Transcript of The Road to Elf City, episode 2 - Iowerth and Cadarn

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] The Road to the Elf city
[00:10] Welcome to the second stop on the road to Prifddinas.
[00:13] You've already been around the Tower of Voices.
[00:15] This time it's the turn of the Iowerth, the dark elves, and also the Cadarn, our ranged and magic dudes.
[00:20] They've both got a combat flavor, so expect to get your hands bloody.
[00:24] If you've played the Elf series then you'll already know the Iowerth.
[00:27] They're the dark elves. They're your enemies throughout those quests
[00:30] but by Plagues End they'll learn to live in harmony with the other elf clans
[00:34] and so they're in the city where they're the slayer and melee focus
[00:38] and the first character you'll meet of them is Morvran, the slayer master.
[00:45] Morvran is our level 85 slayer master.
[00:47] His list of slayer creatures is similar to Kuradal's, but the shoddier creatures have been removed.
[00:52] This is from player feedback: thanks to you, fire giants, aberrant spectres and others are gone,
[00:56] while we've added celestial dragons, glacors and Kalgerion demons, to name a few.
[01:01] Morvran likes to give the better slayer targets more often, and in increased number.
[01:04] You can also 'Prefer' targets to make them more likely, and pay slayer points to prolong juicy tasks.
[01:09] In the design document, we talked about a slayer challenge.
[01:12] There's a chance it will be delayed for release with the elf spells and prayers, but we're currently looking good for launch.
[01:17] If you don't know what the slayer challenge is, it's a gauntlet of several different boss monsters.
[01:21] You have to kill each boss while having your inventory space reduced and different debuffs applied.
[01:25] Next is something that's definitely in for launch.
[01:28] Once per week, Morvran will allow you to go downstairs, to a weekly D&D we're calling 'Rush of Blood'.
[01:32] This is an arena where you'll face waves of increasingly difficult-to-fight monsters.
[01:37] We then reward you for the number of waves you manage to take down.
[01:40] We've gone for a look that's Gladiator mixed with Fight Club to give it a bloodsports feel.
[01:46] Back on the surface, you'll find the rather tough but rewarding Iorwerth warriors.
[01:49] They'll be dropping crystal weaponry.
[01:51] You won't be able to make crystal weapons with the first batch of the city, but you will be able to wield them.
[01:56] My favourite's the crystal chakram.
[01:58] You'll also find the pickpocketing elves.
[02:01] We're sneakily changing how pickpocketing works in the city.
[02:03] Here, you'll fail far less often, which should be less infuriating,
[02:07] but you'll be forced to pickpocket in another section of the city if you get caught.
[02:10] Pickpocketing rewards will be bulked up, making the elves goodie bags full of stuff.
[02:15] If you thought the elf city was exclusive, then you're in for a shock with the Cadarn.
[02:19] This is the home of the Max Guild and to even get into the garden you'll need a 99 in a skill or a quest cape.
[02:28] At the Max Guild you'll be able to raise a number of flags to show off your achievements.
[02:31] You can also access a skill portal, which will teleport you to some hard-to-reach skilling areas, like the high-level Runespan.
[02:37] Now - if you're fancy enough to have 99s in all skills, then you can get into the Max Guild itself.
[02:42] We'll give you a crystal acorn as a form of congratulation.
[02:46] But, more importantly, you'll get a dedicated hub to yourselves.
[02:50] This has a Grand Exchange, permanent bonfire and challenge quartermaster.
[02:54] It also has two new additions: a boss portal, which will take you to some of the best boss areas without any of the faff.
[03:00] And there will be a throne.
[03:02] This throne can only be sat on by completionists, and only one at a time.
[03:05] If you're a trimmed comper, there's an additional animation to make you stand out from the crowd.
[03:13] Outside of the Max Guild, the Cadarn have a few tricks in their quivers.
[03:16] You'll be able to recharge your dragonstone jewellery at the fountain
[03:18] and purchase a number of battlestaves from the battlestaff shop.
[03:21] In here, you'll also be able to swap your spellbook and temporarily increase your magic and ranging levels.
[03:26] Oh, and there will be plenty of magic and ranged elves to fight, and skillers to pickpocket.
[03:32] There you have it. We're barely halfway through the first batch of the elf city.
[03:35] In two weeks time expect the Crwys and Trahaern, masters of woodcutting, farming, mining and smithing.
[03:40] So, keep leveling up and don't you dare stray from the road to Prifddinas.