Transcript of The Old Man of the Sea

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Whaler and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Whaler: I have a plan for Shuma. Not a typical Hubbub plan, by the way. First, I should admit something. When I told you that my WHOLE island died, I wasn't telling the truth. There was one survivor, aside from myself. We called him the Old Man of the Sea. We were suspicious of him, and he lived away from us. That is what probably saved him from the sea monsters. He was known for being able to talk to them. Not like the seasingers - he didn't control them - he was just able to communicate with sea monsters without saying a word.
  • Player: And you think he could communicate with Shuma?
  • The Whaler: There's no harm in trying. We haven't had much luck in killing her or stopping her. And no seasinger is able to get a deaf whale to hear them, not even Quin. All I ask is that I go on the journey. The Old Man surrounds himself with sea monsters, and there's no one better at seeing them off than me.
  • Player: I think he'd be more willing to help if we didn't kill his monsters.
  • The Whaler: A fair point! Alright, I'll be stealthy - as dainty as a seahorse fart!

After Voyage

  • The Whaler: Gibbering krakens! That was an experience I will never forget! I can talk to sea monsters too! My 'sea monster sense' was the beginnings of the talent! The Old Man of the Sea taught me to tune that sense. So, instead of sensing sea monsters, I could hear what they were saying. After that, it was just a matter of learning how to communicate back.
  • Player: So, you can communicate with Shuma?
  • The Whaler: I can! And I've been practicing on the way here. I had a talk with a giant sea cucumber! It said something important - that Shuma is on a suicide mission. Her family - her pod - was killed by humans. They were sacrificed in a ritual. Only Quin's occultist would dare attempt it. But instead of going after Quin, Shuma's getting revenge on humanity. You need to get me to Shuma, and fast - she's taking revenge on the wrong people.