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Transcript of The Road to Archaeology - Rewards of the skill

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:03] Okay.
[00:04] Welcome to the dig site.
[00:06] As you can see, bit of an unexpected weather system.
[00:09] But don't let that stop you cause we've had some fantastic finds in the past few days.
[00:13] Now you're here and they're only going to get more incredible.
[00:16] Please come this way.
[00:18] And we'll get you earning your chronotes
[00:21] because down here is Dr Timbo.
[00:23] Dr Timbo has all the tools to get you started working.
[00:27] Thank you. Please go.
[00:28] Come here.
[00:30] Come here.
[00:33] I made some finds. Some I think you really want to see.
[00:36] I'll show you in the tent.
[00:48] Would you believe it? What a day!
[00:51] I swear it only started since you've arrived, no offence obviously.
[00:57] I'm so excited about what we've been finding across the region.
[01:00] So many artefacts you will not believe.
[01:02] Please take a seat.
[01:03] Now, first of all, priority one. The asgarnian ale.
[01:09] Here we go.
[01:10] I had to get rid of the last chap. He was spilling things on the map too much.
[01:14] But, here we go.
[01:18] Now, I want to take you through three categories of things we've been finding at the dig site.
[01:23] The first of them may well be the most powerful.
[01:26] And the team have been talking about it in terms of relics.
[01:32] You know totems from Anachronia, yes?
[01:34] Then you are in the right kind of area with relics.
[01:37] They are hugely powerful benefits that you don't have to carry with you,
[01:41] but when they are turned on, they're on, and will benefit you no matter where you are in Gielinor.
[01:46] Each relic costs a certain amount of monolith power,
[01:49] perhaps 100, 200 or 300.
[01:52] And the cost reflects just how powerful it is.
[01:55] Something simple like a flat 500 hp life boost relic would cost 50 power,
[02:00] but something more powerful like casting teleportation spells for no runes or XP would cost 250.
[02:07] You will only have a set amount of total monolith power to use at your disposal.
[02:11] At level 1 you'll have 150 power. At level 40 it is 250. All the way up to 500 at level 90.
[02:19] This means you will have to pick and choose your relics wisely.
[02:22] Do you risk spending 350 power on an experimental aether reactor,
[02:27] which gives 10% additional adrenaline?
[02:29] Or do you play it safe with the 100-power oo'glog wellspring,
[02:33] which ensures you never lose run energy?
[02:36] All of these relics can be found from exploring the dig sites, completing collections, and more.
[02:41] They certainly require a reasonable amount of effort to uncover.
[02:45] When you find them, you will take them to the monolith in the dig site
[02:48] to make them permanently available to you.
[02:53] Man, that feels so good!
[02:56] If only Archaeology wages could stretch a new pair of boots.
[02:59] But, you know, Archaeology has never been for the faint of heart.
[03:02] Come rain or shine we're there doing the do, digging the dig.
[03:06] That reminds me, we've been talking about relics up to this point,
[03:10] which unlock across the levels.
[03:12] There's actually something that unlocks at level 68 Archaeology.
[03:17] At a certain point when exploring the Infernal Source,
[03:20] you will unlock the secrets of Ancient Summoning.
[03:24] Rather than summoning a lovely little rabbit or wolf from the spirit realm,
[03:28] you will be signing a blood pact with the demons of Infernus, which sounds a wee bit more exciting.
[03:34] Imagine you want to summon a hellhound.
[03:37] Instead of hunting for charms and standing by obelisks,
[03:40] you can head to Taverley Dungeon.
[03:43] Then when you kill a hellhound, as long as you have a binding contract in your inventory,
[03:48] the hellhound will become bound to you.
[03:51] The contract acts like a summoning pouch,
[03:53] and you can then bring that hellhound out like a summoning familiar.
[03:57] The hellhound is the lowest level ancient familiar, at level 45 Summoning,
[04:02] and it has the rather neat passive.
[04:04] It will always, no matter what you're doing, take 10% of the damage you receive.
[04:09] Ancient familiars range all the way up to level 96 Summoning
[04:13] and the dastardly Ripper Demon.
[04:16] As you'd expect, its scroll ability is to perform a death jump
[04:19] that delivers up to 350% of its max hit.
[04:23] It also has the rather neat passive of dealing more damage
[04:26] according to how low-health the opponent is.
[04:29] A unique twist on summoning is that Summoning XP comes from capturing and using these demons,
[04:35] rather than from the pouch making itself.
[04:38] And while making ancient summoning pouches is reserved for at least level 68 Archaeology,
[04:42] the pouches will be tradeable so you can buy your way in,
[04:46] should you want other people to do the work for you.
[04:49] Daisy, no! You stupid hellhound!
[04:52] Put that person down!
[04:55] Sorry, sir! You should be far more friendly!
[04:58] And if you can't tame a hellhound, what can you tame?
[05:01] Oh, god!
[05:05] Sorry, sir. I'm sure she'll drop you off in Lumbridge.
[05:08] Okay, well, I get the feeling I'm going to be called on soon.
[05:11] Shall we get on to the next bit?
[05:13] My personal favourite. Ancient Invention!
[05:19] You'd be forgiven for thinking that Archaeology is all about the old stuff.
[05:22] Stuff that hasn't really got a use anymore. But the world has a violent history,
[05:26] and reasonably advanced civilisations have been lost to war,
[05:30] and with them went all of their knowledge.
[05:33] When you reach level 70, you'll come to the Stormguard Citadel,
[05:37] which of course you know about from Timbo's Tour Guide.
[05:40] It's here that you will find blueprints for some fantastic things.
[05:43] One of the more fascinating devices we've discovered is the auto-screener.
[05:48] This doodad automatically screens your soil while excavating,
[05:52] so that you don't need to make the run back to the Varrock dig site.
[05:55] We're also going loopy playing with things called "ancient gizmos".
[05:59] These are an evolution of the current gizmos that you use in Invention,
[06:03] but, rather than using the 5-slot cross grid that you might be used to, they employ a 9-slot grid.
[06:10] This is going to lead to all sorts of new perk tiers and permutations.
[06:14] You'll be able to get new ranks of perks that already exist, like Scavenging 4 or Precise 6.
[06:19] We're expecting to see new perk combinations, and we're even throwing in some new components
[06:25] that come from the disassembly of Archaeological materials and projects.
[06:29] Perhaps there'll be new ancient perks from these components too.
[06:33] We're hoping that it'll be a wild west of experimentation
[06:36] when everyone gets their hands on these ancient invention doohickeys.
[06:41] There you have it, the three core Archaeology rewards.
[06:43] But who knows what else lies under the rubble within the dig sites.
[06:47] It was only yesterday that the team were talking about a tetrecompass.
[06:50] Something akin to the crystal triskelion and even word of a hero-mattock.
[06:55] But enough of this. Enough talk!
[06:57] Let's get you on to the dig site, cause Dr Timbo has some tools ready for you to go.
[07:01] Which reminds me that you're going to need one of these.
[07:07] Your very own mattock.
[07:13] Are you ready?