Transcript of The Tale of Het

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Hassan's mind was on Kharid
Negotiations they were bid
For peace ensured that the war was rid
With the southern pyramid

The hero in the tower of stone
They searched for Pharoah's lineage tome
But entry barred was forced to roam
So the Wanderer's task was known

With four souls invitations set
And favours asked with tasks well met
The deeds were done and all was set
To the tower they were let

With invitation in their hand
They travelled back to Kharid sand
But there were harried in that land
By Jabari's hand, Jabari's hand, Jabari's hand

Now Osman claimed of his foul play
Jabari's anger fuelled to slay
And shouting loud was heard to say
You're challenged me this day

Adventurer with driven need
Met mad Jabari's senseless deed
To the battle they did speed
And the duel they were agreed

With sorcery, spells and plans so grand
Jabari fought but could not stand
Was struck down by the hero's hand
His spirit claimed by the sand

The Emir angry he was mete
To then cast Osman from his seat
Now exiled wanders through our street
With heart downbeat, heart downbeat, heart downbeat