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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Twelve years ago, some city walls were added to the game but we never let you go beyond them.
[00:04] Well, that's all going to change on June 5th.
[00:06] Prepare yourself. We're going on the road to Menaphos.
[00:33] If you're thinking about Menaphos, you think about all of the stories that we've told in the past.
[00:37] The Kharid-Ib, that gem coming from Al-Kharid to Menaphos.
[00:40] That cold war in the desert between Al-Kharid and Menaphos.
[00:43] That pharaoh that we haven't even been able to meet yet.
[00:46] We can bring all these storylines into one big expansion.
[00:49] Not batched. One big update on June the 5th.
[00:52] But, why Menaphos? And, why now?
[00:55] If you want to go back to the start of all of this, you've got to go back to the last day of RuneLabs.
[00:59] That's where a player called Amascut, not the god Amascut, suggested that we take a number of updates
[01:04] and bundle them all together to form some quests, a city and a number of skilling updates,
[01:08] all under this umbrella of Menaphos.
[01:11] Sounds familiar? Yes, because that's exactly what we're doing with this expansion.
[01:16] When we decided to move to expansions, this is the one that we all wanted to do.
[01:20] We started forming a teaser trailer and got our presentation ready for RuneFest.
[01:26] But we didn't know what you'd think.
[01:27] It came midway on this player survey that we launched last year.
[01:30] We had knees knocking. We had no idea.
[01:33] And then we put it out there and we got this raucous applause.
[01:36] Everybody is really excited about Menaphos.
[01:38] Ninety percent of you in fact, when we did a poll survey, said that you loved the idea.
[01:42] So, when we spun up some new teams, one of them was called the Titans, led by Mod Joe.
[01:47] And they were going to take on Menaphos.
[01:50] Let's get into a bit more detail about Menaphos.
[01:52] Let's first of all talk about size.
[01:54] Here you can see the world map.
[01:56] You can see how big Menaphos is.
[01:57] And you can see that it's more or less the same size as Ardougne or Varrock.
[02:01] So, in traditional Road to Elf City fashion, we're going to talk about the layout of the city in terms of food.
[02:06] Everyone remembers Elf City, the circle divided into eight to be a pizza.
[02:10] For Menaphos we're going to do something a little bit different.
[02:13] It's going to be a waffle, divided into four.
[02:17] Each one of the four quarters will have their own unique flavour
[02:20] and at the center there will be a pyramid.
[02:25] Once you're through the gates of Menaphos, you'll find yourself in the merchant district.
[02:29] This is the place to come if you want to buy some things from stores or maybe do a cheeky bit of Thieving.
[02:33] From there, it's west to the workers district.
[02:36] Once in the workers district of Menaphos, you'll see lots of people.
[02:39] This is where the poorest citizens of Menaphos find their homes.
[02:42] You'll also find lots and lots of rocks,
[02:44] so it's the perfect place to come to do some Mining.
[02:47] To the south, you'll also find the port district.
[02:50] Here you'll find some neat fish to catch, as well as a tavern.
[02:53] There's also artisan ammenities here such as spinning wheels and anvils.
[02:57] Trade with the Eastern Lands is very strong, so you'll also find a ports portal
[03:01] and, if you've already been to The Arc, your ship and crew.
[03:13] Up towards the pyramid you'll find the imperial district,
[03:16] home to some of the better ammenities, such as a lodestone,
[03:19] a bank and the game's third Grand Exchange.
[03:22] You will also be able to check out the pyramid itself, visit the throne room,
[03:25] and also check out the Grand Library of Menaphos, home to books beyond count.
[03:31] So let's talk about the pharaoh of Menaphos.
[03:33] He's been mentioned in previous updates but this will be an opportunity for you to talk to him personally, one on one.
[03:38] Some people have said that he is just a puppet of Amascut.
[03:41] Others have said that he genuinely does want peace between Menaphos and Al-Kharid.
[03:45] This will be an opportunity for you to find out the truth behind all of this.
[03:59] The pharaoh only has one problem.
[04:01] A brand new character called Jack of Spades.
[04:03] He's been a kind of Robin Hood guy who's been harassing the various factions around Menaphos
[04:09] and is a bit of a thorn in the pharaoh's side.
[04:11] You'll encounter this character for the very first time
[04:13] in a brand new quest called, imaginatively enough, Jack of Spades.
[04:17] This quest only has two prerequisites, Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough.
[04:24] Speaking about quests, we're going to do something a little bit different for this expansion.
[04:28] Rather than have one big long quest, we're instead going to break up
[04:32] into one big story and tell it over multiple smaller quests.
[04:36] We really want to give the experience of you discovering things for yourself in the city
[04:40] and wandering down different alleyways and discovering characters,
[04:43] so we're going to try a brand new way of delivering story to Menaphos and we hope you like it.
[04:49] There we go. That's the end of the first video, but don't despair.
[04:52] We do have another one coming talking about skilling and, in particular, skilling teams.
[04:56] And after that, it's the slayer dungeon and slayer 120.
[04:58] And after that, it's the top ten of things to do when you're in Menaphos.
[05:02] But for now we have the Menaphos website, if you want to go and get your Menaphos information.
[05:06] There's also a trailer that centers on a mysterious pharaoh,
[05:10] something called hashtag golden path and weekly wallpapers on our Flickr account.
[05:14] But for now, we see you next time on The Road to Menaphos.