Transcript of The Spotlight: Giant Mole

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] hey everyone motley here and this week I
[00:05] wanted a spotlight the new and improved
[00:06] giant mole the giant mole is one of
[00:09] RuneScape's oldest boss monsters in this
[00:11] week she receives a massive overhaul
[00:12] instead of digging through mole hills
[00:14] and holding tight to your light sources
[00:16] the bull now has a new entrance to her
[00:17] lair which can still be found in falador
[00:19] Park this boss fight is aimed at players
[00:22] around the combat levels of 110 to 140
[00:24] so that they can get the hang of pvm and
[00:26] understand some of the attacks that the
[00:28] other boss monsters around killin aura
[00:29] can do there's two different versions of
[00:32] the mole that you can fight which can be
[00:33] chosen upon entering the lair you can
[00:35] fight the giant mole at normal
[00:36] difficulty or if you're up for the
[00:38] challenge in hard mode the fight
[00:40] progresses in difficulty over three
[00:41] phases she'll drop rocks from the
[00:43] ceiling summon mole minions to aid her
[00:45] burrow underground to attack from below
[00:47] and burst into a damage boosting rage so
[00:49] having freedom under ability bar is
[00:51] definitely not a bad idea to find the
[00:54] giant mole when she digs away look at
[00:55] the dirt trail that she leaves behind
[00:56] her it will lead you in the right
[00:58] direction to where she currently is also
[01:00] make sure that you take advantage of the
[01:02] shortcuts that are provided in the lair
[01:03] to get to the mole even quicker now with
[01:06] a new and improved look there are also
[01:07] some new and improved drops that the
[01:09] giant mole offers one of the main new
[01:11] drops is a clingy mole which is placed
[01:13] on the surface of the anti dragon shield
[01:15] if you have 45 crafting just use the
[01:17] clingy mole on the shield and it will
[01:19] boost its stats adding the mole will
[01:21] also give you a chance to produce up to
[01:22] 150 dragon fire or giant mole hits by 75
[01:25] percent but to deal that damage
[01:27] gradually as a damage over time effect
[01:29] also there are some new ultra growth
[01:31] portions for farming and numbing root
[01:32] that you can eat to remove any damage
[01:34] over time effects the mo will always
[01:36] drop moleskine a mole claw and a mole
[01:39] nose which can be given to wisen in
[01:40] exchange for bird's nest and with an
[01:42] appropriately upgraded falador shield
[01:43] lily seeds falador gardeners will now
[01:46] exchange up to 50 lily seeds a day for
[01:48] 100 farming XP each if you've completed
[01:50] the falador lead task set so now that
[01:52] you've gotten a closer look at the beast
[01:54] it's time for you to go in Slayer best
[01:56] of luck adventurers
[01:58] you