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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] Welcome to the second episode of Road to Menaphos.
[00:21] The first one, if you missed it, was about lore and questing. So do go watch it on YouTube.
[00:24] But this time round it's about skilling.
[00:26] And most importantly, whether or not you're gonna give up your current routines to do something in Menaphos.
[00:31] Before we get there, I'd like to quickly talk about the city itself.
[00:34] What we really want to do is for it to be rich.
[00:37] And we want it to be a city in the vein of Ardougne and Varrock,
[00:41] whereby you don't have to be any particular level to go inside of it.
[00:44] It's less like a skill training hub and more like a city in the truer RuneScape sense.
[00:48] And also you are going to be able to explore its richness.
[00:50] Everything's got an examine, most of characters you can talk to,
[00:53] and, importantly to me, something that I'm very true to, is that every building you can go into.
[01:04] In the previous video we talked about the different types of skilling you could see in every district of Menaphos.
[01:09] In this video we'll show you a bit more details.
[01:11] For instance, I can tell you that there's going to be level 50 Thieving in the merchant district,
[01:16] there'll be level 50 Mining in the worker district
[01:19] and there'll be level 47 Woodcutting in the imperial district.
[01:22] If you head over to the port district, you'll find three types of fish to catch, at level 50, 62 and 70.
[01:28] And anyone brave enough to cross the river over to Sophanem will also find a brand new Hunter animal at level 60.
[01:33] But all of these skilling activities also give you an extra level of contribution towards the future of Menaphos.
[01:39] But more on that in a future video.
[01:42] We talked about skilling on the surface. So far nothing too outlandish.
[01:45] But where it gets really interesting is what's happening underground.
[01:48] So I'm gonna talk to you about Shifting Tombs.
[02:01] If you're up to the challenge, you can explore the oldest tombs in the city underneath Menaphos,
[02:05] where countless pharaohs have been buried along with their treasure.
[02:09] These tombs are protected by powerful magic,
[02:11] so the environment will shift around to waylay travellers.
[02:14] Plus, with the addition of Amascut's corrupting influence,
[02:17] it is not safe to stay down here for longer than five minutes.
[02:20] But the better you do, the more loot you collect, the bigger your rewards will be.
[02:34] Shifting Tombs is different every time and we wanted to embrace this.
[02:37] We're gonna let you choose to customise four primary and four secondary skills for you to get an experience in.
[02:43] This will be by pledging allegiance to a specific desert god.
[02:46] For instance, for the primary skills, you'll be able to choose Dungeoneering, Agility, Thieving or Construction,
[02:51] and then choose whether or not that's weighted all in one skill, or spread evenly across all of them.
[02:56] Once you're actually in a Shifting Tomb, you'll be able to earn secondary XP
[03:00] across Crafting, Runecrafting, Prayer and Divination.
[03:05] Shifting Tombs uses a tier system to deliver you the best XP split into three.
[03:10] You're gonna need level 50 in all of the eight skills we just mentioned in order to play Shifting Tombs.
[03:14] And tier 2 unlocks at 70 and tier 3 unlocks at level 90,
[03:19] with the best rewards saved for last.
[03:21] These are gonna be some of the most lucrative XP rates in game for those of you brave enough to go into Shifting Tombs.
[03:30] Our goal with Shifting Tombs was to take some of the excellent XP rates of things like The Arc and Prifddinas
[03:37] and marry that with a fun dynamically created environment,
[03:40] but also give you choice in which skills you're going to get experience in.
[03:45] We feel that Shifting Tombs does all of that and gives you choice like never before
[03:49] and is the place to come if you're on lucrative XP rates.
[03:55] Of course all of that'd be rubbish and worthless if Menaphos is just so inconvenient to go to.
[04:00] But we're not gonna let that happen.
[04:01] You got a lodestone there, you got a Grand Exchange, you got a bank.
[04:04] But we're also gonna effectively bribe you with an additional 5% XP on any training you do in the city.
[04:09] We're also gonna deliver a new progression method,
[04:11] so you'll also be earning new things while you're going through the city.
[04:14] That's all in addition to a new Double XP Weekend on the 19th May.
[04:19] So we're there. It's the end of Road to Menaphos part 2.
[04:22] We talked about questing. This time we talked about skilling.
[04:25] And in the next video we're gonna go into Slayer,
[04:27] and in particular Slayer 120 or what that means.
[04:30] And in the video after that it's all about the top ten things you should do before you get into Menaphos.
[04:35] If you want more information, go to the Menaphos website
[04:38] and there's a trailer featuring the pharaoh that you really should see.
[04:41] Thank you very much for watching and remember that the pharaoh is coming.