Transcript of The Tale of Jack of Spades

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They wandered far through Gielinor,
To Menaphos ten leagues or more,
For riches quest and to explore,
Many deeds they are unsung for.

On carpet's wings the hero came,
To win renown and find a claim,
And well deserved of their fame,
Hear the tale of the bold one's name.

The hero though the entrance strolled,
But straight away assumed the role,
To find what's lost they made their goal,
Of the things that the people had stole.

The thief was called The Jack of Spades,
Beguiling folk by his charades,
Confounded all with daring raids and his,
Escapades, escapades, escapades.

The hero then went on to track,
The one who snatched them from the stack,
A guile and cunning did not lack,
And they brought the items back.

We welcome those who would help us,
Come see the city and discuss,
Fields and trades and you'll find us,
Riches as a plus.

Come win the trust of all the folks,
The merchants free and slaves with yoke,
Imperials adorned with cloak,
The ports with ships of old.

And if by chance you come across,
A city that's steeped in chaos,
Stretch your hand they'll know whose,
Menaphos, Menaphos, Menaphos.