Transcript of The Road to Archaeology - Dig Sites & Lore pt.1 (Kharid-et & Infernal Source)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hello and welcome to Timbo Tours.
[00:05] I am your guide, mod Timbo.
[00:07] Today we will be touring the dig sites of Gielinor.
[00:10] A whistle stop tour of adventure, with a smidge of mystery thrown in.
[00:13] The Varrock dig site is where you'll head first when the skill launches.
[00:18] It's where you'll complete the tutorial and gain your first mattock.
[00:21] When you arrive at Varrock, you'll notice some changes.
[00:24] The most obvious is that, smack bang in the centre like a flake in a Mr Whippy,
[00:29] is something we are calling the monolith.
[00:31] This was uncovered by the archaeologists of the Varrock Museum, led by head archaeologist Tony.
[00:37] Its provenance is unclear but it is certainly very old and powerful.
[00:42] You will be returning to the monolith regularly over the course of the skill
[00:45] but it's also the place where you will be bringing Archaeology's new rewards, the relics.
[00:50] There are some other things here too.
[00:52] To rattle them off quickly.
[00:54] There is the Archaeology Guild,
[00:55] where you can see all your achievements displayed and teleport to the dig sites.
[00:59] There are also restoration workbenches and material storage
[01:02] for completing your projects and getting a windfall of Archaeology XP.
[01:06] And there is the soil screener for sieving out valuable materials from your stacks of soil.
[01:11] The site will offer a few more secrets, but maybe we'll leave you to discover those yourselves.
[01:16] Anyway, enough of the mystery. Let's get to our first proper dig site, Kharid-Et!
[01:24] Welcome to Kharid-Et!
[01:27] This was once a mighty Zarosian fortress from the Second Age,
[01:32] on the frontlines of a war between Zaros and the desert.
[01:34] For the lore-savvy among you,
[01:36] it was also where the mahjarrat Lucien, Sliske and more first met Zaros,
[01:40] making it a site of specific historical interest.
[01:43] After the tutorial, you will be training at the excavation spots outside the gates
[01:47] where you will be gaining levels on the way trying to find your way into the fortress.
[01:52] Inside, you will find plenty of secrets from the Second Age, hidden from mortal eyes for millennia.
[01:58] There are quite a few landmarks here.
[01:59] Strange pylons hover, waiting for a power source to juice them up.
[02:03] A vast door with curious patterning will be locked off from you.
[02:06] And a church, presumably to Zaros, looms as churches tend to do.
[02:11] Who knows what else lurks in the shadows?
[02:14] We're keeping shtum, as the joy of Archaeology can come from the exploration of these sites.
[02:18] Now we head off to the north-east of Varrock.
[02:23] Welcome, to a rather mysterious place.
[02:27] By the Jolly Boar Inn, word of a discovery has made its way to Movario.
[02:31] You might remember this scientist and explorer from Ritual of the Mahjarrat,
[02:34] and he's pretty stoked about what he's found here.
[02:36] You see, he has come across a site that once belonged to a secret order of Zamorakians.
[02:41] The Order of Dis.
[02:43] They were looking to build a portal from this world to the world of the demons, Infernus.
[02:47] And they found the means beneath the Wilderness
[02:50] in a chamber that they called the Infernal Source.
[02:53] Did they succeed? Are there legions of demons waiting for you?
[02:56] You will be finding out as you descend into this loving homage to Dante's Inferno.
[03:01] And waiting for you at the bottom is a lovely demonic surprise wrapped in a bow.
[03:05] It's probably worth packing a darklight.
[03:07] Thank you for travelling with Timbo Tours!
[03:10] We are pleased that you chose us for your journey today
[03:13] and we would love to hear your feedback.
[03:15] We hope to see you again soon.