Transcript of The Origins of Gielinor

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Our story begins with the Elder Gods, beings of immense power.
[00:13] For a millenia they formed worlds, and Gielinor was their perfect creation.
[00:22] It was also their last...
[00:41] Gielinor lay silent and concealed. But all treasures must be found.
[00:50] A young god named Guthix came upon the world, and he was overwhelmed by its beauty.
[00:57] He desired to share it with others.
[01:00] Gateways were opened
[01:04] and he brought in peaceful beings
[01:08] They tended the land and lived in balance with the world.
[01:16] Gielinor was in the hands of mortals, and the time had come for Guthix to leave.
[01:23] He journeyed under the earth, and slept.
[01:30] But Guthix was not the only god.
[01:35] One by one, others found Gielinor. And instead of a world of balance, they saw a world of opportunity.
[01:46] New races swarmed through portals, with no desire for peace or harmony.
[01:53] They were schemers, warriors, killers.
[02:01] Violence was swift to follow.
[02:04] God fought god, mortal fought mortal, and a powerful few dared to fight their masters.
[02:13] Out of chaos, The God Wars erupted, raging for centuries.
[02:21] In the north, a god named Zamorak tore a continent asunder.
[02:28] Gielinor, once perfect, was forever scarred.
[02:34] The world cried out with pain, and Guthix woke.
[02:40] He cast the gods out.
[02:46] The God Wars were brought to an end, and Guthix built walls around the world.
[02:55] No god could set foot on Gielinor. It was a gift to mortals.
[03:03] Soldiers lay down their arms. Peace returned, and cities were built on battlefields.
[03:13] The gods despised that peace. They clawed at the boundaries of the world, hunting for a weakness.
[03:21] And mortals went about their lives. But they could not have anticipated what would happen next.
[03:29] An upheaval that would change Gielinor forever...
[03:36] The World Wakes...