Dialogue for The Sanctum Guardian

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Combat quotes[edit | edit source]

  • At the start of the fight:
    • Reeeeeeeeeeeeek! Outsiders!
    • Not council! It not welcome! Leave!
    • Acolytes and outsiders stay away from door!
    • Reeeeeeeeeeeeek! Last warning! It die!
    • I kill it! Master Masuta not have to deal with it.
  • When below 75% lifepoints:
    • Council will NOT be disturbed!
    • Nobody will access cistern! Nobody will access cistern!
    • Guard, guard, guard!
    • Reeeeeeeeeeeeek!
    • It not allowed in! Lady Shih's magic will stop it.
  • When below 25% lifepoints:
    • Even if I can't...
    • The council will chase its soul through all worlds. It die anyway...

Using a Fishy treat on the Guardian[edit | edit source]

  • A fishy treat? It may pass!