Transcript of The Road to Elf City, episode 3 - Trahaearn and Crwys

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] The Road to Elf City
[00:10] This Week we come upon a wooded and mountainous region of the elf city.
[00:14] This is where the Crwys and Trahaearn live.
[00:17] The Trahaearn were determined by you in a power to the players poll. You decided they should be mining and smithing,
[00:21] but the Crwys were determined by us, you can blame us.
[00:24] But together with the Iorwerth and Cadarn they form the first batch of the city coming in September.
[00:32] The Trahaearn have everything a budding miner could need
[00:34] including a shed load of ore like Adamantite, Coal, Runeite and Gem rocks.
[00:39] The Trahaearn areas are where most of the mining will be done.
[00:42] The spots themselves are all close together, so you can shimmy from one to the other without losing too much time.
[00:46] What you can't see is there will be a bank chest in spitting distance , so you won't miss a mining moment.
[00:51] You'll have to imagine this but There will be huge boulders here, dragged up from the crater by large cranes.
[00:56] The boulders will be surrounded by smaller boulders, which are the ones you mine.
[00:59] It should be noted that we've added mithril to the original list of adamantite, coal and runite as per player feedback.
[01:05] When the Voice of Seren hits, it will be Happy Hour in this section.
[01:08] Randomly, rocks will become concentrated, delivering huge amounts of ore.
[01:11] We expect them to work a little like enriched wisps, with everyone running to sparkling rocks.
[01:15] There will be other Voice of Seren effects in this section, but we'll keep them under wraps for now.
[01:20] Gem rocks are tucked a little bit further away, and they will offer slightly better gems than you would get from any other gem rock.
[01:25] Don't worry - dragonstones will be available, but still very rare.
[01:28] We've also added summoning gems to the rock for a bit of variety.
[01:31] The Traehaern have a tree patch, to add to the farming route within the Elf City.
[01:35] It's also surrounded by pickpocketing targets, which could net you crystal seeds, gems,
[01:39] corrupted ore, high-level bars and mining and smithing brawling gloves.
[01:43] I mentioned corrupted ore there, because they are stackable rewards from the next skill update: the Seren Stones.
[01:48] You should think of these as choking ivy for mining, as they can be mined dozens of times before they finally exhaust.
[01:54] At that point, the stone falls down a trapdoor, before being replaced by a new one.
[01:59] Mine enough Seren Stones and you'll get a healthy stack of corrupted ore.
[02:02] These can be taken to a furnace, where you'll merrily forge them without creating an end product.
[02:07] That means you can gain large amounts of Smithing XP without the need to run backwards and forwards from a bank.
[02:12] Then we come to the God Statue. This slides into the traditional God Statue rotation,
[02:16] and acts like any god statue would - but this time depicting Queen Glarial.
[02:20] That's if you build the right one, of course. Elves will pop over to give you a beating if you drop down a Graardor statue.
[02:27] Like the Trahaearn the Crwys are chockablock with resources.
[02:30] It's a veritable orchard of magic trees, yew trees and choking ivy.
[02:33] Cut any one of them down and you've got a chance of a crystal geode.
[02:37] The trees in the Crwys area look very different from any other area.
[02:40] These are huge, hulking trees that grow from the bottom of the crater below, all the way up to the city platforms.
[02:45] When you cut them, you'll be cutting the branches of one bigger tree.
[02:48] There's a chance of gaining bird nests from these trees, but the Voice of Seren effect will give you an additional chance of gaining a crystal geode.
[02:55] Notice how all the trees are close together, and they will be near a bank chest too.
[02:59] We wanted this to be a place where choppers could train while having a natter.
[03:03] Inside the greenhouse, we come across one of our first player suggestions.
[03:06] This is an ent seed and sapling seller, which will save you time when on farming runs in the city.
[03:11] Not too far from him we have the second player suggestion: a bush patch.
[03:15] This might not seem like much, but remember that there are several farming patches throughout the city,
[03:19] offering you a giant circular circuit for training your Farming.
[03:23] For the extra convenience, we've placed it next to the herb patch,
[03:25] and we have a neat surprise for what happens to these two when they receive the Voice of Seren.
[03:29] Then comes the third farming patch - the Elder Tree patch.
[03:32] You might already have an elder tree seed, if you're lucky.
[03:34] You'll get a Farming XP windfall from planting these, and the tree itself will act like other elder trees around the world.
[03:40] It's worth noting that, if you want to pick a pocket or two, the Crwys are happy to oblige.
[03:44] They'll give you crystal tools, high-value seeds, saplings, woodcutting and firemaking brawler gloves,
[03:50] and also pieces of a Seren symbol, which will have hidden properties.
[03:54] Finally, there is the spirit tree. Aside from teleporting you to the various corners of the world,
[03:58] this tree will allow you to grow an extra spirit tree if you have completed Prisoner of Glouphrie,
[04:02] and the dark gnome will fill in storyline about the connection between the dark elves and the dark gnomes.
[04:07] Now you know exactly what is going into the first batch of the Elf City.
[04:11] You've got the Iorwerth with the'r slayer master, the Cadarn with their max guild,
[04:14] the Trahaearn with their mining rocks and the Crwys with wood cutting trees.
[04:18] So join us in a fortnight's time when we unveil more of what's going into batch 2 of Prifddinas.