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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] RuneScape presents
[00:09] The Road to Menaphos
[00:19] Oh my gosh, we are at the 4th and final of the road to Menaphos videos!
[00:23] We are kind of nervous, but confident about the launch on the 5th of June for Menaphos, our first expansion.
[00:29] In the previous videos, we’ve talked about questing and lore,
[00:32] we’ve talked about skilling and tombs, we’ve also talked about Slayer and Slayer 120.
[00:36] But this time around, we want to prepare you for what it will be when you go in there,
[00:39] so we are going to do a top 10 things to prep with.
[00:41] But for now, we are going to talk about how you progress through the city.
[00:44] So the one thing we haven’t yet talked about is the fact that Menaphos will have a brand new reputation system.
[00:48] We all know that there are 4 factions across Menaphos.
[00:51] You will be able to join each one, anyone
[00:54] and any XP, any skilling you are doing in each area will automatically give you reputation in each district.
[00:59] The reason we do this is so that you can unlock some rewards, such as cosmetics for each faction
[01:05] as well as bank deposit boxes for each region.
[01:07] But the key thing, the key reason you want to have reputation is so you can earn progression
[01:11] and access more quest content inside of Menaphos.
[01:18] Anyone who’s got the sceptre from Pyramid Plunder will find it very useful
[01:21] as it will give you a quick teleport straight to Sophanem.
[01:25] We said it before but it is worth saying it again, the Ozan quests are a requirement to get into Menaphos.
[01:29] Play Diamond in the rough and Stolen hearts.
[01:33] So, you only need Stolen heart and Diamond in the rough to get inside Menaphos.
[01:37] But if you want to face off against the Pharaoh, you will need to have completed all of the desert quest lines.
[01:43] You can switch faction at any time, but you might want to get all of the unlocks with one
[01:46] and get full reputation before moving on to another.
[01:50] If you want to get into the Slayer dungeon, you’ll need to have completed Itchlarin’s little helper.
[01:56] If your virtual Slayer level is already at 120, don’t worry you will be ported over.
[02:00] But if you are lower than that, you might want to wait for Menaphos because we will give you multiple new ways of training.
[02:06] There will also be a community event right outside the gate of Menaphos.
[02:12] If you are going to be training any skills even bankstanding, do it in Menaphos and get an additional 5% on any XP trained.
[02:20] Also Golden Path?
[02:22] Wait! What is the Golden Path?
[02:26] Menaphos is a new city, you know what to do. Go to the lodestone and unlock it immediately.
[02:37] The sun is setting on the road to Menaphos.
[02:40] But while that might seem like a goodbye, it is really just the beginning because of course you guys are getting Menaphos on June 5th.
[02:46] And it’s really not the end because there’s going to be more stuff going into the game afterwards,
[02:49] there’s plenty of content to play for months and months.
[02:53] The titans have been working on Menaphos really hard for the last 5 months and we’re really, really looking forward to launching it in June.
[02:58] See you in Menaphos.