Transcript of The Road To Elf City - episode 1 - The Tower of Voices

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] why are you back in September 2004 we
[00:12] put the elf city walls first in game and
[00:14] since then every year we've been teasing
[00:16] it cruelly but finally is here it one in
[00:18] a pole against intervention and almost
[00:20] 10 years to the day we're finally going
[00:22] to give you proof Venice this is the
[00:26] first of a series of videos to give you
[00:28] a head start and what you can expect
[00:30] from the off city every nook and cranny
[00:31] will be explored
[00:32] so prick up your ears and come with us
[00:34] on a journey before we get into the elf
[00:39] city there's some things you should
[00:40] probably know first of all is that
[00:41] you'll need to have completed the elf
[00:43] quest series and that includes play exam
[00:45] which is long and Grand Master it also
[00:47] have to have completed 10 different
[00:48] skills to level 75 thank who's
[00:50] dungeoneering but when you're in there
[00:52] is properly worth it you'll get access
[00:54] to the city and it's huge the size of a
[00:56] rock or are doing and I'll be plenty of
[00:58] stuff will be crammed for the content
[01:01] the best way to describe the off city is
[01:03] to compare it to a pizza it's not a
[01:05] piece you have eight different slices
[01:07] and each of those slices forms one of
[01:08] the elf families each of those elf
[01:11] families those slices has two different
[01:13] skilled toppings so for example the Iowa
[01:15] family might have a Slayer and melee
[01:17] topic in the first batch that comes out
[01:19] in September we're going to release four
[01:21] of the slices and in the second batch
[01:23] that comes out later that year we're
[01:24] going to release the other four but
[01:26] first of all for this video we're going
[01:28] to take you into the center of the pizza
[01:29] and what comes in the middle of a pizza
[01:32] yes the tower of voices and this is what
[01:35] we're gonna be talking about in the rest
[01:36] of this video the first thing a lot of
[01:40] people see is the lodestone right in the
[01:41] middle of the tower the city is
[01:43] currently in its gray box stage by the
[01:44] way and I'll change as time goes on gran
[01:47] exchange should be visible right away
[01:48] it's only the second one to appear in
[01:49] game please they're a smaller and
[01:51] they're fewer of them than ever they
[01:52] give you more room for the important
[01:54] things like trading with each other
[01:55] skilling and chatting the beads also
[01:58] only a stone's throw from the permanent
[01:59] bonfire it has the nifty bonus of saving
[02:01] lakhs when you use it and being more
[02:03] likely to pop out a fire sprite you'll
[02:05] also find a change quote amassing the
[02:06] cashing in your challenges and don't
[02:08] worry like a lot of stuff in the city at
[02:09] the moment it's just the pendulum will
[02:11] be kicking her out and clunky down an
[02:12] elf but it's not release next is the
[02:14] golden shattered heart statue
[02:16] it's a few important differences that
[02:18] distinguish it from the one in the rock
[02:19] museum first of all the skills that drop
[02:21] rocks aren't different
[02:22] you'll get rocks for slayer combat and
[02:24] dungeoneering to name a few but also the
[02:26] golden rocks you gather will give you
[02:27] quite a chunk more XP and on the other
[02:29] side of the tower you'll find the portal
[02:31] balcony it's your teleportation hub
[02:33] forgetting about the world they'll take
[02:35] you to plant Citadel's dungeoneering
[02:36] which is these sinkholes and the pyro
[02:38] imports you'll also be able to put a
[02:40] player own house here you fancy having
[02:42] some LV neighbors and we can't forget
[02:44] the crystal tree very few people will
[02:46] ever grow one as it's a cone will be one
[02:48] of the hardest things to find in game
[02:49] but it'll be fantastically rewarding in
[02:51] terms of farming xp for checking health
[02:53] and grinding it also grow the occasional
[02:55] blossom which we using one of the most
[02:56] popular combination potions from the
[02:59] tower you'll also be able to take a peek
[03:00] at the crater below this isn't exactly
[03:03] how it look in the final game but it
[03:04] does give you an idea of how the feel of
[03:06] the city will be wildly different from
[03:08] cities elsewhere throughout the old city
[03:11] and not limited to individual segments
[03:12] you'll find crystal impact they'll be
[03:14] flying around they'll be very rare
[03:15] though so you have to look very hard to
[03:17] find them there'll also be book drops
[03:19] these are our finite and hidden in every
[03:21] nook and cranny and they'll give you
[03:22] more information on the God's errand
[03:24] there'll also be the voice of Saren this
[03:26] lights up those pizza slices I was
[03:28] telling you about and makes them more
[03:30] lucrative more rewarding so whenever
[03:31] you're training in those areas will get
[03:33] more XP
[03:34] hopefully you can see just how
[03:36] convenient our voice is gonna be for
[03:38] skilling chatting and trading but as you
[03:41] move further out from the tower voices
[03:42] there are updates that are no less
[03:44] important you reach the minarets where
[03:45] the clan Nobles and help from these Care
[03:47] Nobles you'll be able to buy the clan
[03:49] capes to show your affiliation to any
[03:50] particular family they'll also have some
[03:52] base stat improvements but if you rise
[03:54] up the beam of light that's in the
[03:56] middle of those minarets you get to the
[03:57] tower chimes each of the tower chimes
[03:59] can be rung to form an individual note
[04:01] also be able to hear the other towers so
[04:03] together you'll be able to form songs so
[04:06] that's it that's the end of the first
[04:08] elf city video join us next time when
[04:10] we'll be coming out to the center of the
[04:12] city towards the Isleworth kadam or all
[04:14] goes a bit combating so see you in two
[04:16] weeks as we continue down the path to
[04:18] proof dinners