Transcript of The Stormbreaker

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This transcript involves dialogue with Laniakea.

First Voyage to Anachronia[edit | edit source]

  • Set sail?
    • Yes.
      • (See below)
    • No thank you.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Text cutscene with pictures of the ship, Laniakea, and Anachronia

  • Laniakea: The dragon told me the voyage would be treacherous but I have never seen a storm like this one. The sea is primordial. It is ancient, and vast, like a thing from another time. The sky is angry. I can feel it. If not for The Stormbreaker's powerful magical wards, we would be torn apart. From the deck I hear the island calling to me. 'Turn back. Turn back. I do not want to be found. I should not be found. Turn back.' This must truly be the very end of the world. Cut off from everything. The sort of place I have been seeking all my life. A place of solace. I think the storm is finally breaking. At last we can catch a glimpse of this barren rock... ...?[sic]
  • (The island of Anachronia is shown, and the camera pans through the shore, some of the wild life, and some of the scenery.)