Transcript of The Road to Archaeology - Dig Sites & Lore pt.2 (Stormguard Citadel, Everlight, Warforge)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Welcome to Timbo Tours.
[00:05] I am your guide, mod Timbo.
[00:07] The first stop in our tour today is this dig site. It's called the Everlight.
[00:12] You'd be forgiven for thinking that Morytania was always a bit vampy and emo
[00:15] but it wasn't always this way.
[00:17] Some centuries ago, angel-like creatures called the Icyene ruled here.
[00:21] And, like moths with the ability to build a lightbulb,
[00:23] these winged creatures built themselves a lighthouse.
[00:26] Needless to say, Lord Drakan turned up, took exception, and Everlight was sunk beneath the sea.
[00:31] But this leaves us with some delicious questions.
[00:34] What was this race of winged beings like?
[00:36] What happened at this lighthouse?
[00:37] What events led to the sinking of Everlight?
[00:40] You will find answers in the lighthouse, the sunken chambers beneath it,
[00:45] and on the archipelago of islands that surround it.
[00:47] Who knows? You might even get the opportunity to turn the light off
[00:51] and give the vampyre race a little break from this giant deathtrap.
[00:55] Everlight will be available to you at level 42 Archaeology.
[01:00] You can expect to be training there until level 70.
[01:04] A little more bright and breezy is the Stormguard Citadel, unlocked at level 70,
[01:09] which will push your definition of Archaeology to its absolute limit.
[01:13] Accessible from the surface at the Temple of Ikov,
[01:16] the Citadel isn't so much down as it is up.
[01:19] This is a series of fragmented sky islands floating above Gielinor,
[01:24] once owned by the god Armadyl.
[01:26] Traversing these islands is a unique experience.
[01:28] It's not as simple as clicking on your minimap and walking somewhere.
[01:32] On the islands, you'll be looking for the lost knowledge of the aviansie,
[01:36] who were famed for their artisan skills.
[01:38] And Stormguard was effectively their secret weapons division,
[01:41] giving you a chance to raid RuneScape's very own Area 51.
[01:45] The Citadel may well be the key to unlocking the arts of ancient invention too,
[01:49] which I'm sure we will come back to in the last Road to Archaeology video.
[01:53] One last stop!
[01:57] Our final stop on Timbo Tours is the one and only location in RuneScape
[02:00] to feature an exclamation mark in its title.
[02:03] Welcome to the Warforge!
[02:07] It's located in the far reaches of the Feldip Area,
[02:09] in a fairly decent swap, with Mobilising Armies, and is accessible at level 76.
[02:14] Jump into the Warforge and you'll find that the area effectively splits into three.
[02:19] The first is the Crucible, a massive gladiatorial arena that sits upon the second,
[02:24] a huge interlocking web of goblin tunnels that surrounds the third,
[02:28] a long-kaput blacksmithy.
[02:30] How peculiar! How mysterious! How worth investigating!
[02:35] There's a fantastic story to be told here, so we'll race you to get here first.
[02:39] Thank you for travelling with Timbo Tours!
[02:42] We are pleased that you chose us for your journey today
[02:45] and we would love to hear your feedback.
[02:47] Please leave your tray tables and seats in the upright position
[02:49] and mind your step when you disembark.
[02:51] We hope to see you again soon.