Transcript of The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.3 - Rewards (March 2020)

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Mod Poerkie [00:00:10]: Good evening, everyone. Welcome to a very new setup for a livestream. I'm Mod Poerkie and I'm joined by Mod Iago and Mod Ryan. I'm gonna talk a bit more about Archaeology today. I am going to move slightly more in frame as well, we'll figure that out. So, yeah, this is the 24th of March. We're all from our homes. Livestreaming, we're compiling it all tonight. And we're gonna make it a bit more- It's going to feel a bit more like a podcast probably today. We've got tons of things we'll talk about. Today, we're mainly going to focus on the rewards of Archaeology. We've already had the first "Road To" video about the general skill and what Archaeology really is, and we've had two videos about Timbo Tours. And the third video is about rewards. We've not seen that video yet. So we're going to premiere it now. And then we're going to get back at it and discuss it. So I don't know if there's anything you guys want to say before we start having a look at that video. You guys have nothing to hide. All right. Let's get into the video then.

Mod Osborne [00:01:27]: Hey, welcome to the dig site. As you can see, bit of an unexpected weather system. But don't let that stop you because we've had some fantastic finds in the past few days and now you're here, they're only gonna get more incredible. Now, please lead this way. And we'll get you earning your Chonotes, because down here is Dr. Timbo, and Dr. Timbo has all the tools to get you started working. Thank you. Please go now. Come here. I've made some finds, some that I think you really want to see. I'll show you in the tent.

Mod Osborne [00:02:11]: Phew, would you believe it, what a day! Phew. I swear it has only started since you've arrived. No offence, obviously, but I am so excited about what we've been finding across the region. So many artefacts that you would not believe. Please take a seat. Now, first of all, priority one, the Asgarnian ale. Here we go. Now, I had to get rid of the last chap, afraid he was spilling things on the map too much. But ah, here we go. Now, I want to take you through three categories of things we've been finding at the dig site. The first of them may well be the most powerful. And the team together have been kind of talking about it in terms of relics. You know totems from Anachronia.

Mod Osborne [00:02:57]: Yes? Well, then you're in the right kind of relics, they're hugely powerful benefits you don't have to carry with you. But when they turned on, they're on, and will benefit you no matter where you are in Gielinor. Each relic costs a certain amount of monolith power, perhaps 100, 200 or 300. And the cost reflects just how powerful it is. Something simple, like a flat 500 health point life boost relic would cost 50 power, but something more powerful like casting teleportation spells for no runes or XP would cost 250. You'd only have a set amount of total monolith power to use at your disposal. At level 1, you'll have 150 power, at level 40, you have 250. All the way up to 500 at level 90. This means you'll have to pick and choose your relics. Do you risk spending 350 power on an experimental aether reactor which gets 10 percent additional adrenaline? Or do you play it safe with 100 power in Oo'glog Wellspring, which ensures you never lose run energy. All of these relics can be found from exploring the dig sites, completing collections, and more. They certainly require a reasonable amount of effort to uncover. But when you find them or take them to the monolith in the dig site to make them permanently available to you.

Mod Osborne [00:04:15]: Oh, man, that feels so good. Now, if only archaeology wages could stretch a new pair of boots, eh?. But, you know, Archaeology has never been for the faint of heart. Come rain or shine, we're out there doing the do, digging the dig. But, ah, it does remind me. We've been talking about relics up to this point, which unlocked across the levels, there's actually something that unlocks at level 68 Archaeology.

Mod Osborne [00:04:40]: At a certain point, when exploring the Infernal Source, you will unlock the secrets of Ancient Summoning. Rather than summoning a lovely little rabbit or wolf from the spirit realm, you'll be signing a blood pact with the demons of Infernus, which, you know, sounds a wee bit more exciting. Imagine, for example, you want to summon a Hellhound. Instead of hunting for charms and standing by obelisks, you can head to Taverley dungeon. Then, when you kill a hellhound, as long as you have a binding contract in your inventory, the hellhounds will become bound to you. The contract acts like a summoning pouch and you can then bring that hellhound out like a summoning familiar. The Hellhound itself is the lowest level ancient familiar, at Level 45 summoning, and has the rather neat passive. It will always, no matter what you were doing, take 10 percent of the damage you receive. Ancient familiars range all the way up to level 96 Summoning and the dastardly ripper demon. As you'd expect it, its scroll ability is to perform a death jump that delivers up to three hundred and fifty percent of its max hit. It also has the rather neat passive of dealing more damage according to how low health the opponent is. A unique twist on something is that summoning XP comes from capturing and using these demons rather than from the pouch making itself. And while making ancient summoning pouches is reserved for at least level 68 Archaeology, the pouches will be tradeable so you can buy your way in, should you want other people to, you know, do the work for you.

Mod Osborne [00:06:13]: Daisy, no! You stupid hellhound, put that person down now! Sorry, sir, she's usually far more friendly. If he can't take the hellhound, what can you take? Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I'm sure she'll drop you off in Lumbridge. Okay, well, I get the feeling we'll be called on soon, so should we get on to the next tip? My personal favourite: Ancient Invention.

Mod Osborne [00:06:42]: You'd be forgiven for thinking that archaeology is all about the old stuff, stuff that hasn't really got a use anymore. But the world has a violent history and reasonably advanced civilisations have been lost to war. And with them went all of their knowledge. When you reach level 70, you will come to the Stormguard Citadel, which of course, you know about from Timbo's Tour Guide. And it's here that you'll find blueprints for some fantastic things. One of the more fascinating devices we've discovered is the auto-screener. This doodad automatically screens your soil while excavating. So you don't need to make that run back to the Varrock dig site. And we're also guessing you'll be playing with things called ancient gizmos. These are an evolution of the current gizmos that you use in Invention. But rather than using the five slot cross-grid that you might be used to, they employ a nine slot grid. This is going to lead to all sorts of new perk tiers and permutations. You'll be able to get new ranks of perks that already exist, like scavenging 4 or precise 6. We're expecting to see new perk combinations, and we're even throwing in some new components that come from the disassembly of archaeological materials and projects. You know, perhaps there'll be new ancient perks from these components, too. We're hoping there'll be a wild west of experimentation when everyone gets their hands on these ancient invention doo-hickeys.

Mod Osborne [00:08:04]: There you have it, the three core Archaeology rewards. But who knows what else lies under the rubble within the dig sites. It was only yesterday that the team were talking about a tetracompass; something akin to the crystal triskelion, and even word of a hero mattock. But enough of this, enough talk. Let's get you on to the dig site, because Dr. Timbo has some tools ready for you to go. Which reminds me, you're going to need one of these. Your very own mattock. Are you ready?

Mod Poerkie [00:08:48]: Cool. Welcome back, everyone. I'm gonna go back on camera. There we go. I hope you guys enjoyed that last Road To Archaeology video. I think it's pretty good. I really enjoyed it.

Mod Iago [00:09:00]: That was pretty cool, wasn't it?

Mod Ryan [00:09:01]: Yeah, it was cool. We got to watch it with no audio, so.

Mod Poerkie [00:09:03]: I mean, I wasn't so yeah. I was like, we don't have the audio. But it still looked great and it was really good, and we've all already seen it before, of course. I really dig that as a video. Loads of information in there. So let's- I suggest we slowly start dissecting it. The first thing that it talks about is relics. What are they? And how do they work?

Mod Iago [00:09:26]: Yeah. Do you wanna take that one?

Mod Ryan [00:09:29]: Yeah, sure. So relics are one of the main reward spaces to archaeology. You can find relics throughout the game. I say throughout the game, you can find them via methods such as training the skill when figuring out something else, like. And you can also get them from collectors. I believe that's mentioned in the video. Because I did hear a bit of that video today. So I believe that's what was just said. And ultimately, those apparently I'm quite quiet, I'm not sure if we can help.

Mod Iago [00:10:03]: Yeah, apparently I'm [indistinct] on my webcam.

Mod Poerkie [00:10:06]: We'll iron it out, we'll get that.

Mod Ryan [00:10:09]: Yeah, I was gonna say, we might have accomplished [indistinct] of course.

Mod Poerkie [00:10:15]: I think let me see in the meantime, so keep going, keep talking about relics I'd say. If you've got relics, where do you go, for example?

Mod Ryan [00:10:29]: So, yeah, once you find a relic in the world, there's the monolith, which is at the Archaeology Guild where you can take the relic and you can offer it, essentially, to the monolith. I'm not gonna talk too much more about it. There's a bit of story element there, but that will essentially unlock the relic power. I'm still really quiet, so I'm not sure if anyone else wants to cover this part.

Mod Poerkie [00:10:54]: For me, you're fine.

Mod Ryan [00:10:58]: OK. And then. It's as close as it can be. But yeah. OK. Sorry, I'm just getting confused by the chat. If you were to open the, there's a relic interface. So once you sacrifice a relic to the monolith, you'll be able to select which relic power you want to have active. Hopefully we can get an image on the screen for this one. You'll get to see all the relics that you have available to you. In the screenshot, we have all of them unlocked. Some of them will be greyed out when you don't have them both. Once you've unlocked, you'll be able to choose up to three relics to have active at any given time. Each relic has a cost associated with it. It has two costs: one which you have to pay right now, which is the chronotes, to activate the relic. And the other is the energy required from the monolith to harness that power. You'll notice in this example, it requires 350 monolith energy. And at the top left we actually only have one hundred and fifty. So you couldn't actually harness this power. Which leads us on to the fact that you'll be able to increase the power that your monolith can give off as you progress through the skill. But I believe the- there is- we can show you what heightened senses looks like. But as you can see here, it says that this relic power increases the maximum adrenaline by 10 percent. We do have another screenshot for you, which is the relic adrenaline, which hopefully we can show you now. So you'll see here the B player has 110% adrenaline. So they've been able to go over a hundred percent, store up to 110 percent. And you can notice that above their head on the head bar as well as on action bar itself. And yeah, it works as you probably expect. It goes up to 110 percent, if you use an ultimate it would go down to 10 percent. Assuming you haven't got any other powers or rings, etc. But that is an example of a relic power in effect. I don't want to be the only one to talk. James, you want to talk over the- another relic power that we have to share.

Mod Iago [00:13:08]: So the only thing I was gonna add to that is just you might have seen that the bar for the adrenaline, it's changed colour slightly. What you will notice almost immediately when you start doing some combat, it does look a bit better but there's just some consistencies. We've to fix some inconsistencies, rather.

Mod Poerkie [00:13:31]: It's just the consistency and colours for the adrenaline bar.

Mod Iago [00:13:33]: Yeah. Look at the colours. Colours differed across different modes, etc.

Mod Ryan [00:13:40]: They were updated, to help colourblindness as well.

Mod Poerkie [00:13:46]: Yeah. So I had a question for you, Mod Ryan? So you had like the ongoing cost, which is like the relic power, and you had the chronotes. Do you only have to pay that on a one time off if you activated or also if you swapped them out and all those kinds of things?

Mod Ryan [00:14:02]: So whenever you swap them out, it costs chronotes. The relic power. Sorry, the relic- the monolith energy, is sort of, you're just harnessing that, so if you remove the relic, you'll get that energy back. But the chronotes, there's a cost every time every time you activate a relic. This means that we expect, of course, players to be picking and choosing depending on what tasks they want to do. You know, we've got a couple of good relics for- that could be like combos with each other to do nice, cool things in combat as well as a bunch of relics that could be really good for you like clue scrolls, which does bring us on to a lovely relic, James.

Mod Iago [00:14:42]: Yeah that was the one I gonna go on to, actually, is the Abyssal Link relic. That basically gets you, we, I think we discussed in our last Road To video, is it gives you a free teleports, basically. So you don't need any runes. You won't get the XP for it. So the teleports, you can see on screen, you can see the requirements. They are the magic level and then you have the relic power active so you can teleport to your house for free. And that, they'll work, they'll work everywhere, following normal restrictions. It's a good one.

Mod Ryan [00:15:23]: There's a thing you could add to the image as well. Sorry, if you could bring it back up, you will notice that through the tooltip, you notice that Ape Atoll teleport isn't highlighted. This is because the Ape Atoll teleport also requires a banana. So the relic power replaces runes, not all requirements. Hopefully that makes sense. So you'd still need a banana to be able to do that teleport.

Mod Poerkie [00:15:49]: Better keep farming the bananas in that case. So I know we showed a list of relic powers at RuneFest or suggestions for them. Has that list changed? Is that the same? Are we expecting those kinds of relics?

Mod Iago [00:16:08]: Most of them are still coming. There was one or two small changes. Yeah, I'm not sure if we plan on releasing the list again. Otherwise, we'll just wait until it goes live and you'll be able to see them all in the skill guide anyway, so.

Mod Ryan [00:16:22]: Yeah [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:16:23]: Or at least you should be able to see the full list. Sorry, keep going Mod Ryan?

Mod Ryan [00:16:26]: Yeah, we've removed some of those that were mentioned in initial list at RuneFest for various reasons, which we can talk about post-archaeology, like we'll probably do a bunch of streams. But for now, I mean. Yeah. The skill's out, you know, not that long now. So everyone will see and experience, a lot of this for themselves when they get in game.

[00:16:46]: [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:16:46]: Yeah that makes sense. Cool, cool, cool. Are we going to be able to say how many relics we've got in total now? That are gonna go in game on release.

Mod Iago [00:17:00]: I don't know off the top my head, I think it's mid 20s. It's also [indistinct].

Mod Ryan [00:17:13]: I also updated my mic, so I don't know if that's louder for everyone or not.

Mod Poerkie [00:17:18]: Think you're a bit louder for me. Cool. Shall we slowly move on to Ancient Summoning, because I think we've got the majority done. Oh wait, there was one question, how can you increase the amount of power you can harness from the monolith?

Mod Ryan [00:17:35]: Stop saying we [indistinct].

Mod Iago [00:17:41]: Yeah. Just as you're advancing through the skill, you'll discover some things. I think we mentioned, in the past, some research. There'll be some research tasks which you unlock through playing through the skill, discovering the sites.

Mod Poerkie [00:17:54]: Okay.

Mod Iago [00:17:55]: And then there is various upgrades. So it doesn't just jump from, like, 150 to the max limit. Yeah. And there's room for us to increase it in the future as well.

Mod Poerkie [00:18:07]: Okay. So should we move on to Ancient Summoning.

Mod Iago [00:18:13]: Sure.

Mod Poerkie [00:18:13]: Because, how does the Ancient Summoning- how is that going to work?

Mod Iago [00:18:21]: I mean, you did probably just saw a little bit in the video then. But a lot of it will be going out slaying a creature and if you've got the contract in your inventory, then you can capture that demon and then you could summon them as familiars. For the most part, their specs- we're not going to really talk about how many there are. I think we've announced three so far. And in the video, we're talking about the Ripper Demon, and that kind of mimics this. It's the actual ripper demon's effects. So the special is the death jump. But of course, it's not on insta kill, but it still deals a lot of damage. Yeah.

Mod Ryan [00:19:05]: Yeah. Those familiars as well. Right. We weren't gonna to say how many there are on. But of course that's not to say like when we discussed it, you know, if we could, if we could have made, you know, a hundred ancient familiars, we would have, of course it's way too much time required to do that. But, you know, down the line, we could create more ancient familiars. Similarly, we can create more relics. You know, these are things, as it's a new skill, we expect to expand on the skill over the next couple of years as we do have all skills. So hopefully this is a nice little teaser. That video showed like what we can be doing with things [indistinct] by Archaeology.

Mod Poerkie [00:19:44]: Thank you. You said that quite nicely as well. The thing that I find quite interesting is how it works slightly different to regular something. Like the where you get your XP from is slightly different, which I think is really cool. Should we look at an example then or like show a bit of like one of them?

Mod Iago [00:20:04]: Yeah, go for it.

Mod Poerkie [00:20:05]: Ah, there we go. Cool. So this is the hellhound and then I'll pass it to you, you guys are the experts. So take it away.

Mod Ryan [00:20:15]: Go for it, James.

Mod Iago [00:20:18]: I can't actually remember this familiar's effects.

Mod Ryan [00:20:23]: I can if you want me to.

Mod Iago [00:20:25]: Sure.

Mod Ryan [00:20:25]: yeah, okay. The hellhound, here's an example. That's what the pouch looks like and that's what the scrolls look like. Yeah. Don't comment on my cash stack, I'm very poor. The hellhound, I believe, takes 10 percent of the damage that is dealt to you and takes it upon himself. And then the special attack for the hellhound, I believe, has the hellhound heal themselves. So, of course, you can use them essentially as a sponge for some of the damage and then you can use a special attack to heal it back up to stop the hellhound dying because, of course, the hellhound will die if it takes too much damage. But that's just an example of one of the familiars. I can't remember what level. I believe the requirement is the slayer level. So whatever level is to kill hellhounds, I don't remember what level that is, then that's the level we require to capture that creature.

Mod Poerkie [00:21:27]: They will all be buyable from the G.E., right?

Mod Iago [00:21:30]: Yes, they will be.

Mod Ryan [00:21:34]: So, that's true. Yes, sorry, carry on.

Mod Poerkie [00:21:39]: Okay, cool. Was there anything worth highlighting on the familiar's interface for the Hellhound as well? Or is that just similar as always?

Mod Iago [00:21:54]: [indistinct] changes to them. Where like, when you summon them like the spot animations for them, the thing that appears around it, they change colour, etc. and there will be some changes to some of the models, both on release and after. Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:22:16]: Cool. Like the demon ripper one you talked about. I imagine I would also use a new updated model.

Mod Iago [00:22:23]: Yeah, that does. Yeah, that does. That's nice, it's always good to have that. I'm trying to think if there is anything else you want to add to Ancient Summoning? Or whether you want to-

Mod Ryan [00:22:34]: I can add something about the ripper demon, cause that one was mentioned. The ripper demon, yeah so, the ripper demon's normal attacks is pretty strong as well. It's similar to the steel titan, in the ripper demons can occasionally like double slash. So he'll hit twice. Which is pretty useful. Ripper demon's a pretty good familiar, for sure. Yes, just adding that.

Mod Poerkie [00:23:02]: I like how we had a secret glimpse of Mod Cel tucked in that corner there.

Mod Iago [00:23:10]: There's Mod Cel [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:23:11]: Cool, all right, let's get on to the invention one, because I think a lot of people are quite hyped for that one as well.

Mod Ryan [00:23:19]: Can I, sorry, can I answer one question in chat before you.

Mod Poerkie [00:23:22]: Sure. Always. You're free to interrupt me at any time.

Mod Ryan [00:23:24]: So there was a question in the chat that "are all ancient familiars combat related?" They are not. There is at least two I believe, off the top of my head, just the random ones I just thought about. So there are definitely skilling ones, just so you know.

Mod Iago [00:23:46]: Some good ones. Of course the good ones [indistinct]. I guess the only other question I've seen come up is how you actually unlock it. I think that was covered in the video, actually. I didn't have audio, so I didn't I couldn't hear it. But again, the same ascension as invention, as you go through a site you'll start discovering things. We saw mysteries before and there'll be a mystery requirement, which you have to complete that and then you'll learn about it and how to capture those familiars and find a contract to them. Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:24:22]: So, yeah. You go up in the skill archaeology and then you can go sideways into summoning in this case.

Mod Iago [00:24:28]: Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:24:28]: But also in like [indistinct].

Mod Iago [00:24:29]: Yeah. All the ancient familiars will be covered in the summoning skill guide. They'll have their own tab in there which lists them all. All the levels- all the expected information of course. The materials- they'll use it as well for creation. Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:24:48]: Cool. All right. Let's move on to the other big one, ancient invention then. And where do we want to start. Because I think there's a lot of cool stuff to do.

Mod Ryan [00:25:01]: I forgot what the first images that we have appropriate for it. But if you want to bring that one up, this one, OK, cool. So, so ancient invention, you will just you learn about ancient invention at the Stormguard Citadel. I believe that's mentioned in the video.

Mod Poerkie [00:25:22]: Yes.

Mod Ryan [00:25:22]: And an example on screen is just showing you that once you've gained the ability to- you've figured out for the invention then you'll have it on the discovery list. And you can see on the left the paper's slightly different to represent it's an ancient blueprint. And you'd learn this the same way as before, as with all inventions. Once you've done this, you'll be able to manufacture ancient gizmos. And yeah, that's pretty much- do we have an appropriate screenshot of the fragments? I don't think that's necessarily in order for the fragments, screenshot.

Mod Poerkie [00:26:03]: So this is this is one of the many blueprints that will be, right? [indistinct].

Mod Ryan [00:26:09]: Yes. That is one of the many blueprints which, in that example, they created ancient gizmos with which the example there and then you can see here, this is an ancient weapon gizmo which is showing that all nine slots are available rather than five.

Mod Poerkie [00:26:25]: Mhm.

Mod Ryan [00:26:26]: You'll also notice as well that we have this section that says ancient materials. So there are four new components with archaeology. And with that in mind, we also renamed the ancient materials that already exist. I think it's ancient materials or ancient components. We've renamed them third-age. And yeah, so they've been renamed to third-age to appropriately name like sort of where you get them from as well as allowing us to name [indistinct] ancient. And I'm sure, as the chat has already mentioned, you can notice as well that on the right hand side it's saying a possible perk for this combination is Ruthless 3, which is a new perk.

Mod Poerkie [00:27:04]: Mhm.

Mod Ryan [00:27:08]: But that's that's that James, you wanna talk about the other ones that we're probably gonna [indistinct].

Mod Iago [00:27:13]: Sure, to be honest. You covered most of it there. But we could, uh, we could load up the next screenshot and we can just see some different combinations. Yeah. With some- with [indistinct], of course, we've got some new perks as well. And some of them can be comboed with exising perks. See Fortune 3 prosper. Yeah. And then this is this is a nice. This is a nice big one for combat. You've got a relentless 5, and Crippling three or four. Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:27:48]: We're not going into detail.

[00:27:48]: [crosstalk]

Mod Poerkie [00:27:48]: Yeah, we're not gonna go into detail on what they do of course, but yeah. I wanted to ask, these new ancient components, they're coming from all the different kinds of materials and things from archaeology, are they?

Mod Ryan [00:28:06]: Yes and no. Sorry, let me elaborate. All four of the materals are from new archaeology items. But, for example, the rarer components, they will not come from, say, your traditional materials in archaeology, they'll come from artefacts at higher levels. So, similar to how, you know, disassembling like a bronze longsword versus a rune longsword, for example, components do differ. But, yes, I'd say just an example for you.

Mod Poerkie [00:28:38]: So the best way to get those components is by levelling up archaeology again and then dissembling everything you get in that skill again. For components.

Mod Ryan [00:28:49]: Oh, sorry, can you say that again?

Mod Iago [00:28:51]: Yeah, I got lost there as well.

Mod Poerkie [00:28:51]: So the best way to get. The best way to get the different new ancient components is by levelling up in archaeology and as you go disassemble all the things you come across, really.

Mod Ryan [00:29:04]: Yes, but-

Mod Iago [00:29:05]: You'll wanna disassemble the artefacts, that restore the artefacts to be specific.

Mod Poerkie [00:29:11]: Okay, yeah, cool.

[00:29:14]: [indistinct]

Mod Ryan [00:29:16]: I mean, I probably wouldn't recommend disassembling them early on. I'd recommend levelling the skill and well, and as you're levelling the skill, use those artefacts to contribute to collections to unlock other rewards. But by all means, disassemble the spares you have, that sort of thing. I mean, the skill is super interesting on release 'cause there's so many different things you could do and what are you aiming for? And, you know, I'm sure there'll be some people who, you know, aim for high scores or those, there will also be some people who aim for unlocking by ancient invention first because, leads me onto a point we didn't mention. If you have the screenshot, there should be a screenshot with the blueprints in the inventory. They're like-.

Mod Poerkie [00:29:56]: Yes.

Mod Ryan [00:29:57]: Hopefully we'll get that screenshot. Yes, this one. So, these blueprints, there are blueprint fragments that you can find at Stormguard. It's pretty much what I'm going to say for now. But you can combine those to create a blueprint. There are a couple of blueprints you can create with them. And these blueprints, there are tradeable and untradeable versions of them, the tradable ones require more fragments. But the untradeable ones yeah, as mentioned, require less. But it means that, you know, so archaeologists out there can make money from training archaeology. And those who don't want to necessarily train archaeology can purchase them from other players. But but yes, someone mentioned in the chat that it's similar to double surge codex, tradeable and untradeable.

Mod Poerkie [00:30:46]: Cool, yeah, I wanted to to continue kind of on the point that you raised that like Archaeology's just going to offer so many different things you can kind of aim for, right? Whether that is like getting to Ancient invention and getting all the components in that area or trying to unlock all your other relics like it is kind of, it's really whatever you want to chase that's kind of there to do, right?

Mod Iago [00:31:12]: Yeah. I think we we've mentioned we've done some longevity testing and that went on for quite a while. And we had like quite a lot of different people who play in very different ways. And we all we saw, we saw a lot of people aiming for different things from just, you know, trying to get a higher level as fast as they could to completing collections. And just the way they're also training the [indistinct]. We also we spoke about excavatomg, being part of the [indistinct]. And then we have material caches. We had some of us who were like never going to touch them. And then there was other people who were going off to them. So I think outside of the testing environment as well, when you start to add these rewards, which can actually benefit you in other content, you're then also going to have all these other objectives, which we haven't fully experienced. But we know they exist.

Mod Poerkie [00:32:11]: Cool, all right.

Mod Ryan [00:32:13]: Just one quick question for you. It was in the chat, yeah, scavenging perk cannot get ancient components. So you have to get those via disassembling.

Mod Poerkie [00:32:28]: Good to know, thank you for seeing that question in chat. I think, I'm not sure if [indistinct] possible for [indistinct], but if you've got any questions, please put them down and we'll see if we can answer some of them. Where, now I have lost the script as well, this is terrible. I'm going over my checklist. I don't think there's anything we missed that we wanted to say about ancient invention? Am I correct in that?

Mod Iago [00:32:54]: Unless.

Mod Poerkie [00:32:58]: Well, we've got an image, I'm being told, so we just bring it up and then we'll take a look at it. If they, ah there we go, so yeah, that's the initial one. So this is this is the one where you've also already got the ancient gizmos unlocked, right? Which gives you the grid of 9?

Mod Ryan [00:33:15]: There is something we can add to it, actually.

Mod Poerkie [00:33:20]: Go for it.

Mod Ryan [00:33:21]: Sorry. You see here the ancient materials, you'll notice that they are greyed out. Which means that my account hasn't actually learned, discovered the blueprint of how to make use of those materials. But these work the same as other materials do in the game currently where you can still disassemble the items for them and get the components, but to use them, you have to go to the workbench and discover these blueprints first. So there are new blueprints for each of these materials that require a certain invention level. So on release, these four will automatically be there for any one who has that level.

Mod Poerkie [00:34:05]: Okay, so there is another question in chat that I think it's it's worth asking. So right now, lots of people already got gizmos on there. They're already using loads of gizmos, because the grid is going to increase to like a three by three grade, which tries to fit in nine components. How, what do you do with your old gizmos? Are there is there still a use for them or is it just best to put them in your bank and leave them alone basically?

Mod Iago [00:34:34]: So yeah you won't be able to do anything new with them. They'll still obviously hold their current value so they'll still be really good perks. The one thing I probably focussed on is that not all of these are going to be replaced or need to be replaced. And as well as that, we have some of the new perks so you would be replacing some of them anyway.

Mod Iago [00:35:02]: So it's a combination of both.

Mod Iago [00:35:03]: Yeah.

Mod Ryan [00:35:03]: Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:35:03]: Okay.

Mod Ryan [00:35:07]: Yeah one last thing, if I could add, for ancient invention. Someone in the chat just asked or said that they feel they don't like necessarily that archaeology requires invention. So that's not the case. If you wanted to train archaeology and not touch any invention stuff, you can, but you can also, if you are someone who just trains archaeology, you can still create the blueprints because that's actually a Crafting requirement. And once you've created them, because you're reconstructing them, you can trade them on and sell them on if you don't have the invention level to actually use them. So, yeah, with- archaeology has its own path. You don't need Summoning and you don't need invention. They are some reward aspects that you can take advantage of if you have the levels or make use of them as well.

Mod Poerkie [00:35:57]: Quick question. I think I know the answer so I'm just gonna double check, do the elite dungeon relics give ancient components?

Mod Ryan [00:36:04]: No

Mod Iago [00:36:04]: I'm not gonna say now. The only other essential thing, Ryan, do we want to talk about the crates?

Mod Ryan [00:36:18]: Oh, yeah, forgot about those. Yeah, go for it.

Mod Iago [00:36:25]: So what you'll be able to do with these new materials, these new invention components, is actually compact them into a material crate, which which is a then an item which stores them. If you disassemble that, let's say it requires 50 of the new components, you disassemble it, you get 50 components. The point of it, though, is that these are actually tradeable. So you can you can essentially crate the invention, the archaeology, ancient invention components.

Mod Ryan [00:36:58]: Yeah. So that's that's the really interesting thing, is that ancient components are tradable via these crates. They're they're the only components that are tradable. And they are also tradable because the artefacts are not. There's a reason the artefacts are not tradable. But you can obviously understand that we want these components to be in circulation. And because we can't put the items in circulation, which is, what of course, every other item in the game currently that gives normal components, we went on the flip side here. That's a good, a good remembering on that one.

Mod Poerkie [00:37:32]: Cool. All right. Yeah. I also see a couple of notes about the bank that we're going to have need a lot more inventory slots in one of the previously streams we've already announced that you also get an additional 50 bank spaces when Archaeology launches on the 30th of March. So that's pretty good. Cool. Shall we then move on? Or is there anything else that you also just continue to you want to talk about regarding Ancient Invention? Nope?

Mod Iago [00:38:05]: Other than-

Mod Poerkie [00:38:07]: Other than that?

Mod Iago [00:38:07]: Yeah, there's still the tools and stuff we mentioned at RuneFest. So they're still coming. Kind of it.

Mod Poerkie [00:38:15]: Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

Mod Ryan [00:38:16]: Sorry, I just I want to clarify, those 50 bank spaces are free. So you don't have to purchase them, you just get them on log in, everyone will get them. And the material crates are stackable in your bank. So if you make a crate of 50 materials, then it will stack in the bank with other crates of 50. We made- James briefly mentioned it, but we actually made multiple sized crates. So if you wanted to buy a thousand materials, you could buy a thousand material crate. We made full quantity sizes. I can't remember the specific numbers, but it allows you to buy or sell in small to large increments.

Mod Poerkie [00:38:59]: This is a small size question. Can mattocks be augmented?

Mod Iago [00:39:05]: Yes.

Mod Ryan [00:39:06]: Yes, sorry I was-

Mod Iago [00:39:06]: The ones the normal ones, so your dragon, your dragon, your crystal, your equivalent to the pickaxe of earth and song, is it? Your archaeology equipments there. I am quickly checking the material crates to see what size components they give you.

Mod Ryan [00:39:29]: This is the advantage, by the way, of working from home. We have on stream [indistinct]

Mod Poerkie [00:39:33]: I was about to [indistinct]

Mod Iago [00:39:40]: There is a hundred and there's a thousand.

Mod Poerkie [00:39:43]: Here it is. Keep checking the chat. The question is, thank you for adding the question, you said bottom of the script as well, that was much appreciated. If we move on to the others, if there are questions that you [indistinct] them, we can get back to them as well afterwards. I think we might have some time at the end. So we move to some of the other smaller rewards a little bit?

Mod Ryan [00:40:06]: Sure.

Mod Iago [00:40:07]: Yeah.

Mod Ryan [00:40:07]: Sorry, someone made a joke in the chat. They commented on us all having the same decorator. Because we all live in the, no we're secretely in the same house.

Mod Poerkie [00:40:19]: Ah yes, we sure do, we surely. I think we just all love the colour white so much. Cool. All right. Shall we talk a bit about the tetracompass then? I hope I'm pronouncing it right, by the way.

Mod Iago [00:40:33]: Compass.

Mod Poerkie [00:40:37]: There we go. Are we just going to leak that this is a reward? Is there something you guys want to say about this or?

Mod Ryan [00:40:44]: So I think it's briefly mentioned in the video that the guys got to see the beginning of the stream, but the tetracompass is ultimately it's akin to the crystal triskelion and the crystal key. So, of course, there's two pieces and then the triskelion required three pieces. This requires four. And those four pieces can only be obtained via archaeology. And if you put them together, you get a tetracompass. And then the tetracompass, do we want to talk about the tetracompass? Or is that it? Maybe that's fine. I mean, it does a thing and you get some rewards and we'll let people just do that on release. I think that's fair.

Mod Poerkie [00:41:29]: All right.

Mod Iago [00:41:30]: Yeah that's good.

Mod Poerkie [00:41:31]: It's not tetris, it's tetra?

Mod Ryan [00:41:33]: Yeah.

[00:41:33]: [crosstalk].

Mod Ryan [00:41:40]: Someone made a good comment in the chat [indistinct]

Mod Poerkie [00:41:44]: All right. We've got another one which was also mentioned in the video, which is the hero mattock, and I hope that I took the right screenshot of that in game, but that is the one in the display case if I'm right, am I?

Mod Iago [00:42:02]: Yeah, that it the one, that is. Yeah that's your item. The same as, like Tavia's rod, it will give you a number of benefits when training archaeology. I'm not going to say what those benefits are unless you want to talk about that Ryan, but essentially, you can claim this. I'd say, again, in a similar way to Tavia's rod where you get an item and then you have to take that item to, I mean, I might as well say, since you're taking that to the case, but you'll find a key for it. And then there is a chance, when you opening it, for the key to work.

Mod Poerkie [00:42:43]: OK. That sounds pretty good. There are more rewards. We will not go in-depth about these. We want to keep it a secret for launch. And I know you guys are even more keen on so than than I am, but it's really good.

Mod Ryan [00:42:59]: Oh, I just remembered another thing. Sorry, it's completely unrelated to anything, but I've got to [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:43:07]: [indistinct] in my script anyways, so go for it, take it away, Mod Ryan.

Mod Ryan [00:43:13]: So I don't think that we've mentioned this on stream, actually, or in any video, but, with archaeology, with with the whole skill being, you know, many different sort of journeys to play you can choose to take, like you could be racing for 99, you could be racing for 120. You could be like racing to become the first, the first, I don't know if we said that, you can be racing to become the first of something. Anyway, my point is we've added a lot of world first broadcasts. So if you were the first person to do something, first person to solve a certain mystery, there is a world first broadcast for it. We've had added lot of these to show to show off, so don't feel like if you can't race to be the first person to 99, there are plenty of other things you could do. I just want to bring that up because I forgot that we did that.

Mod Poerkie [00:44:05]: Cool. Yeah, no, I think I'm actually very happy you mentioned that as well. Yeah, we like, we know that one of the cool, exciting parts of a new skill is, of course, is that race from from one to 99 or even 120 in this case. And like you've said we've added tons of broadcast from CM's [indistinct], of course, we'll be closely monitoring it as well and [indistinct] with our celebration. So thank you for bringing that up as well, Mod Ryan. All right. Shall we go back to the relics for a second? Because I've got a lovely question for that, which I think is a fair pretty good question. They were able to bring up the interface briefly as well, with the relics on it. There you go, yes. We see that, on that screenshot, we actually see 50 of the relics. Once you've sacrificed the relic to unlock, will you keep it permanently? Or do you have to keep sacrificing a new relic in order to get it back if you switch it off?

Mod Iago [00:45:07]: No, once you've unlocked it, it's a one time unlock. The difference is that once you attune it, if you then want to replace, if you want to attune a different relic into that slot, then you have to you have to pay to activate it again with the chronotes which we've mentioned in a previous stream and video, and thy'ren just the archaeology currency, which you can obtain with numerous different ways. But primary- primarily through collections.

Mod Poerkie [00:45:37]: Okay. So this is only really a chronote cost, which is pretty good.

Mod Iago [00:45:42]: And a good point there is that currency is tradable. So you don't have to train to be able to switch your relics. You could just buy it.

Mod Poerkie [00:45:52]: There will be another question, this is going slowly to the ancient invention side. Ancient invention actually goes to 150. Between 120 and 150, will there be any requirements, or will there be any requirements above 120 invention of anything of the archaeology skill or just only below that?

Mod Ryan [00:46:13]: So the skill only goes to 150 virtually. So no, there are no [indistinct]. I think the invention, ancient invention, I believe ranges between 85 and one hundred and- I want to say 105 or 110. So it's within that brackets. It's on the top side of the skill. Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:46:39]: OK, cool. Well, [indistinct] can make fun of me. Cool. I don't- anything you guys saw into chat that you guys want to answer?

Mod Iago [00:46:52]: I forgot to say, since we're talking about rewards as well, some of the other rewards you can get directly benefit the skill. I know we've discussed them in previous streams, etc., but we have the archaeology outfits, so we have the normal skilling outfit, which is obtainable at I'm going to say level 70. Yeah. And then you can also get the elite outfit at level 99. This ties into qualifications. Yeah. So you'll be able to get those on much on release they're coming. And we also have a few other rewards which you can get from the same place as those, which is the consumables. These are consumable items. Can I just use fishing as a reference again, where they offer boosts to your training? So you might have extra chance of finding materials when in screening soil or increase your chances finding materials when you're excavating, but yeah, they're consumables. So you can. There's a few other rewards, as well.

[00:48:02]: [crosstalk]

Mod Ryan [00:48:03]: Yeah, I was gonna say, some of the rewards like, there is a lot of rewards in the skill and only so many we can cover. But what we did learn was worth mentioning, we learnt a bit from mining and smithing rework. We added some levelling benefits. So, of course, when you level up in a gathering skill, the higher level you are, you are the more successful you are at doing an action. But also, we added things such as, you know, for example, this isn't the necessary level, I can't remember off the top of my head, but say at level 40, the XP you get from screening soil is now increased. And we did sort of like these milestones throughout the skill as well for the skill. So there are certain levels you want to try to get to and they just naturally improve certain aspects of the skill. But I'm sure that everyone will get see this when archaeology is released. So.

Mod Iago [00:48:53]: A lot of time my [indistinct]'s is in the skill guide as well. So they'll see it pretty much straight away [indistinct].

Mod Ryan [00:49:03]: Ah yes, the skillcape.

Mod Poerkie [00:49:06]: We can hear the [indistinct] by the way, so that's if we if we talk to a ghost, that's our producer. Yes. Let's let's take a look at the image that we we've got left here with the skill guide. Thank you for making this one, by the way, Mod Ryan. I think it's quite nice.

Mod Ryan [00:49:22]: Yeah, sorry, yeah. I made this earlier so just a quick thing. The three on the left. So I actually took four separate screenshots. The one on the right looks lighter. It's only light because I turned the camera and there's actually light on the back of the cape and the other three, there isn't lights so it's dark. They are all the same colour. I just put the screenshot together fairly quickly. The one on the left is the untrimmed. And then the one after is the trimmed. And then you have the 120. And then the retro version. I definitely I miss the retro untrimmed version. Apologies. Apparently we lost audio.

Mod Poerkie [00:49:59]: I think you just got quite silent. At least that's what you did in my ear, but I can still hear you.

Mod Iago [00:50:04]: Yeah, you went quite low.

Mod Ryan [00:50:06]: Oh, yeah, sorry. My bad. Yeah. Anyway, here are your four capes. I'm [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:50:13]: Good luck. Are you going for a high score 120 on release?

Mod Ryan [00:50:21]: Yeah. Yeah. James, am I racing. Yeah.

Mod Poerkie [00:50:26]: Did you guys make it into a bet as well?

Mod Iago [00:50:30]: No, not yet.

Mod Poerkie [00:50:30]: Who's gonna be there first? Okay. Well place your bets now in chat I'd say. I actually would not know-.

Mod Ryan [00:50:38]: Ooh, okay, can we run a poll? Can someone start a poll to see who is going to win?

Mod Iago [00:50:45]: Who is gonna win?

Mod Poerkie [00:50:45]: Who's gonna win it, I'm curious.

Mod Iago [00:50:46]: OK, let's give some context as well. Right. So Mod Ryan is a maxed skiller. So yeah, you've got 200 million in say, all skills, right? Beside combat skills. And I am like 900 XP off max XP. So I've got like 900 exp [indistinct]. We're both hardcore.

Mod Ryan [00:51:03]: We're both [indistinct]

Mod Poerkie [00:51:09]: I genuinely don't know where I would place the bet. I think we will be able to get a poll and if not, we're going to do it without. No, like you said, Iago, I'm actually, I don't know who I would place a bet on because, exactly for the reasons you said there.

[00:51:29]: [crosstalk].

Mod Poerkie [00:51:31]: I feel like that the. I like his random [indistinct] as well.

Mod Ryan [00:51:39]: But I wonder if it's only because they know me more than they, like, a lot people wouldn't have known that Iago is 5.4. And I did see that Mod Shogun said Iago and Mod Cel said Iago. So we're gonna have to see what chat [indistinct]

Mod Poerkie [00:51:54]: Who is higher on our internal high scores?That's you, right, isn't it, Iago?

Mod Iago [00:51:58]: Yeah, because my total level. Well, and [indistinct] I got combat [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:52:02]: Ah yeah, of course. And XP-wise as well. Yeah, okay, cool. We talked about the skill, so because I saw a couple of questions in the chat about it, so the skill will go to 120 and will follow the regular XP curve. So it's not an elite skill, whatever, nothing, will just follow the regular curve. Wanted to point that out.

Mod Iago [00:52:27]: Just to answer some other questions I saw pop up and cover it, [indistinct] is there was some questions about, you know, is is this an elite skill then? Is there invention requirements on the skill or Summoning? No, it's, anybody, if you start a free account and you can go and start training it immediately. I know we've covered this in the past, but again, for others, free to play goes to level 20, which is something we're trialling. We'll see how that goes. And then yeah members of course goes up to 120, 200 mill.

Mod Poerkie [00:53:12]: Mhm. Cool.

Mod Ryan [00:53:13]: Chat mentioned. Sorry, I was just gonna say just the chat just mentioned a good point about how Iago gets the upper hand because he gets to use the, any mattock above crystal and above because I'm a skiller and don't have access to that and I'm not rich enough to buy a hero mattock when that's out. No way. So I'll probably have to train about invention. I'll have to use like a elder rune mattock or something.

Mod Poerkie [00:53:40]: Aww.

Mod Ryan [00:53:41]: Yeah or buy a hero mattock but I definitely don't have that much money. That's okay, I'll still win so it's not a problem.

Mod Iago [00:53:47]: Oh.

Mod Poerkie [00:53:48]: I was going to say a couple of things, I don't think I can say though, to make sure you have enough gold in game because you can't, but that's fine. Alright, if there's nothing you guys want to add, then I suggest we slowly go towards the end and I'll just do a bit of information, bits and bobs, and then I'm gonna call it a day. Nothing you huys want to say, add, whatever?

Mod Ryan [00:54:13]: I have one, I have one more thing I thought about, James. Chat just mentioned expert skillcape. We covered it before, but yeah, it's worth reiterating, archaeology does introduce a new shard for the gatherers' cape. On log-in, your gatherers' cape will be removed and you'll have all shards refunded to you. I think they automatically get put into the bag. And then you just need the Archaeology one to recreate that cape.

Mod Poerkie [00:54:40]: So pretty good.

Mod Iago [00:54:47]: Yeah, um.

Mod Poerkie [00:54:47]: Nice.

Mod Iago [00:54:48]: Oh. Oh, that was it. When you gain the shard as well, it goes directly to the bank now, rather than to the inventory. So just look out for that.

Mod Poerkie [00:55:02]: Cool. All right. We're going to slowly go to the end, unless you guys see anything else you want answered in the chat. Yes, we are still aiming for March the 30th for the release of archaeology. We are still on track. But then again, we are assessing it daily. Yes, go for it.

Mod Ryan [00:55:18]: Right. Sorry. Quick. Five for you. Yes, there are daily challenges. Yes, there is a grace of the elves. That's right, grace of the elves does work. Yes, you can get untrimmed archaeology cape. How do you get the dragon mattock? I believe in the previous streams we mentioned, there are two ways of getting it. And I think that's what we said. I don't think we want to say right now why we don't want to say.

Mod Iago [00:55:38]: No.

Mod Poerkie [00:55:38]: I think so, yeah.

Mod Ryan [00:55:38]: I feel like we can say, but I don't know, if James says no then [indistinct].

Mod Poerkie [00:55:41]: I mean, it's your call, I don't mind. You can otherwise go for a mid [indistinct] and just give one of the options, instead of both.

Mod Iago [00:55:49]: You can say one of the methods, not the Archaeology way.

Mod Ryan [00:55:53]: Oh, you can say that.

Mod Poerkie [00:55:55]: I like the way both of you are teasing here. I love it.

Mod Ryan [00:56:00]: We'll just leave it, [indistinct] don't know, so.

[00:56:00]: [crosstalk].

Mod Poerkie [00:56:00]: Oh, you teased it. All right.

Mod Ryan [00:56:06]: Rowley said in the chat, and we'll say this, so it's a no.

Mod Poerkie [00:56:09]: Okay, Mod Rowley decides at that point, cool. Where was I in the story, yeah. Okay, let's talk about the 30th of March, at the moment we are still assessing it daily, but once again, we are still waiting for that lovely release date. But we don't know what the COVID-19 is throwing in our way to stop us from doing that. But I think we are in a pretty good place to make that happen.

[00:56:32]: [crosstalk].

Mod Poerkie [00:56:33]: Exactly. We've got a special livestream coming up on the 27th. That's coming Friday where Mod Iago and I will do the archaeology tutorial. And we'll be answering some of the questions that you guys have in chat as well, and we'll have a bit of banter probably. Then on the 31st of March, the Tuesday after release, we will be back again. The two of us will be playing some lovely archaeology, just just sort of regular bits of the skill. And we'll have a bit of fun there, that will also be the first time that we will have our updated lootscape, which will give you some small benefits while playing archaeology as well. Similar to how we've done it for farming and Herblore, I believe, and the Land out of Time. We did it for Land out of Time, not for Farming and Herblore. So we're going to update the lovely lootscape as well, of course this stream is also lootscape. That brings me the end. Are you sure you guys have nothing to add anymore?

Mod Ryan [00:57:34]: I just want to say, hopefully the streams gone well for people, of course we can improve on mikes in the future. It's the first one we've done working from home. Yeah. I'll replace my mike next time, clearly there's some issues, I'll find another one in my house [indistinct].

Mod Iago [00:57:49]: [indistinct] the headset.

Mod Poerkie [00:57:53]: Yeah. We're all in a transition. We're all transitioning, moving stuff from the office still to home, setting everything up. Like I improvised a desk with like tons of books behind a laptop- underneath a laptop. So, but we are getting there. We wanted to keep streaming. So that's what we do. And I think for the first stream in this format, I think we did a pretty good job. So without further ado, I'm gonna leave you guys with a random the Dutch word again. And we're going to all wave. Have you guys thought of a Dutch word, by the way? Aww-

[00:58:22]: [crosstalk]

Mod Poerkie [00:58:28]: Okay, you can say an English word as well, and then we'll see the majority of you all back on Friday.

Mod Poerkie [00:58:37]: [Dutch] Gerstenbier en tot ziens.

Mod Ryan [00:58:39]: Goodbye.

Mod Poerkie [00:58:43]: Oh, the wave is not on the screen, the wave is not, there you go.