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This transcript involves dialogue with The Navigator and the player.

Talking to him[edit | edit source]

Before taking on the port[edit | edit source]

  • The Navigator: Ahem. We should talk when you're less busy.

After taking on the port[edit | edit source]

  • The Navigator: Ahem, Portmaster, there's a lot we need to discuss.
  • So what exactly do you do here?
    • The Navigator: Ahem. As the port's navigator, it is my job to chart the Wushanko isles as you explore them
    • The Navigator will find 15 voyage prospects and 15 potential crew members for you daily.
    • The Navigator: I also collect information to provide you with summaries of what's going on in the isels. That way you can make prudent decisions on where to send your ships. As you explore the islands you can instruct me to focus on specific regions. Ahem. And I'll try to find voyages for you there.
    • Open the 'Voyages' interface to see potential voyages. If you've unlocked multiple regions you can choose to focus on a specific region by speaking with the navigator or opening the 'Port Management' interface.
    • The Navigator: Ahem. I have a keen interest in documenting the forgotten scrolls. They are essentially blueprints for powerful sets of armour, ancient scrimshaws and even recipes. How exactly, one, makes these artefacts has been all but lost, the only record is on the forgotten scrolls. From what I gathered these scrolls are in pieces and were scattered across the breadth of the Wushanko Isles, a long time ago. It's almost like someone didn't want them found. Let me know which scroll we should track down. I'll make sure I document what we discover.
    • You can see what Forgotten Scrolls you've unlocked by opening the 'Port Management' interface. There you can also choose which scroll to search for next.
    • The Navigator: Ahem. Just consider me a tool, Portmaster.
  • Discuss Forgotten Scrolls
    • The Navigator: Certainly. I've got a record of the forgotten scrolls we've found - and the one we're searching for - here. One moment, Portmaster.
    • Manage ports options pop up.
  • Discuss our focus in the East.
    • The Navigator: What region would you like me to focus my efforts on, Portmaster? I can't promise I'll only bring you information from there, to do so would be to close our mings and ears to opportunities. But I'll certainly focus my energies there.
    • Manage ports options pop up.
  • What's your story?
    • The Navigator: There's not much to tell, Portmaster. I came from Varrock, originally. I've got a keen interest in cartography and was eager to explore the Wushanko Isles. Unfortunately, the sea monsters that were terrorising the East until very recently made finding a vessel that would take me very, um, difficult. I settled for exploring some of the waters around Mos'Le Harmless, but that's where I discovered my terrible sea sickness. A few buckets of vomit into our journey and they brought me back to shore. Ahem. I'd heard that this port did a good trade with the East twenty odd years ago, so I came here to see if the owner had any old maps I could study. Then you showed up. I know I'm not a leader of men like you, but the fact that - under your command - men are exploring the East, and that I'm part of it... well, that's all I could hope for.
  • I should be going.
    • The Navigator: Ahem. Goodbye, Portmaster.

Manage option[edit | edit source]

Before unlocking the Skull region:

  • The Port Management screen is not available until you have discovered the Skull region.

Reclaim log option[edit | edit source]

Before completing the tutorial:

  • You can claim a logbook once the tutorial is complete.