Transcript of The Road to Elf City, episode 4 - Ithell and Amlodd

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] The Road to Elf City
[00:10] If you think of Runescape's elves you probably imagine them crystal singing
[00:14] and that's exactly what we bring you in the second batch of the elf city with the Ithell Clan.
[00:18] They take crystal seeds give them to you and you can make them into weaponry.
[00:21] We also mashed together divination and summoning with the Amlodd clan,
[00:24] which gives you 2 of the hardest skills to train.
[00:27] Crystal singing really is one of the kick ass update of batch 2. Using just the power of your voice and a harp
[00:32] you'll be able to make things like teleport seeds, tools and weaponry.
[00:37] Before we get into the wealth of stuff in Ithell, it's worth noting that they come in Batch 2, released later in the year than Batch 1.
[00:42] This means that development is not as advanced, so there's more placeholder grey stuff as you look around.
[00:47] There's still plenty to get you on the hype-train, though.
[00:49] That includes new crystal-flecked sandstone. This works in a similar manner to red sandstone,
[00:53] requiring you to glass blow the glass, then use a robust glass machine to make crystal flasks.
[00:58] Those flasks are key to the Meilyr section, as they will hold the combination potions.
[01:02] I'll reveal all in the next video, but know that we've expanded the list even further than was in the design document.
[01:08] We're also putting down a soft clay mining spot, which you'll mine quicker if you are wearing the bracelet of clay.
[01:15] In the outer ring of Ithell you'll find dozens of skill training spots.
[01:18] You'll find a tanner, sandpit, water source, pottery wheels, furnaces,
[01:23] cooking ranges and a bank chest to make best use of them.
[01:26] With Batch 2's release, we'll also be moving the POH portal and the estate agent to this area,
[01:30] as well as Eluned, so you effectively have a crafting and construction guild wrapped up in one place.
[01:36] Importantly, we also have the harmonium. This is the location of several harps that a player can play to gain harmonic dust.
[01:42] The harps go out of tune, so you will be switching between harmonic dust and tuning the harp so make sure you get the optimum amount of dust.
[01:48] The idea is that you take the dust and a seed to the singing bowl, which you might have spotted in the inner ring, so that they can make crystal gear.
[01:55] There are too many crystal singing items to go into in detail, but you can expect to make two tiers of weaponry,
[01:59] two tiers of shield in all three combat styles - based on player feedback-,
[02:03] tools that will improve your chance of gaining shattered heart rocks, teleport seeds to elf locations, and even a crystal hatchet and pickaxe.
[02:10] We're confident that we've made these last two as badass as people want them to be.
[02:14] All these crystal seeds and items could get overwhelming, so we're dropping down a crystal keeper
[02:18] who will store your excess stuff, while a sawmill operator will allow you to purchase Construction equipment,
[02:23] including the more expensive stuff that can't be bought elsewhere.
[02:27] When we surveyed players about what skills need additional training methods,
[02:30] the answer was unanimous: they wanted divination and summoning and that's exactly what you get with the Amlodd clan.
[02:35] Except the divination training doesn't involve a colony instead you have to fight.
[02:43] To shake Divination up a bit, we've brought in the shadow creatures from Plague's End.
[02:47] These little blighters are rife in the city, and the Amlodd are looking to purify them.
[02:51] The first step to doing that is combat.
[02:53] There will be three different combat level of shadow creature, and they will have a guaranteed drop of shadow cores.
[02:58] Gather these up and take them to the crater at the center of the platform to convert the dark cores into light cores,
[03:03] and gain a decent amount of Divination XP at the same time.
[03:06] You're probably wondering what the light cores do. They are secondary ingredients for Summoning.
[03:10] The light cores will help you to summon light creature familiars. These are the same light creatures that are in Juna's cave.
[03:16] I'm pretty stoked about these little guys, because they will be making Divination training that little bit smoother.
[03:20] They immediately convert energy and enriched energy into Divination XP when harvesting.
[03:25] If you only want XP from your colonies, this is the familiar to use.
[03:29] There will be a pouch making obelisk here, plus Lord Amlodd, who will act like a Bogrog.
[03:33] That doesn't mean he'll pretend to be an ogre - rather, he'll refund your spirit shards
[03:36] if you hand him finished pouches, plus he will be a summoning shop.
[03:40] On the outer ring we have a new fairy ring, plus the headliner - the impling collector.
[03:44] He'll call on you to complete a codex of all of the impling's in the world, which means finding and catching them barehanded or within Puro-Puro.
[03:51] If you manage it, then we will give you the choice of double drops or triple XP from impling's.
[03:55] We'll also give you an elf outfit, free teleports to Puro-Puro, plus 100,000 Hunter XP.
[04:00] That's the Ithell and the Amlodd. If you ever want to sing at crystal rocks, you'll get your opportunity.
[04:06] So join us in a fortnight when we'll go over the Meilyr and Hefin.
[04:09] But for now keep leveling up and don't stray from the road to Prifddinas.