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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:16] Hello and welcome to the third video on the Road to Menaphos.
[00:19] We're gonna turn the lights down low, get romantic,
[00:22] and talk about hitting things with big sticks in this video.
[00:25] Yes, it's Slayer. You might wonder why we haven't talked about Slayer up to this point.
[00:29] That's because on the journey to Menaphos we did dev blogs and diaries.
[00:32] It seemed to make it seem like Slayer and Menaphos were the same thing.
[00:34] And of course that's not true, as you've seen from previous videos.
[00:37] So now we can stand tall and proud as Slayer to 120 is coming, as is a new Slayer dungeon.
[00:42] We'll get to 120 in a moment but for now let's go delve down into the dungeon.
[00:52] For those of you not already aware, Amascut was once a guardian of the Underworld.
[00:57] And what should happen when you die,
[00:59] you would travel over the river Noumenon and be judged by her and her brother Icthlarin.
[01:04] Unfortunately, at the moment in Menaphos something is going terribly wrong
[01:07] and Amascut is taking souls from things before they've died.
[01:10] And that's what leads us on to the new Slayer dungeon.
[01:13] Let's go have a look at it.
[01:21] Time for another little reveal.
[01:23] We can tell you that the Slayer dungeon is actually gonna be across the river on the Sophanem side.
[01:27] It's always been known as the City of the Dead and home to the pyramids from Icthlarin's Little Helper
[01:31] and embalmers and preservers.
[01:33] We feel that this is a much better thematic field for the dungeon full of creatures.
[01:37] And also something that I'm sure the citizens of Menaphos are happy not to have right on their doorstep.
[01:43] So, how do you get in?
[01:44] First of all, you're gonna need some feathers of Ma'at to survive the corruption from Amascut.
[01:49] From there you'll be able to go in and find some corrupted scorpions at combat level 101.
[01:53] From there we've added a bucketload more monsters for you to fight, ending at combat level 135.
[02:02] This is the new Slayer dungeon.
[02:03] We're just gonna show you a sneak peek for now
[02:06] but we're trying to emulate the scope and sprawl of other dungeons like Polypore and the Ascension dungeon.
[02:11] And obviously it will look a lot cooler in NXT.
[02:17] So far this might sound like a traditional Slayer dungeon and that's intentional.
[02:21] We want to encourage the exploration of you delving deeper into the dungeon
[02:24] to see what other monsters you can unlock.
[02:26] But one thing we're trying to do, which is a bit different from the norm, is adding a new type of loot chest.
[02:32] You'll find this at the start of the Slayer dungeon
[02:34] and what you'll find is that all of the drops from the NPCs you kill automatically descend through this chest.
[02:40] From there you can kill as many as you like and then go to the chest
[02:44] and pick up to see what type of loot you've won.
[02:50] One of the other things we're adding to the Slayer dungeon is a brand new Slayer boss.
[02:54] I'm not gonna tell you too much. I don't wanna spoil too many details.
[02:56] And if I did tell you, I might have to kill you, which might be a good extra thing for the loot chest.
[03:00] But what I can say is that the boss will be repeatable.
[03:03] Think along the lines of the Legiones from the Ascension dungeon.
[03:05] And there'll be fantastic rewards for those who are able to defeat him.
[03:09] Or her.
[03:10] Or it.
[03:15] Enough about the Slayer dungeon.
[03:17] Now it's time to talk about Slayer to 120, raising the level cap.
[03:21] For the small print first, if you already got virtual levels of 120,
[03:25] we'll port you directly over to 120 when Slayer to 120 comes out.
[03:30] And there's gonna be plenty to do. We've got bucketloads of new monsters coming with the update.
[03:35] And if you're at level 99, we'll also be giving you a new way to train.
[03:39] This is a new system that'll give you more rewards and more means of progression from 99 to 120.
[03:45] Are we gonna tell you about it?
[03:46] No, we're not going to do that in this video.
[03:48] I know it's rude, but we're gonna save it back for Menaphos.
[03:51] And that's really what these videos on Menaphos is all about.
[03:54] It's the idea of surprise, letting you find and discover everything for yourself.
[03:59] There we have it. We're at the end of Road to Menaphos video three.
[04:04] Next time round we're gonna be talking about the top ten things
[04:07] that you need to do to prepare yourself for Menaphos.
[04:09] But for now, cheers. Thank you very much and we'll see you next time round.