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In Bar[edit | edit source]

  • The Missionary: Good day. May the light of Saradomin guide you.
  • Player: How are things, Tomlin?
    • Before Go Among the Heathens:
      • The Missionary: I am thinking on where I should build my church. Saradomin will guide me.
    • After Go Among the Heathens:
      • The Missionary: Hyu-Ji will be my bastion of hope in these godforsaken isles. These sea orphans will be my flock. Yes, everything is coming together.
    • After Spreading the Word:
      • The Missionary: Damn the forces of Zamorak! Intervening in my plans, spreading lies to my sea orphans... I will not fade from the light. I will build my church!
    • After Voices Raised in Lamentation:
      • The Missionary: I have been questioning some of my actions of late. We should talk soon, when my head is clearer.
    • After The Belly Of the Whale:
      • The Missionary: My pilgrimage could not have gone better. Armed with the knowledge of the Zamorakian plot, I shall defend the sea orphans from their evil. Praise to Saradomin.
    • After God's Grace Upon You:
      • The Missionary: My congregation is growing by the week. Many sea orphans have taken Saradomin into their hearts. Achieving this with words, rather than a mace, is certainly novel.
    • After Hull Down On The Horizon:
      • The Missionary: Damn those purists! Damn those pirates! Damn those practitioners of black magic and their plots! And the enemies of Saradomin gathered in the shadows, but Saradomin's light exposed their schemes and they suffered a great and terrible vengeance.
    • After A Concerted Effort:
      • The Missionary: I would defend Hyu-Ji with my last gasp, but it won't come to that. When those Purists and pirates arrive, we'll have Saradomin's gaze upon us. They will burn in his light!
    • After The Defiance of Hyu-Ji:
      • The Missionary: Hyu-Ji has always persisted against the forces of evil. I must now consider what to do with my own life. Saradomin has always guided me, but my place is not with the altar.
  • Player: I need something done, Tomlin.
    • The Missionary: Certainly, I'm the man to get it done.
  • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
    • Without the Occultist unlocked:
      • The Missionary: I'd work with another practitioner of magic. Find me someone suitable and we shall form a unit of strength and power.
    • With the Occultist unlocked and not present:
      • The Missionary: There's an occultist who frequents this den of vice who I could work with. While we aren't natural allies, she does have an appreciation for high magic. She could be of use in my endeavours.
      • If both the Occultist and Missionary are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
    • With the Occultist unlocked and in port:
      • The Missionary: I suppose I could work with that pedlar of black magic, Zu Zu I think she's called.But do not mistake this as acceptance of that witch's ways, she's still a heretic, and still deserving of Saradomin's wrath. And the way she looks at me is most... insalubrious.
      • The Occultist: But he's happy to work with me? How enlightened. Come on handsome, let's be off. Mmm, you don't mind walking in front, do you?
      • Voyage screen opens
  • Player: How's the life of a missionary?
    • The Missionary: Our lives are not that dissimilar. We are both devout followers of the gods, although I'm not sure we follow the same one.
    • The Missionary: Whatever your faith, I can't help but admire your devotion. Your dedication to prayer and worship is inspiring.
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Story Voyages[edit | edit source]

Meet the Missionary[edit | edit source]

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  • The Missionary: This must be how Saradomin felt. Thousands of lost souls to be guided by His light.
  • Player: I take it you're Brother Jered's representative.
  • The Missionary: That I am. Name's Tomlin. I'm here to make sure that Saradomin gains more than just a foothold in the Eastern Lands.
  • The Missionary: I'm going to build a church - an edifice that'll cause the heathens to fall to their knees.
  • The Missionary: But I should warn you; this is MY opportunity. I won't take kindly to anyone who interferes.
  • Player: Oh! I hadn't planned to.
  • The Missionary: Good. You'll hear from me soon.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Missionary adventurer, Tomlin! The Missionary now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

Go Among the Heathens[edit | edit source]

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  • Player: Tomlin, you ready to build the church in the Arc?
  • The Missionary: Yes and no. I'm ready, but I'm not building it in the Arc region. Brother Jered may want to build it there, but he's a fool if he thinks it's the best place. 'Saradomin's light is strongest in the dark.' Book of the Light, 7:32. There's no place more absent of light than the Skull Islands. That's where we're building the church.
  • Player: Would Brother Jered be pleased that you disobeyed his orders?
  • The Missionary: Jered knew what he was getting from me. I'm a holy soldier of Saradomin - I make people respect and fear Saradomin. You think He would employ me as a builder? I was never going to just build the church and leave. I have arrived, and I am going to be THE Saradominist priest of the Eastern Lands.
  • Player: It sounds like you've been planning this for a while.
  • The Missionary: I've been waiting for the opportunity; 'behaving'. Now, this church, these people - they're mine. This will be my starting flock.
  • Player: I hope you aren't planning anything that I might have to stop.
  • The Missionary: We should both hope that. I'm no slouch with a mace.
  • Player: Well, you should get ready, the ship's about to leave.


  • Player: So, you found a spot.
  • The Missionary: That I did. Enough room to swing a mace, and plenty to preach to. Hyu-Ji's home to the sea orphans. You might have heard of them. They're halfway between human and fish, covered in gills, fins and tentacles. As the Book of Light says, 'Saradomin brought light to the plants and beasts of the field'. Well, these are MY beasts. And there's the prospect of violence - a great deal of it, in fact.
  • Player: Why would that be suitable?
  • The Missionary: Ha! I'm not one to flinch from the harsher duties. The sea orphans have hidden there, having being[sic] raided by slavers and poached by soothsayers. But their biggest threat is the Purists. They see the orphans as an affront; mutants to be wiped out. Which worries the sea orphans, and they have no faith to give them hope. 'There was no light in their eyes, and the lack of hope was their downfall'. Yes, I will be good for these people. And I'll get the opportunity to bash a few skulls with my mace. The skulls of their enemies, of course.

Spreading the Word[edit | edit source]

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  • Player: You seem irritated. What's the issue?
  • The Missionary: The sea orphans are neglecting to work on the church. They claim they're frightened, while a few of the heathens are on strike. I went to the homes of those on strike - I was damned if I would let them desert Our Lord. That was when I spotted the Zamorakian missionaries. They ran from me to their boats, but they had already done their damage. The missionaries had spread muck in the orphans' minds. Teachings like 'Zamorak is the one true god', and 'Saradomin clings helplessly to the boot of Zamorak'. And anyone they couldn't convert, they killed. We lost a dozen of the orphans in one day. The Zamorakians must be jealous. Nothing riles a Zamorakian more than a symbol of Saradomin's true faith, and there is none bigger than a church. They want to bring it all down. And that can't happen. These beasts are mine! They are owned by Saradomin!
  • Player: I'll settle for not seeing them killed. I'll send a ship to rout the Zamorakian missionaries.
  • The Missionary: They're stationed in the Hook Islands. I'm coming along. I haven't cracked any skulls in weeks.


  • The Missionary: We were out-manoeuvred! While the Pride in Chaos sank, their two remaining ships eluded us and sailed on to Hyu-Ji, spreading more lies. I may as well ditch the whole endeavour. Gah! Not a single sea orphan would meet my eye. The well's poisoned.
  • Player: Tomlin, my men heard some of the stories the Zamorakians were telling. Is it true that you were known as 'The Cudgel of Draynor'?
  • The Missionary: I'm not that man anymore!
  • Player: They said you went from house to house, beating anyone who neglected their faith. Eleven men and women were beaten unconscious before the authorities caught you. What kind of man are you?
  • The Missionary: That's not how it was! At the time, I thought that a bruise was scant price for an eternity of salvation.
  • Player: Well, it certainly made it easy for the Zamorakians to turn the orphans against you.
  • The Missionary: I'll not stand here to be lectured! The Zamorakians may have turned you all against Our Lord, but I'm building the church, flock or no flock.

Voices Raised in Lamentation[edit | edit source]

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  • Player: Are the orphans still working for you?
  • The Missionary: You know they're not. I'm not in the mood for jokes. Half the sea orphans won't work for me, and the other half are terrified of invasion.
  • Player: Have the Zamorakian missionaries visited again?
  • The Missionary: The Zamorakians think they've finished me off. They think the orphans are well and truly turned against me. 'But even when the rivers flow away from Saradomin, they cannot deny their source'.
  • The Missionary: That hasn't stopped the malicious spiders from spoiling everything, though. They're in league with the Purist fanatics. They've told them the location of the orphans.
  • The Missionary: So, the godless Purists are frothing at the mouth, furious that these 'abominations' have deigned to survive. They're gathering a fleet in the Scythe Islands.
  • The Missionary: I won't let these Purists burn down my church. And I've not given up on the orphans yet. I've still a plan to claim them for Saradomin, and I can't do that if they're dead.
  • Player: How would you feel about leading the operation? Meet their two ships head on.
  • The Missionary: You try to hold me back.


  • The Missionary: The Purists' schooners were fast! Still, we chased the last one away before it could do too much damage.
  • Player: I've heard different reports. Several orphans died, Tomlin.
  • The Missionary: That may be true, but we ripped holes in the Purists' hull. They must be bailing out as we speak.
  • Player: My crew believes that you left the ship through. They believe you wanted to remind the orphans that they needed you; that they were weak without you.
  • The Missionary: Ha! Rumours and lies. Sounds like your crew have been at sea too long.
  • Player: Just be quiet! Whatever it was - one of your 'opportunities' or not - it cost over two dozen sea orphans their lives.
  • The Missionary: Look here - they are down to one ship. The orphans are safe. You should be careful what you say.
  • Player: When you acted, you acted well. But letting people die to prove a point? You should question your actions, Tomlin.

The Belly of the Whale[edit | edit source]

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  • The Missionary: I won't deny that I've been... debating my recent actions. I've taken the wrong path, some way back. I've posed myself the question: when did I take the wrong fork? Was it when I was young, when I was sure a knight's life was for me? Was it when I was cast out from the knights, and thought the Church offered truth and gain? Was it when I vowed to bring a strong arm to my faith, as well as the fire of conviction? Gah! Or was it later than that? Should I not have come to this dark place? I let those orphans die to the Purists. I felt it was better that a few died so that the others would learn! What demon of Zamorak does that? But I can be redeemed. A pilgrimage of meditation and prayer is needed. I hear tell of an island in the Bowl, a place that opens the heart to truth. The natives offer no explanation for it, but it's clearly Saradomin's grace. Please - help me find it. Help save me.


  • Player: My captain tells me that you didn't set foot on the mysterious island. You haven't lapsed again, have you?
  • The Missionary: Indeed not! But you're right, I didn't complete my pilgrimage.
  • Player: Why are you so happy? And why is my crew telling me that the voyage was successful?
  • The Missionary: I have a story to tell you! We passed within sight of a tiny island not on our charts, and we decided to set course for it.
  • Player: My crew are usually better disciplined than that.
  • The Missionary: It was the island!
  • Player: Wait - so you DID set foot on the mysterious island.
  • The Missionary: No! As we got closer, we saw a Zamorakian ship at dock. I swam to that ship, stealthily boarded and snuck up to eavesdrop. They were making plans - plans for Hyu-Ji. The Zamorakians plan to hire a mercenary fleet. With three or four extra ships, they intend to raze Hyu-Ji. Having heard that, I swam back for the ship at once, and we sailed home.
  • Player: Without stopping for your own devotions?
  • The Missionary: The voyage brought me more clarity than twenty pilgrimages. I get to repay the orphans in the manner I know best!

Gods Grace Upon You[edit | edit source]

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  • Player: The Zamorakians and mercenaries are harboured near the Purists.
  • The Missionary: Ridiculous - an armada of hired swords, fanatics and heretics, all looking to burn down some small towns and their half-built church. Rotten cowards! I would ask for a ship to defend the island, but it won't turn the tide. We have to use our heads instead of our fists.
  • Player: Are you feeling alright?
  • The Missionary: Everything in my life has led to this one point. I have a plan that will save lives AND destroy a spiteful and vicious evil. It might even restore me in the eyes of Hyu-Ji.
  • Player: It's good to see that there's at least a little self-interest in your plan!
  • The Missionary: Hey, I'm a changed man, but not that changed! The weak link in our enemy is the mercenaries, and I intend to take advantage of it.
  • Player: How?
  • The Missionary: A mercenary's loyalty lies within his wallet. I was given gold by Brother Jered - enough to employ workers to build the church, and more besides. I... saved the money by getting the orphans to work for free. We could use that gold to encourage a double-cross. The Purist and Zamorakian forces are currently camped near the Purists' headquarters. What do you think?
  • Player: It's a fine plan! The ship's ready when you are.


  • Player: They were wiped out? Entirely?
  • The Missionary: Not entirely, but they're not likely to be causing trouble any time soon. 'When the white rain comes, the fleets of our enemies will be sunk'. The Purist and Zamorakian forces are crippled. I think we've managed to add a little extra security to the region. And it seems that word of the battle has got back to the orphans. They finished the church. The whole, blasted thing!
  • Player: I can't think of who spread that news around.
  • The Missionary: And my first congregation had several orphans who had previously cursed me. They may not be so sure of me, but they're willing to listen. I'm grateful to - whoever might have helped me. I'm considered a friend of the people, which is unexpectedly pleasing. I've always gone with respect and fear, rather than regard.
  • Player: You might find it works better.
  • The Missionary: Aye, it's worth a try. No doubt I'll pass through here again, but until I do, I thank you.
  • Player: It's been a pleasure.

Joint Story Voyages[edit | edit source]

Main article: Transcript:Hyu-Ji

Hull Down On The Horizon[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • The Convict: So, a missionary, a convict, and a biologist walk into a port...
  • The Missionary: The Purists are planning an attack on the island.
  • The Convict: ...and the missionary ruins the joke.
  • The Biologist: Excuse me, did you just say the Purists are planning to attack the island?
  • The Biologist: Your data's incorrect. It's pirates. Pirates are organising an invasion.
  • The Missionary: I'm no simpleton, scientist. It's Purists. A man from my congregation heard the news.
  • The Convict: And I can complete the set. A rogue group of soothsayers are planning to raid the island.
  • The Missionary: Look, thief, falsehood is a route to damnation.
  • The Convict: And self-righteousness is a route to being punched on the nose.
  • Player: Everyone stop for a moment. Hyu-Ji can't be invaded by everyone at once.
  • Player: We need to figure out which stories are true. And hope that none of them are.
  • Player: Marcus, as you're a khan now, could you help us get that information?
  • The Convict: I am khan, aren't I? Sure, send me to the Council of Khans - I should really be going anyway. It's being held on Flou Tar-Shei.

After Voyage

  • The Missionary: What's the word on the rumours?
  • The Convict: Well, between the three of us, we've made an enemy of every villain this side of Morytania.
  • The Biologist: Surely you can't mean...
  • The Convict: ...that all three rumours are true? I'm afraid so.
  • The Missionary: I'd better dust down my clobbering robes.
  • The Biologist: Wait a minute - this can't be a coincidence. Three attacks from three different factions on the same day? No-one's that unlucky.
  • Player: Bethan's right. We have to accept the possibility that these three factions are working together.
  • The Convict: Pirates take the island, Purists kill the orphans and soothsayers claim the organs? Yes, I can see how that deal might work.
  • Player: Get back to Hyu-Ji and warn the orphans, then come back here to discuss a plan. We have preparations to make.

A Concerted Effort[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:A Concerted Effort.

Before Voyage

  • Player: So, welcome to the war room! What do you think of Hyu-Ji's chances as the situation stands?
  • The Biologist: I've produced a full field report. It's only 450 pages, with a few fold-out maps and...
  • The Convict: The town's eminently burnable - wooden palisades, wooden shacks. Plus at least seven or eight breaches where the enemy could land.
  • The Missionary: The church is solid, it'll make a strong fall-back point. I indulged myself and added some oil-cauldrons to the roof, so we can hold out in a siege.
  • The Biologist: All of this is in my field report...
  • The Convict: The orphans have been practicing with swords; a fencing style, which should work well against the charge-and-slash of the pirates.
  • The Missionary: And the church guard have maces. There are only ten of them, but I've given them the full Tomlin training.
  • The Biologist: Very well, if this is some kind of competition, I can make some explosive concoctions.
  • The Biologist: At least, I would if I had any ingredients. There's none left since the pirate invasion. You know, the first one.
  • Player: Is there any way to get more?
  • The Biologist: Oh, yes! Send me out to the mines of Hanto - they've got everything a budding arsonist could need.

After Voyage

  • The Biologist: You should see what I bought! I couldn't help myself, I was like a palaeontologist in a brush shop. I've got sulphates, acids, oils, flash fluids, animal fats, tea...
  • The Convict: Ah, tea! Fantastic job. I've got the money back at the longhall.
  • The Biologist: My treat, sweetie. Basically, Hyu-ji[sic] is the most flammable and combustible laboratory in the world. And I promise I've locked it up well. They're in a safe, inside another safe, within a vacuum.
  • The Missionary: And the island's as prepared as ever it will be. With my mace and the watchful eye of Saradomin, our victory is assured.
  • Player: I really hope you're right.

The Defiance of Hyu-Ji[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The Defiance of Hyu-Ji.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Do you have news from Hyu-Ji?
  • The Navigator: We received this via courier.
  • Player: Let's see...
  • The Convict: Feels nice to write without blackmailing you. We've reached a new stage in our relationship. The enemy fleet is getting close. Tomlin says he can smell them. Bless him, I think he's excited. And as we thought, the three factions are working together. The soothsayers are on the Purist ship, and the pirates are circling in schooners. Anyway, I'm passing the pen - Tomlin has something he wants to say. See you soon.
  • The Missionary: Afternoon, portmaster. I've got a favour to ask. Brother Jered is due to arrive today to inspect the island, to see how the church is going. I forgot they were coming - just a wee bit. But we could, perhaps, turn this to our advantage. He's arriving with ten White Knights. Not many, but enough to tip the balance. Could you pick them up on the way to joining us? Oh, and apologise to Jered for the inconvenience. Remind him that 'the love of Saradomin is ever-forgiving'.
  • Player: Well, it seems we all have a part to play in this. Let's set sail.

After Voyage

  • The Biologist: We did it! We did it!
  • The Convict: I can't believe it. You have to hand it to the sea orphans, they're quick learners.
  • The Missionary: Still here are you, Marcus? I found your getaway boat in the bay, stocked with food. I'm surprised you're not halfway to the Pincer region by now.
  • The Convict: Haha! I wouldn't do such a thing! I'm khan now, and my responsibility is to the island. It must have been from, you know, before.
  • The Missionary: With packed fresh apples, eh?
  • Player: What's important is that we kept the island safe. We helped those people to protect themselves, and now they're more capable than any of us.
  • The Biologist: They're performing their own experiments...
  • The Convict: My advisors are effectively running the place...
  • The Missionary: And they're using the church to give their own sermons... I'm fine with it. I'm more at home in battle than in the pulpit. It's time I accepted that.
  • Player: What did Brother Jered say?
  • The Missionary: Let's just say he helped that decision along. He's given funding to the sea orphans, so they can bring Saradomin to other islands.
  • Player: It seems you've all found a home and role for yourselves. It's been a real pleasure working with you all.
  • The Convict: Ditto. Even you, Tomlin.
  • The Missionary: It's been...enlightening.
  • The Biologist: Oh, wait, I think I left the safe open! The explosives!
  • The Convict: Unbelievable. Well, we better get going. You will go down in sea orphan legend, portmaster.

Random events[edit | edit source]

Last Orders[edit | edit source]

  • The Missionary: When I want another drink, I'll command it.

A Simple Favour[edit | edit source]

  • The Missionary: I know you're a man of corruption and vice. Leave me be.