Transcript of The Reaper's House

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Well, welcome my friend, to the house of Death
The psychopomp's domain -
You may be alive, but welcome all the same!
A legion of spooks await within
In every shade of ghastly
To teach you to play their very special game...

Step into a place where the tables dance,
The chairs and mirrors jive, and
The desk and wardrobes like to boogie too;
And the spectre in wait beneath the bed
Would like to see you join them
Wants to make a swingin' puppet out of you!

In the Reaper's house the world can't harm you,
In the Reaper's house you have a friend.
In the Reaper's house within the moonlight
All your fears and all your woes will fade away...

From the weakest ghost to the vilest ghast
There's foes of every size
To test your resolve and your spectral hunting skills...
'Til you stand before a demonic shade,
Enough to give you nightmares -
Can you hope to survive this deadly test of wills?

And all through the house you'll hear them wail,
The rags and scraps and grave-shrouds,
The mouldering past of Crandor passed away -
Possessed one and all by Melzar's will,
Who's laid claim to this mansion
And seeks to put Death himself under his sway

So do come on down to the haunted house
Where ghostly hordes await you,
To leap and to writhe and perform their cabaret!
They'll make sure you never want again,
They'll take care of you fondly,
And shortly you'll join their grim society...

(Hordes of the undead await you inside
In the Reaper's house
They'll look after you until the day you
Join their grim society)