Transcript of The Ranch Out of Time, Farming and Herblore 120 land in RuneScape!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Oh yes, you!
[00:05] You know that Granny Potterington is coming in today to do the video?
[00:10] Oh, no! Not that demented &%$#!
[00:24] Hello, my scrumptious little pumpkins!
[00:27] Granny here to tell you all about the marvellous new developments we have coming to you
[00:33] on the 25th of November.
[00:36] Those nerdy boffins at the museum have assisted me
[00:39] in extending the Potterington brand to a new plot of land
[00:44] on a quaint little island beside the treacherous dino-filled Anachronia.
[00:48] You see, the soil is so fertile here that I just had to get my aging hands
[00:54] into that juicy, ripe soil.
[00:57] We're building five entirely new pens, two large, one medium, one small
[01:01] and one carefully reinforced breeding pen for you to take care of the region's hungry inhabitants.
[01:07] Fourteen new species will be available to raise, from frogs, salamanders, Jadinkos,
[01:12] suspiciously flightless Apopterosaurs, and a whole bunch of other absolute units.
[01:18] You can raise them, feed them, harvest them, cure their diseases
[01:22] and breed them to create an infinite supply of scaly children for you to dote on.
[01:28] It isn't practical for me to jump back and forth between two farms,
[01:31] which is why I've called upon my own great-grandmother aka Prehistoric Poterrington,
[01:37] to help look after the farm on Anachronia.
[01:40] She is a bit of a dinosaur herself so it makes perfect sense.
[01:44] Back in Ardougne, Manor farm has been beautifully upgraded to the Farming Guild.
[01:51] This renovated establishment will help you greatly
[01:53] on your journey to become a master farmer,
[01:56] especially with this beautifully bouncing new device, the Remote Farming Machine,
[02:02] allowing you to view and manage your farming patches from almost anywhere in Gielinor.
[02:08] Younger, charming noob farmers will also be arriving each day
[02:12] asking for your help in growing their farms.
[02:15] You will be generously rewarded for your efforts!
[02:18] The more requests you fulfil, the greater your reputation will grow.
[02:22] You'll also be able to grow 11 new kinds of produce yourself,
[02:27] including dragonfruit, avocado, stinkshrooms, and guarana.
[02:32] Once you reach 119 Farming, you'll be able to plant something very special.
[02:37] They say money doesn't grow on trees, but they're wrong
[02:42] and you can grow your very own money tree right there at Manor farm.
[02:46] You can also unlock a bloodwood tree patch, a much safer option
[02:50] than needing to venture off to those ones located in more dangerous places.
[02:55] Also, as a bonus we've also added a fourth unlockable spirit tree patch
[02:59] as well just to enhance that teleport network.
[03:02] Once you've mastered your farming ability,
[03:05] you'll get access to two impactful master farming perks.
[03:09] These help you with growing crops and raising your animals and dinosaurs on your farm.
[03:15] But what will you be able to do with all these delightful new resources?
[03:19] I've invited my good friend Mod Orion over to tell you.
[03:23] Hello, darling!
[03:25] Yes, hello granny.
[03:28] Anyway, with the herblore skill cap also raising from 99 to 120,
[03:32] you'll be spending those additional 21 levels mixing up all manner of magical concoctions.
[03:37] Using the primal extract found in Anachronian plantlife, you can create more powerful potions
[03:43] than ever before and even mix potions together to combine their effects.
[03:47] Here's a breakdown of what you're going to be able to do with Herblore past level 99.
[03:53] You'll be able to craft the potion of harvest which will allow your allotment produce
[03:57] to mutate into even bigger crops.
[03:59] Golden watermelons, rainbow sweetcorn, cannonball cabbages and such.
[04:03] With these awesome new crops and things that you harvest from big game hunter,
[04:07] you'll be able to make the best food item in-game, the Primal Feast.
[04:11] Once unpacked into multiple portions in your inventory,
[04:14] your healing potential per inventory slot will be outrageous.
[04:17] You'll also be able to craft the Blessed Flask.
[04:20] Although time-consuming to make, you'll be able to charge it with tons of extreme prayer potions.
[04:25] And introducing the elder overload.
[04:28] This boosts your combat stats by 17% +5 as you probably expected.
[04:33] And finally we have two entirely new potion types that you can craft with herblore.
[04:38] First up we have the power bursts.
[04:40] They can double your health pool they can make you extremely fast
[04:43] with unlimited surge charges, etcetera.
[04:45] Basically, they give you crazy powerful effects for a short burst of time.
[04:50] You can also craft bombs.
[04:52] Poison bombs, sticky bombs and vulnerability bombs for now.
[04:55] When thrown, they will apply an effect to anyone caught within the landing zone.
[05:00] As you level your herblore you will also be able to unlock the master herblore perk,
[05:04] allowing you to create regular, supreme and elder Overloads in batches of five,
[05:09] which will save you 20% of the ingredients.
[05:15] We wanted to make sure that what we are delivering meets what we think a 120 skill needs to be.
[05:22] To that end we've made sure that there's stuff to unlock that's impactful at every level.
[05:29] Farming and Herblore were both pretty full up to level 99
[05:32] and it felt like they were in the right place to expand to 120.
[05:37] Crucially the two skills complement each other really well,
[05:41] so you should be able to train both skills at the same time.
[05:45] All that on top of an extended grace period for comp,
[05:49] which sits alongside the grace period for archaeology,
[05:52] meaning you should have more than enough time to engage with the content that you wanted.
[05:57] Move! Move!
[05:58] Out of the way, you sexy handsome man!
[06:00] Don't forget to like us and subscribe and do all those social media thingymabobs!
[06:05] Have fun, dearies!
[06:07] Farewell!