Transcript of The Road to Archaeology - Introduction to RuneScape's new skill

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] Hello and welcome. Thank you.
[00:21] Please come in. Make yourself at home.
[00:23] Thank you so much for showing interest in our wonderful little dig site here.
[00:27] I've heard that maybe you'd like to join us and even become a benefactor to Varrock museum, yes?
[00:34] Well, as you can see, we have been here for quite some time,
[00:37] using all of the latest in archaeological technologies.
[00:41] How rude of me. Please do take a seat.
[00:45] Where to start? Well, first of all, important.
[00:48] Junior!
[00:50] Cup of tea, please!
[00:51] There we go.
[00:52] We're gonna effectively break Archaeology down into five core disciplines.
[00:56] I should have one around here.
[01:00] No, not that one.
[01:01] Somewhere.
[01:02] Now first discipline is excavation,
[01:05] which leads to restoration, then to levelling, rewards and finally qualifications.
[01:10] Yes, just step in. Thank you.
[01:12] Now, excavation.
[01:16] Excavation really is the bread and butter of the skilling.
[01:19] Bread and butter was a little bit dusty.
[01:21] But this is really where you get the fingernails dirty in the skill.
[01:27] First we'll be travelling to Kharid-Et, just east of Al-Kharid.
[01:31] Just like Mining or Woodcutting, we'll be spending some time at this site gathering.
[01:35] But don't worry, we've developed a new tool called a mattock for this purpose.
[01:39] Using the mattock, you'll be chipping away some archaeology gains
[01:42] as well as collecting something almost as valuable: materials.
[01:46] Materials won't mean much to you now but we'll come back to them shortly.
[01:50] The more you excavate, the more progress you make towards a discovery.
[01:53] And when it's full, you should discover an artefact.
[01:57] However, like a parcel from Postie Pete's post office, you'll always find them broken.
[02:02] You see, we've been putting it down to our overly enthusiastic mattock thrusts.
[02:06] This is where those materials come in.
[02:08] Depending on the artefact you find, you'll need a certain amount of materials to mend them.
[02:13] This one, for example, needs 15 white oak and 10 samite silk.
[02:17] Since you've got plenty of oak but not enough silk,
[02:20] you can either dig some more and hope that you get what you need
[02:23] or you can trade with other players.
[02:26] You can also look around for material caches away from the main site,
[02:29] which guarantees you a certain material.
[02:32] Also, when you excavate, you begin to accrue a stack of soil in your inventory.
[02:36] The team has developed a screening station for soil samples,
[02:39] so we can filter for those additional materials.
[02:42] These will be at the Varrock dig site
[02:43] and will give you another roll on the drop table but without the progress towards another artefact.
[02:48] Sorry, are you still with me?
[02:50] Ah, good.
[02:50] You chucked that! Let's get you another.
[02:54] Come on. Another tea, please.
[02:56] Now, on to the second discipline.
[03:01] Second discipline is restoring.
[03:04] So you've got your artefact and the right number of materials to restore it. What next?
[03:08] This is where it gets exciting.
[03:11] Welcome to...
[03:13] Benches?
[03:15] Like, benches?
[03:18] Benches?
[03:20] Timbo?
[03:21] Timbo!
[03:23] Timbo!
[03:26] What?
[03:27] Benches?
[03:29] Benches!
[03:31] Like, benches?
[03:33] Yes, benches!
[03:37] Alright. Cheers, mate.
[03:40] Benches. Who knew.
[03:41] Okay, well, these are archaeologist benches to be exact.
[03:44] And the team has placed these at each of the dig sites,
[03:47] so you might want to save up your artefacts and do them all in one go here or at the guild.
[03:52] This is called the restoration process
[03:55] and it's notable because it gives you some of the most significant Archaeology XP in the game.
[04:01] Once you've restored this little piece of RuneScape history, you have a choice of what to do next.
[04:06] Option 1.
[04:07] Do you hand it to the museum curator?
[04:10] He looks like a trustworthy fellow, right?
[04:12] They will look after the item responsibly, but more importantly, they'll give you chronotes.
[04:17] And these chronotes are the currency of Archaeology.
[04:20] Chronotes can be spent at a skill-wide shop, full of rewards.
[04:24] Save up for rewards which will help you throughout the skill.
[04:27] Option 2.
[04:28] Do we hand it to a dodgy-looking collector?
[04:31] They will have a list of projects that they are after
[04:33] and you can begin chipping away at their want-list.
[04:36] Once their list is complete, you will sometimes gain relics
[04:39] that you cannot get from anywhere else alongside other gubbins like tetracompass pieces.
[04:44] What are relics, you might ask?
[04:46] Well, we'll get to that, don't worry.
[04:48] Option 3.
[04:49] Do you keep it, in case it has some future use, which is very much a risky play?
[04:54] Option 4.
[04:55] Do you disassemble it for new Archaeology components?
[04:59] Option 5.
[05:01] Maybe you set it free, to live its life as it chooses?
[05:04] Live out your dreams, little one!
[05:10] So we've done excavation and restoring, which means we're on to the next one.
[05:17] Is this useful to you? Do you think?
[05:19] Thanks very much.
[05:21] Where did you say you came from, again?
[05:24] No, no, no, no!
[05:29] Just go away. Make us some more tea.
[05:32] Leave us.
[05:34] Sorry about that. Did you manage to save any of the cards?
[05:36] You did! Great!
[05:37] That means you got the next one, which is levelling.
[05:40] Yes, levelling.
[05:41] So you have a sense of what it's like to train Archaeology, but what does it feel like to level up?
[05:47] First and foremost, you will be unlocking new excavations.
[05:51] We've found these to be mostly in the same dig site
[05:53] and they offer new projects to complete, better material rates and maybe even new materials.
[05:58] But the real joy of levelling up is the dig sites.
[06:03] You'll be wanting to reach the level requirements for these as soon as you can
[06:07] because getting into a dig site is such a wonderful payoff.
[06:11] You've put all that work in
[06:12] and now the door to somewhere new and undiscovered is wide open for you.
[06:17] So, go! Dive in! Explore!
[06:19] Find all of its secrets, loot chests full of materials, encounter puzzles to be navigated.
[06:24] And the dig sites aren't small either.
[06:25] It's going to take you some time to map out all of their nooks and crannies
[06:29] which include new excavations for you to train at.
[06:33] On to the fourth card which should be around here somewhere.
[06:38] But not here.
[06:39] Could you check the big brown chest, please?
[06:44] Do ignore the tat.
[06:47] There it is.
[06:48] Qualifications.
[06:50] While we are here in Varrock, there is a group I want you to meet.
[06:53] Welcome to your research team!
[06:56] These are a crack gang of archaeologists
[06:58] who will be researching while you are off doing other things.
[07:01] Think of them as Player-Owned Ports, but for archaeological boffins.
[07:05] Player-owned nerds if you will.
[07:07] Instead of braving rough seas and krakens, they are braving tea breaks and stipple brushes.
[07:12] At your disposal we have a number of distinguished characters
[07:15] to research mysteries while you are off training.
[07:18] People like Dr Nabanik.
[07:19] If they are successful, you will get hold of rewards
[07:22] like materials, artefacts and some spanking new Archaeology drops.
[07:26] And you'll be unlocking new and improved researchers from the rest of Archaeology.
[07:30] But, how will you get the recognition you deserve outside of rewards?
[07:35] Wait, what's this? A diploma?
[07:38] How interesting!
[07:40] This is one of the many ways that you will be recognised in Archaeology.
[07:44] There will be achievements and challenges of course, but qualifications are something new.
[07:48] You will be required to master virtually every aspect of Archaeology at a certain level band
[07:53] and, if you do, you will unlock new researchers, new chronote shop stock and many more rewards.
[08:00] Time is ticking. You probably got plenty more to begin on with.
[08:03] So on to the last card,
[08:06] which is rewards.
[08:11] The most powerful rewards are in the form of relics.
[08:14] Yes, surely you'll only be able to have a few active at once, but my word are they stupendous.
[08:19] In addition to relics there's also ancient Invention and ancient Summoning too,
[08:24] fleshing out existing skills.
[08:26] The guys have also put together this amazing elite skilling outfit.
[08:29] Completely earnable in-game, this outfit will give you some of the usual perks you'd expect,
[08:33] like teleports to dig sites and XP boosts,
[08:36] as well as increased success rates with soil, excavation and faster restoration too.
[08:41] We've also had a subtle redesign of the rather fetching black-and-white skillcape.
[08:46] And I thought you'd like to see how Archie, the Archaeology skill pet, has been coming along.
[08:50] Bless him. Such a mummy's boy!
[08:53] Archaeology is a skill of real depth and there is a lot to discover.
[08:58] We here at the guild want as many recruits as possible to join us
[09:01] and we're making it open to more free players.
[09:05] So, do it right and Archaeology can be very rewarding indeed.
[09:10] How many?
[09:12] Good lord!
[09:14] Sorry. Really rather urgently I have to go.
[09:17] Hopefully you've got everything you need.
[09:19] There's a team waiting for you outside.
[09:22] They should have all the tools that you need for your first archaeology dig.
[09:24] I must go. It's been lovely.