Transcript of The Slug Menace journal entry

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  • Sir Tiffy Cashien has given me a new task for the Temple Knights.
  • I am to report to Col. O'Niall in Witchaven, East of Ardougne.
  • Col. O'Niall has explained that some of the people in Witchaven are acting very strangely. The mayor has been buying large quantities of items that Witchaven shouldn't need. He recommends I speak to the following people:
  • Holgart
  • Mayour Eustace Hobb
  • Brother Maledict
  • After speaking to all these people I now need to report back to Col. O'Niall.
  • After speaking to the Mayor and the others, I have concluded that something is very wrong in Witchaven.
  • I think I need to take a close look at the Saradomin shrine, west of Witchaven.
  • I also found a dead sea slug on the floor. I wonder if it will come in handy?
  • I have been to the Saradomin temple and found a secret entrance leading to some strange doors covered in odd glyphs. Savant has given me a transcript of the glyphs and directed me to Jorral north-west of Ardougne.
  • If I lost this copy I should be able to get another copy through the CommOrb.
  • Both Horral and Savant reckon that this threat is very, very old. Savant has been able to research the Mother Mallum and will let me know some information in due time.
  • Savant has revealed that the Mother Mallum is behind that strange door. Col. O'Niall needs to be informed of this.
  • Col. O'Niall thinks that the Mother Mallum may be breaking free. Brother Maledict may have some information on how to strengthen her prison.
  • I just saw Mayor Hobb coming from the church. This doesn't bode well at all.
  • Aside from acting very strangely, Brother Maledict has informed me that the ritual to restore the Mother Mallum's prison is contained within his hold book. However the relevant pages have been stolen. I should go look for them.
  • One of the recovered pages has been torn into pieces. I wonder if swamp paste can stick it back together?
  • Savant thinks I can make some clear glue, from a boiled down sea slug, to fix the torn pages. Perhaps Bailey at the Fishing Platform can help me?
  • Bailey has cooked up a dead sea slug into a clear paste. I should use this to repair the page fragments.
  • After repairing the torn page I have discovered that each one contains instructions on how to modify earth, air, fire, water and mind runes to repair the doorway.
  • I need to place a shaped earth rune in the doorway.
  • I need to place a shaped air rune in the doorway.
  • I need to place a shaped fire rune in the doorway.
  • I need to place a shaped water rune in the doorway.
  • I need to place a shaped mind rune in the doorway.
  • I have been duped. The modified runes actually open the prison doorway! The Sea Slug Prince emerged and we engaged in a mighty battle.
  • After slaying the Prince, the Mother Mallum appeared and announced her plans for world domination. Thankfully, Savant removed me to safety. However, the Sea Slug Queen has escaped. I wonder what her next action will be.
  • I need to place a shaped earth rune in the doorway.