Transcript of The Road to Elf City, episode 5 - Hefin and Meilyr

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] The Road to Elf City
[00:10] Alas we come to the fifth and final of the road to Prifdinas videos, it's almost time for you to access the city yourself.
[00:17] But for now we're going to give you two more elf clans and these are the ones who were determined by you in a poll, they are the Hefin and the Meilyr.
[00:23] The Hefin are agility and prayer and the Meilyr are Dungeoneering and Herblore.
[00:32] I'll admit that when agility and prayer won the poll for the skill focus for the Hefin clan
[00:38] we didn't really have a clue how we were going to mix those two together.
[00:40] But then inspiration came with a kind of battle monk Shaolin feel
[00:44] so we took those peaceful meditative ideas and we came up with our first update, which is the Serenity polls.
[00:50] These just out from the crater below, and players will be able to balance on these with one leg.
[00:54] Lady Hefin will then call out poses that she wants you to perform, and - if you do it right - you'll start to generate XP.
[01:00] That's agility XP rather than bonus XP, which has been a recent change to the design.
[01:05] With luck, and if everyone is on the ball (rather than making a coffee or running to the toilet)
[01:08] we should see ranks of people all moving from one Shaolin-style animation to another. It'll look sweet.
[01:15] Pickpocketing-wise, we have elves that are carrying bones and some agility-replenishing stuff, but the next blockbuster is the agility course.
[01:21] We've been working solidly on a new route for the course.
[01:24] Where it once would take in the whole city, we felt that would involve too much running and not enough death-defying acts.
[01:29] So our plan is to climb over the Hefin cathedral, jump to the clan tower, and generally perform as many ridiculous feats in the Hefin area as possible.
[01:36] The plan is even to have a choice of paths at a couple of points.
[01:40] Complete the course and a light creature will give you a random item.
[01:43] That might be worthwhile objects, rest animation overrides of the serenity post poses or wishes.
[01:48] These wishes will give you rewards that will improve or change your next lap of the course, like XP multipliers, or even time trials.
[01:55] Part of the agility course, as I said, was the Hefin church.
[01:58] Here you'll find a rest musician, gnome glider and an altar, but - more importantly - there is the Stone Cleansing.
[02:04] You'll be buying a cleansing crystal here, using it up over a period of time as you effectively exorcise a Seren stone.
[02:10] The aim of this area is to generate prayer XP at a slower but cheaper rate than traditional methods like gilded altars and the ectofuntus,
[02:17] so it's a neat alternative for those who want to save a few pennies.
[02:21] Now we come to the Meilyr another clan that was decided by the players.
[02:24] This time they chose to have dungeoneering and herblore which is very hard to mix together,
[02:28] but we found a way but to tell you would be to ruin plagues end and that would be inconceivable
[02:33] but know that they're explorers looking for rare herbs that they can then put into rare potions.
[02:42] Of all the families, Meilyr has the most stuff wedged into it... as long as you have the levels.
[02:47] For example, there's the level 95 Dungeoneering resource dungeon.
[02:50] This has a few things you'll recognise - pawya and grenwall, impling spawns and a bloodwood tree, for example - but also a few special additions.
[02:57] My favourite is Gorajo hoardstalker. He will give you one card per day, and that card can be used on a Dungeoneering floor of your choice.
[03:03] The effect of that card will include things like a guaranteed combination potion recipes, guaranteed journals, or increased damage against the boss.
[03:09] And that's just the common ones. We're planning to keep our hand close to our chest on this one...
[03:15] Divination locations will be popping up randomly here, and you'll have a second resource limit, so that you can gather a small amount from them per day.
[03:21] Finally, there'll be a random impling spawn which should help with filling your impling codex.
[03:27] Back on the surface of the Meilyr clan, we aim to release the harmony pillars. These pillars will act like mini-challenges.
[03:32] For every 50,000XP you gain in a skill that the pillar is charged in, it will gain a growth stage.
[03:37] After four growth stages, you'll be able to harvest the pillar and get harmony moss.
[03:42] Harmony moss is an ingredient for perfect potions - basically, high-level skilling potions - something the game has been crying out for.
[03:49] These skilling potions will greatly improve your abilities to train throughout RuneScape.
[03:53] And not just in the Elf City, and we hope to make these a great moneyspinner for skillers.
[03:58] On the way, in the outer Meilyr areas, we find the level 115 Dungeoneering resource dungeon.
[04:03] Again, this contains some recognizable stuff: namely crystal flecked sandstone and a bank deposit box.
[04:08] But it's the other inclusions that get me more enthusiastic than you'd expect from me, which is saying something.
[04:12] First there's a new slayer creature. They'll be dropping something recognizable from Dungeoneering to be used in the wider world.
[04:18] And then there is the motherlode Maw. This used to be a motherlode mine, but now it's a mouth,
[04:23] with the player warily putting their arm into a familiar face and pulling out a random item once per day.
[04:30] This originally caused some controversy when we first announced it, as it would contribute towards completionist and trimmed compeltionist cape requirements.
[04:36] We've changed that subtly so that it makes you more likely to gain these completionist requirements when elsewhere in the world.
[04:42] We would tell you more, but we'd have to throw you into the motherlode maw. Just know that our aim is to not devalue the two capes.
[04:49] Aside from a fruit tree patch, there is something up on the surface that has been putting Mod C3DPO into a frenzy.
[04:54] It's the herblore shop, where players can buy and unlock combination potion recipes.
[04:58] Some of these will be found in Daemonheim in the same manner as sagas, while others will just need a pocketful of cash.
[05:02] Regardless, when bought, players will be able to fill their crystal flasks with combinations of their favourite potions.
[05:08] Want to fuse an overload with super antifire? Well you can. And if you want to combine potions to create new effects? You can do that too.
[05:14] We're adding to the list of combination potions as we're going along, so there will be even more options than were originally in the design document.
[05:22] Now we reach the emotional end of our journey, all that's left is for you to access the city "yourelf".
[05:27] It's been a fantastic experience, showing you the city, incorporating all of your feedback.
[05:32] We just hope that you love it as much as we've enjoyed making it.