Transcript of The Scientific Method

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Biologist and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Biologist: Yes, yes, yes! This is it! My defining moment! Leg-a-cy! Leg-a-cy!
  • Player: What are you talking about?
  • The Biologist: The subjects...the orphans...they have a lower incidence of illness than you or I.
  • Player: That's no real surprise. They're a hearty bunch.
  • The Biologist: But I've crunched the numbers and the secret's in their mutations! Something in their physiology has been accepting of their mutations, and changed the body to accommodate it. Their bodies should have been a battleground between fish and human, but instead of war - and the death of the subject - there has been peace! The two sides, fish and human, are accepting of each other! Now, think - if we could encourage this ability in human subjects, then the body could be accepting of other diseases and poisons. We wouldn't have to fight disease; it would live harmlessly within us! Zombism, vampyrism, all repressed!
  • Player: That sounds like a noble goal. What can I do to help?
  • The Biologist: Well...I'm glad you asked. I need a test case.
  • Player: What? Deliberately infect a sea orphan?
  • The Biologist: Under controlled conditions, and for the sake of all sentient life! Finia has agreed to be my test subject, and I promise you'll get an acknowledgment in my book.
  • Player: If Finia's okay with it, then I can't see a problem. What do you need from me?
  • The Biologist: There's a plague ship in the Scythe. The islands leave it well alone - even the sea monsters avoid it. I need help to get me some samples...mop a corpse's brow, that sort of thing.
  • Player: Wait - how do I stop my crew from getting infected?
  • The Biologist: Your crew won't go near the ship. I'll paddle out, in a sealed suit, and do the job myself.
  • Player: Okay, but our lives are in your hands. I trust you'll be careful.

After Voyage

  • Player: I hope you know what you're doing, Bethan.
  • The Biologist: Absolutely! An entire world living in harmony with their diseases. Ooh, it's like a science fiction novel! It gives me the shivers.
  • Player: I hope you're right. I'm told that Finia's not looking too great.
  • The Biologist: It's all within parameters! You can't become a farmer without diseasing a few onions.
  • Player: I'm not convinced the metaphor works, but I think I understand you. Keep an eye on him.