot be! Do you mean to tell me that you have found such a creature in the flesh?
      • Player: Well, it's a rather strange story. My Fremennik ally, Erjolf, found the body entombed in ice, but I can't seem to melt all the ice around it. Then I asked a natural historian about the creature.
      • Ali the Wise: Very interesting, please continue.
      • Player: Well, he said he had heard a rumour about this statue, too, and when I described my creature to him, he realised that this must be a statue of the very same monster. So I've come here to find out more about it, hoping to find a way to melt the remaining ice.
      • Ali the Wise: You would normally be hard pressed to learn much about the creature. But happily you have stumbled upon my wise and learned self.
      • Player: Wonderful! So tell me all about it.
      • Ali the Wise: The creature you have found is the Muspah. It is a fearsome predator, designed by a cruel and archaic god.
      • Player: So why haven't I heard of this creature before? I've never even heard rumours about it.
      • Ali the Wise: Because, my dear adventurer, it doesn't exist.
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: Why do you think the creature I've found is a myth?
      • Ali the Wise: It's certainly puzzling, but I will explain what I can. This plane is inhabited by many different races, and through my explorations and investigations I have come to understand them well. Each of these races has their own folk tales and fables, it is simply a part of culture.
      • Player: Go on...
      • Ali the Wise: One little known race, which has now become very rare, travelled to this plane from a distant and cruel world. They brought with them their strange ways, rituals and folk tales. It is one of these folk tales that speaks of the Muspah. From various inscriptions I've read, the tale is of a creator-god who combined his most fearsome creatures to produce a monster the likes of which is unknown to this world. In truth, however, this creature would not work. As fearsome as it appears, it would actually be fairly easy to destroy. It is a terror of the mind, not of the flesh.
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: If the Muspah is a myth, how could I have found it? The natural historian said it was a myth, too, but it doesn't make any sense. I've seen it with my own eyes!
      • Ali the Wise: That I cannot say. The race of which I speak are terribly powerful mages, though, it is likely that some of their magic is at work here.
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: How can I clear the ice from around the Muspah? Erjolf needs a trophy from it to earn his rite of passage.)
      • Ali the Wise: Now, let me ponder this... It would certainly save me the trouble of investigating this myself... Okay, I'll teach you a special way to clear the ice from around the Muspah, but on one condition: you must return and tell me everything you discover.
      • Player: Of course!
      • Ali the Wise: Excellent. If I am not here when you return, you shall find me at my house in Nardah. Now then, given the creature and the race, it is likely that the ice is somehow magically imbued.
      • Player: Does that mean I need to use magic to remove the ice?
      • Ali the Wise: Indeed. It's nice to see you pick things up so quickly. A simple Enchant Sapphire spell will suffice.
      • Player: I've practiced enough Magic to be able to do that. What exactly do I need to do?
      • Ali the Wise: You'll need four sapphires to enchant. Uncut sapphires won't work, they'll need to be cut first. Take four sapphires, four cosmic runes and four water runes to the Muspah. Use a knife to bore the gems into the ice around the Muspah, and cast the enchantment on each gem. That will focus any magic away from the creature, allowing the ice to melt.
      • Player: Okay, I think I can manage that.
  • (New dialogue option)
    • Player: Can you help me get back to the Muspah cave?)
      • Ali the Wise: Hmmm... Whereabouts is it?
      • Player: It's to the east of Rellekka.
      • Ali the Wise: Well, I can get you to Camelot, at least – I have a teletab which will take you there.
      • Ali the Wise gives you a Camelot teletab.
      • Player: Thanks!
    • Player: Never mind.

The Tale of the Muspah[edit | edit source]

Waking the Beast[edit | edit source]

  • Erjolf: You're back! What did the natural historian say about the creature?
  • Player: It was most curious. The natural historian said the creature was a myth, and couldn't really exist.
  • Erjolf: Of course it exists, it's right here! What else did you find out?
  • Player: I met Ali the Wise in the desert. He told me even more...

You repeat to Erjolf everything that Ali the Wise told you.

  • Erjolf: By the gods! So what we have here is a mythical creature? With a trophy from that I'll pass my Trials, for sure!
  • Player: Doesn't it bother you? Not knowing how it came to be here, I mean.
  • Erjolf: Oh, it'll be something to do with those powerful mages you mentioned. Don't worry about that, I don't!
  • Player: Err... if you're sure.
  • Erjolf: Now, you said Ali told you how to thaw the creature? I've managed to build a small bridge out to it.
  • Player: Yes. I can bore gemstones into the ice and then enchant them.
  • Erjolf: Hmmm... I'm not much of a magic user, so I can't help you there. Looks like another job for you. Hop to it!
  • Player: Ha! You're becoming quite bossy, aren't you?
  • Erjolf: Yes, I'm practicing in case I become the Chieftain one day.
Melt the ice
  • Erjolf: You've done it! You've really done it! Thank you so much! Wait there, I'm coming across to you. Finally I can get my trophy! Just think of the respect I'll get now!
The Muspah moves
  • Erjolf: It's... it's alive! Er... I think it's time for my dinner. I really should go.
  • Player: Wait, come back! What about your trophy? He's young; I suppose I should have expected him to run at the first sign of trouble.

Not as He Seems[edit | edit source]

  • Muspah: Rrarggh... My head! I feel terrible, so confused...
  • Player: You... you can talk!
  • Muspah: Rrarggh!
  • Player: (Perhaps if I edge slowly out of the cave...)
  • Muspah: You there! What is the meaning of this? Why do I feel like I have too many arms?
  • Player: Oh, hello there. Er... you have got quite a few arms. I should know, I counted them.
  • Muspah: Speak clearly, you trembling fool! I don't understand. Where am I? What am I?
  • Player: Now I can answer those questions, at least. You're somewhere near Trollweiss Mountain, where you were found sleeping in a block of ice.
  • Muspah: Hmmm... that doesn't remind me of anything. Carry on.
  • Player: As for what kind of creature you are, I had to get some expert help on that. And the expert says that you're a Muspah.
  • Muspah: I'm a Muspah? But... But how did I... Of course! Now I recall it all!
  • Player: Er... good?
The Muspah transforms
  • Jhallan: Do you see, human? Does your mind race to comprehend what I have become?
  • Player: Er...
  • Jhallan: Know, then, the majesty of Jhallan, before whom you are but a speck.
  • Player: Your... head... what are you?
  • Jhallan: Begone, human, I have plans to make. I do not need your bleating to distract me.
  • Player: Okay, don't worry, I'm going.
  • Jhallan: Hmmm... beneath me my legs buckle so. Have I lost so much strength through my slumbering years?
  • Player: Feeling weak, eh? Well, whether you're strong or not, it costs nothing to show a little gratitude.
  • Jhallan: Do you still plague me with your feeble mind?
    • Player: I only wanted to help!
      • Jhallan: Help, eh? Now, let me think... I suppose in this weakened state I could use a drudge such as this.
      • Player: Hey!
      • Jhallan: Oh! Did I say that aloud? Forgive me, I am tired. I was merely admiring your patience, adventurer. I apologise for my ill manners – I was rather startled, you see.
        • Player: That's okay. I guess some people just find it difficult to wake up.
        • Player: It'll take more than that to make amends.
      • (After chosen option)
        • Player: What happened? You were a strange creature before...
          • Jhallan: Yes, I was also taken by surprise by that, if you recall. During my slumber, I must have dreamt of the Muspah: a horrific creature from my people's imagination. It is a mythical being from our folk tales.
          • Player: And when you started to dream about it you changed into it?
          • Jhallan: Yes. My race is highly skilled at taking on the shape of other beings. It is incredibly strenuous to achieve, though; I weep when I think about how much of my power the transformation must have consumed.
        • Player: You look a bit... unusual.
          • Jhallan: This is what we Mahjarrat become in the long, tired years leading up to our rejuvenation.
          • Player: Rejuvenation?
          • Jhallan: Yes, for years I have been waiting in the ice, growing ever weaker, waiting to be filled with power once more.
        • Player: What were you doing in the ice?
          • Jhallan: I was hibernating, a most difficult feat.
          • Player: But why?
          • Jhallan: It is to do with our ritual of rejuvenation.
            • Player: Tell me about the rejuvenation ritual.
              • Jhallan: Ah, the ritual that brings energy anew to us Mahjarrat. Such a shame that one of our kind must be sacrificed, but it is a small price to pay really.
              • Player: You mean to say that the Mahjarrat kill each other?
              • Jhallan: Oh, it's nothing as uncivilised as slaughter. We do battle, although I fear my enemies plot and scheme against me. This is why I could not take part in the ritual. I am too weak to fend off my foes. And, so, I concealed myself under the ritual site, that I may be rejuvenated without fear.
              • Player: Ah! So you've been hiding in the ice!
              • Jhallan: How long have you been in this realm, human? I have been here many years. I stopped counting after a few thousand.
              • Player: You've been alive for thousands of years?
              • Jhallan: Yes. And, in that time, can you imagine the destruction I have seen? There was a time when what you call the Wilderness was a paradise blessed by the gods. There was a time when this whole world was at war. I have seen Zamorak stride across the battlefield, a storm of hate and wrath and fire.
              • Player: I... I had no idea. You must have seen so much.
              • Jhallan: Indeed, and what I have seen has tempered me somewhat. I am weary of battle now.
      • (New dialogue option)
        • Player: So what do you need now?
          • Jhallan: I must hibernate again under the ritual site. There are caves beneath it, but this time I must choose my resting place with more care. This time my rest must not be disturbed. I must not dream of the Muspah again. Transforming into that creature used almost all the energy I have.
          • Player: Good luck with hibernating, then.
          • Jhallan: Wait there, human! I do not have the power to go into hibernation again. I need you to help me.
          • Player: I've started, so I may as well finish. What do I need to do?
          • Jhallan: Use the same process you used to awaken me. That should allow me to focus the remaining power I have to send me into a slumber again.
          • Player: Okay, I need four sapphires, the runes to enchant them, and a knife?
          • Jhallan: Exactly. You learn well, for a human.
          • Player: And where should I meet you?
          • Jhallan: You will need to find a way to the caves beneath the ritual site.
          • Player: How will I do that?
          • Jhallan: Why not ask your little Fremennik friend? He waits just without this cave. I smell his fear!
          • Player: Good for you.
            • Player: Never mind.
            • [Talk about something else.]
        • Player: Never mind.
    • Player: Fine! You're on your own!
    • Player: Never mind.

A Place to Sleep[edit | edit source]

Advice[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey, Erjolf?
  • Erjolf: Is it gone yet? The monster? Only... I really need a trophy from it.
  • Player: Listen, I need to find some way of travelling round the coast.
  • Erjolf: The mountains are really steep and slippy, you'll fall for sure!
  • Player: Then how about travelling by water?
  • Erjolf: Well, I don't have a boat, but you could always make a canoe. You did a good job making those fire rafts, a canoe should be no problem.
  • Player: Any idea where I can find a log to make one?
  • Erjolf: Yes, I keep my eyes open, not like you oldies! Meet me on the west coast on the Trollweiss Hunter Area, near where all the land all turns to snow. And bring a hatchet with you!
Erjolf leaves
  • Player: I had better go and find Erjolf.

Returning to Jhallan[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Erjolf is going to show me where to make a canoe.
  • Jhallan: Splendid. You can use it to travel to the caves under the ritual site.
  • Jhallan: I shall teleport myself there, rather than risking sea travel.
  • Player: I'll see you there.

Returning to Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Who are you?
    • This dialogue is unchanged
  • Player: What will you do now?
    • Ali the Wise: I will continue to study and sketch the statue for a while, before returning to Nardah to archive my findings.
    • Ali the Wise: Then I shall be off out in to the desert again to find out what other treasures it holds.
    • Player: Is that how you spend all your time? Wandering the desert?
    • Ali the Wise: Yes, although I have my den in Nardah, I am not there often. I usually only return there to store artefacts I find and to write up my notes.
    • Player: Perhaps I'll see you in Nardah one day, then.
    • Ali the Wise: Indeed. If I am not here when you return then you'll find me waiting in Nardah, eager to hear about your adventure.
    • Ali the Wise: And now, if you'll excuse me, I shall record this magnificent find before another sand storm conceals it again.
  • Player: The Muspah! It's not what it appeared to be!
    • Ali the Wise: Oh! So you have some information for me? I must record this!
    • Player: It changed into another creature. It turned out to be alive all along, and once I'd freed it, it... changed.
    • Player: It told me it was a Mahjarrat. It was quite a shock to suddenly see its head was a skull.
    • Ali the Wise: I did not confide in you earlier, adventurer, but I did perhaps wonder if that would be the case.
    • Ali the Wise: Remember how I said the creature was a myth? I wondered if one of those powerful mages I mentioned had somehow changed in to Muspah form.
    • Player: He's called Jhallan. He says he's weak and wants to hibernate under the Mahjarrat ritual site.
    • Player: Apparently the Mahjarrat perform a ritual there which will rejuvinate[sic] them.
    • Ali the Wise: I advise you to make the most of this opportunity. You should try to communicate further with the creature to see what you can learn.
    • Player: Okay, I'll go and find out all I can.
  • Player: Never mind.

The Canoe[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi again.
  • Erjolf: Ha! I got here much faster than you. I've been waiting ages!
  • Player: You seem a bit out of breath to be honest.
  • Erjolf: No, I'm not! I didn't run here really fast just to beat you.
  • Player: Anyway, I'm more interested in making a canoe.
  • Erjolf: You should use the great big log over there.
  • Player: Okay, I'll get to work.
  • Erjolf: Yes, and don't forget about my trophy!
Attempt to build the canoe

Player: Here I go again, making boats. I better not set fire to this one though.

Beneath the Ritual Site[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, I made it!
  • Jhallan: And not a moment too soon. My... legs are about to give way, I... can scarcely think.
  • Player: You seem to be in pretty bad shape.
  • Jhallan: Yes, but now I have arrived! This central point is... directly beneath the ritual stone. You can feel its force... seeping through the mountain. You will need to do my thinking for me here. Guide me... to a place where I can rest.
  • Player: Well, how about right here?
  • Jhallan: I'm afraid not. I need somewhere that's... ice cold, where I won't be disturbed by running water or creatures, and that... isn't too light. And not in a tunnel, either! I don't want to be... disturbed while sleeping! Are you ready to guide me to a peaceful... hibernation spot now?
    • Player: Yes, follow me. We'll find somewhere you can rest.
    • Player: No, I don't have time for this right now.
If the location is not right
  • Jhallan: Yes, oh brave adventurer?
    • Player: Is this spot peaceful enough for you?
      • Room with no ice
        • Jhallan: I'm afraid not, here it is too warm. Do you not see...the absence of ice? I could not sustain hibernation here. I must have complete peace. You saw with your own... eyes what became of me the last time I was disturbed.
      • Room with stream
        • Jhallan: I'm afraid not. The sound from the streams would disturb... me in my slumber. I must have complete peace. You saw with your own... eyes what became of me the last time I was disturbed.
      • Tunnel
        • Jhallan: I'm afraid not, I may be disturbed if I'm somewhere...people might walk. I must have complete peace. You saw with your own... eyes what became of me the last time I was disturbed.
      • In a room with rays of light
        • Jhallan: I'm afraid not, here it is too light. The rays would...penetrate the ice around me, and cause dream again. Who knows what I would...become were that to occur again!
      • In a room with Jellies
        • Jhallan: I'm afraid not, the hideous creatures here would...disturb me in my slumber. I must have complete peace. You saw with your own...eyes what became of me the last time I was disturbed.
        • Player: Perhaps if I killed the creatures first?
        • Jhallan: That will not do at all. They would soon...return, as creatures do. Instead you must find me somewhere completely...peaceful.
    • Player: Can you stop following me?
    • Player: Never mind.
At the correct location
  • Player: Is this spot peaceful enough for you?
  • Jhallan: How wonderful. Yes, I think this... shall do very nicely. Now, if you would be so kind as to bore... the sapphires around me.
  • Player: Okay, here I go again.

Loose Ends[edit | edit source]

  • Jhallan: At last, I... can rest again.
  • Player: So, that's it then? I won't see you again, I suppose.
  • Jhallan: Do not get sentimental, human.
  • Player: It's not that, I just... Things just don't seem complete, you know?
  • Jhallan: No, I do not know. Explain... yourself.
  • Player: Well, usually in an adventure things wrap up nicely at the end. But this time... I started out promising to help Erjolf with his Trials, but I don't seem to have helped him at all.
  • Jhallan: I cannot help that. Nor do I... care for this Erjolf.
  • Player: Oh, well, I imagine he'll just try to find you again to get some kind of trophy.
  • Jhallan: That cannot be allowed! I must... not be disturbed!
  • Player: And, of course, he knows how to bring you out of hibernation, he just needs to practice his magic a bit...
  • Jhallan: Curses! A pox on all adventurers... and their meddling ways!
  • Player: Still, as long as you're happy with him waking you up again...
  • Jhallan: Pah! I am left with... no choice. Imagine how much this... will pain me, human, weak as I am. I use all... the strength I have left to conjure a trophy for you. Behold, the tail... of the Muspah!

Jhallan gives you the Muspah's tail.

  • Player: Wonderful! That should do just fine, thanks!
  • Jhallan: And now, continue... with the hibernation.

The Muspah's Tale[edit | edit source]

Returning to Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Who are you?
    • This dialogue is unchanged
  • Player: What will you do now?
    • This dialogue is unchanged
  • Player: The Muspah isn't what it appears to be!
    • Ali the Wise: Oh! So you have some information for me? I must record this!
    • Player: It's changed into another creature. It turned out to be alive all along, and once I'd freed it, it... changed.
    • Player: It told me it was a Mahjarrat. It was quite a shock to suddenly see its head was a skull.
    • Ali the Wise: I did not confide in you earlier, adventurer, but I did perhaps wonder if that would be the case.
    • Ali the Wise: Remember how I said the creature was a myth? I wondered if one of those powerful mages I mentioned had somehow changed in to Muspah form.
    • Player: He's called Jhallan. He said he was weak and wanted to hibernate under the Mahjarrat ritual site.
    • Player: Apparently the Mahjarrat perform a ritual there which will rejuvinate[sic] them.
    • Player: I found him somewhere peaceful to rest again.
    • Ali the Wise: What a curious character! Well, at least we know where to find him, should we ever need to.
  • Player: Never mind.

Erjolf[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Still hanging around here?
  • Erjolf: If you think I'm going home without a trophy, then you're wrong.
  • Player: It just so happens I have something for you here.
  • Erjolf: Really? You're great!

You give Erjolf the Muspah's tail.


Post Quest Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Ali the Wise[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So this is your place?
  • Ali the Wise: Humble but homely, I think. It suits me well. How good to see you again!
  • Player: You told me how to thaw out the Muspah, I thought I should keep my part of the bargain.
  • Ali the Wise: Oh! So you have some information for me? I must record this!
  • Player: To start with, the Muspah wasn't what it appeared to be. It turned out to be alive all along, and once I'd freed it, it... changed. It told me it was a Mahjarrat. It was quite a shock to suddenly see its head was a skull.
  • Ali the Wise: The Muspah creature was a Mahjarrat in disguise?
  • Player: Yes, he's called Jhallan. He was incredibly weak and wanted to hibernate under the Mahjarrat ritual site. I found him somewhere peaceful and put him back to sleep. Apparently the ritual will rejuvenate any Mahjarrat nearby.
  • Ali the Wise: We know where to find him again, should we ever need to. Well, that creature in the ice has given me much to think about. I've started to research these Mahjarrat; I'm worried they may be a threat to us humans. We need to collaborate to gather as much information as possible.

Erjolf[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So, do you think the Muspah's tail is a good enough trophy?
  • Erjolf: It's the best! I can't wait to show this off, I'll pass the Fremennik Trials, for sure!
  • Player: Glad I could help.
  • Erjolf: Oh, yeah, about that... It'd probably be best to keep this on the quiet, yeah? Otherwise I might not get all the credit I deserve.
  • Player: You want me to lie about helping you?
  • Erjolf: No, no, not at all! Just...don't mention it to anyone.
  • Player: I'm making no promises.
  • Erjolf: Fair enough. I thought it might be a bit much to ask. Well, see you around!
  • Player: Bye.

Natural Historian[edit | edit source]

The first time[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, I've come to claim a reward.
  • Natural Historian: How wonderful. And what is this reward for?
  • Player: I've managed to locate the statue of the Muspah.
  • Natural Historian: Of course! The mysterious desert statue. Now, if you could just pinpoint its location on my map for me...
  • You mark the location of the Muspah statue on the historian's map.
  • Natural Historian: That's wonderful, now we'll be able to study it when the opportunity arises. As promised, here's a token of our thanks!
  • The historian carefully hands you an antique lamp.

Talking to the historian again[edit | edit source]

  • Natural Historian: How splendid to see you again. I can't wait to study the statue you found in the desert.
  • Player: Are you still looking for yetis?
  • Natural Historian: Yes, but I think I'll have to give up here. I'm sure the locals could help, but they won't even talk to me. They just mutter about some kind of trials, then set me a bunch of impossible tasks!
  • Player: Perhaps you'll have better luck with the desert statue.
  • Natural Historian: I do hope so.