Transcript of The Path of the Elemental

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To become an elemental in the service of Seiryu is to give up our social and intellectual pleasures. We must next seek purity of mind before we can ascend to the next mantle of existence.

We shall no longer speak, but quietly go about our chores and meditations in silence. We shall be together with our brothers and sisters, but alone in our thoughts.

We shall no longer query, but focus our minds on the task we have set ourselves. We shall think only the purest of thoughts.

We shall no longer puzzle, but accept the world for what it is. We shall seek to be within the world also as we are and accept ourselves.

As our old forms fall away, we shall attain the form of our idol, though still bound by this corporeal realm - the spirit realm awaits us through the pool. The dragon within us shall spring forth and our consciousness will fall away into nothingness.