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This transcript involves dialogue with Gee'ka and the player.

Mission reports[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mission Report: Everlight Silvthril.

Mission Report: Everlight Silvthril

My first mission was to retrieve samples of the silver/mithril alloy that Saradomin's icyene troops made use of. The alliance between Saradomin and Armadyl was a tenuous one, borne more of necessity than any true meeting of ideals. Nevertheless, while the alliance held, there was still a meeting of minds between each god's followers.

The icyene, though often fanatical in their righteous beliefs, were clearly at least trying to bring some light into these dark times. One such way was their establishment of a tournament known as the Dominion Games. To begin with, it was held solely for the icyene, but slowly over time, they brought in their allies to the fold - centaurs, sirens from the east, and eventually even humans.

The olive branch was extended even to allow a representative from the Ikovians, which was the perfect cover for me. Travel to Hallowvale was long and somewhat treacherous, even making use of Armadyl's network of citadels, but recent wars had died down, so most athletes made their way to the Games unscathed.

It was easy enough to pocket some silvthril samples. It was such an innocuous thing to want to steal, and various equipment for the games was provided to us athletes. I even managed to win a silver medal in one of my events! That is a sample I shall be keeping for myself as a memento; there is plenty enough for 'Howl' to work with.

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mission Report: Warforged Bronze.

Mission Report: Warforged Bronze

One of the other things I stole a few years back, while participating in the Dominion Games, were credentials that identified me as an agent of Saradomin. These formed the basis of my plan to infiltrate the Warforge in order to obtain samples of their hardened bronze. There was a great and growing animosity between Bandos and Armadyl, such that were we to approach the Warforge as Ikovians, they would have known something was amiss.

Still, as a human representative of Saradomin, a god known to have employed Bandosian mercenaries among his forces, it was far easier for me to pose as a buyer and gain access to the forge in order to sample the merchandise, so to speak. And so, I approached, army order and payment in hand.

As a rule, the greenskins are suspicious...but their greed very quickly overrode any suspicion they had of me. I was quickly ushered inside and led to the 'showroom floor', as they called it. It had another name, so I learned during my time there - the Crucible. My assigned sales rep - a very large being named Blorgak - told me it was where goblin mercenaries were made 'battle ready'. A euphemism I have no doubt hides much cruelty and death. The many dried bloodstains were testament to that.

I was nervous to step within the Crucible myself, fearing that at any moment my cover would be blown, and that I would be forced to participate in one of the many 'games' held here. The Dominion Games this was not. Thankfully, I was able to find numerous fragments of broken warforged weapons and pocket them.

My order was completed - a troop of their 'strong spears' - to which I relayed orders to deploy far to the east. This allowed me the time to return my samples to Stormguard before my ruse was discovered. I was tempted to travel with the goblin troop as the paid protection they were but dared not risk being caught out in the open. The goblins will do fine, I'm sure. I wonder what they will do when they realise they are not actually marching towards a fight and that there are no further orders awaiting them...

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mission Report: Hellfire Metal.

Mission Report: Hellfire Metal

It has been many years since I last had a mission to retrieve metal samples from our enemies. This was by far the most dangerous - I came close to death several times, but have managed to return with my prize, though a number of scars with it, both mental and physical.

It took some time to even locate where we could obtain such metals. It's rare to see demons wielding such weapons in battle, and the ones that do tend to be their largest, strongest specimens. Doubly frustrating is that the larger ones tend only to be projected forms, so burn up with such intensity on defeat that their weapons tend to warp from the heat. We needed samples from the source.

Our spy network discovered that in the early days of this age, there was a secret cult of Zamorakian worshippers, working in the shadows, finding sacrifices in order to bring demons to this world. However, since Zamorak returned he has been able to gain a strong foothold within northern parts of the old empire and can freely bring in his demonic armies. There has been little need for him to work in secret, and this cult of old has long-since declined. They also discovered the remnants of this so-called Order of Dis, and it provided a back way into Zamorak's stronghold.

I was able to pose as a cultist - they no longer perform sacrifices, indeed most of what they do these days is purely ceremonial - and sneak into their cult area. The lodge they used as a front for their activities was long in disuse. However, obtaining access to the Source itself was strictly monitored. I had to embed myself within their order for several years in order to gain enough trust to be allowed in. What I saw when I did is what scars me.

It is as if Infernus itself has arrived on our world! Demons were everywhere, and not mere projected forms, but hulking butcher demons in the flesh, giant gargoyles flying all about the place and even some tsutsaroth. The task the cult entrusted me with was to deliver a message to a demon named Dagon, which I quickly did - I wanted to linger as little as possible. I almost felt sorry for the beast, for it seemed trapped and broken, so unlike its brethren moving freely around it. Handily, the hellforge itself stood here, near Dagon, and so on my way out I was able to pocket some samples and leave. I never looked back.


Gee'ka[edit | edit source]

Talking to Gee'ka about the mystery[edit | edit source]

Without having found all pages[edit | edit source]

  • Gee'ka We've made some good progress, but we need to find more clues.

Having found all pages[edit | edit source]

Before solving the mystery[edit | edit source]
  • Gee'ka Great job, we've found everything and I've made notes in the site report.
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'The Spy Who Loved Metal' - Solve this mystery.
  • You gain 12,000 Archaeology XP for completing a mystery!
After solving the mystery[edit | edit source]
  • Gee'ka We've found everything and I've made notes in the site report.