Transcript of The Misguide

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Whaler and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Whaler: Stop a moment! I've got marvellous news. Ships are being destroyed off the coast of the Bay of Echoes!
  • Player: How is that marvellous news?
  • The Whaler: It's Shuma! It has to be! She's the one who cast me adrift when you first met me. She's what you'd call a nemesis - and there's no bigger whale in the Eastern Lands. I've been hunting her for years. She took my leg, and I make her deaf. You westerners might have said it was 'eye-for-an-eye', no no, but it's more 'leg-for-an-ear'. I can sense the great whale - call it a whaler's instinct. Give me a ship and I'll bring you a cargo-full of blubber.
  • Player: Isn't it more important to save the Bay of Echoes?
  • The Whaler: Yes, but...wait, you think Hubbub is heartless? You think he'd step on the faces of the dead, just to get a jump at Shuma?
  • Player: That's not what I said. I just think we should make the Bay of Echoes our priority.
  • The Whaler: Well, put me on a boat with a trident and a sharpened peg leg, and I'll take Shuma down. One sense at a time, if I have to!

After Voyage

  • Player: How could you mistake pirates for a deaf whale?
  • The Whaler: The hairs on my forearms were tingling! I've always been able to sense a sea monster. It's why I was made Khan.
  • Player: Wait, you're the leader of an island?
  • The Whaler: No no! I WAS the leader of an island. Gah! I suppose, if you're to understand, you'll have to hear my story...
  • The Whaler: I was khan of a fishing city. It was a beautiful place, on stilts out to sea. Shuma would regularly raid our fish farms, and we would rebuild and restock them. And so the cycle went on, over and over.
  • The Whaler: But, one day, we heard that Shuma had become trapped in a cave network. I took my best whalers, and we sailed to her.
  • The Whaler: And there she was. Big as a palace. We threw spears and stabbed her with tridents. I climbed up the cave walls and jumped on her, pushing a spear deep, deep into her skull. It didn't kill her, but it made the old girl deaf!
  • The Whaler: She thrashed about here and there. Who knows if she meant to do it? She bring the walls of the cave down on us. Those who weren't crushed were drowned.
  • The Whaler: I held on to Shuma as long as I could, but a boulder knocked me from her back, and then another fall on my leg. I was unconscious for hours. But I woke, then I cut off my leg, and swam home.
  • The Whaler: But my home wasn't there any more: my city had been torn down by sea monsters; my people drowned. And I wasn't there to defend them. Shuma had made sure of that!
  • The Whaler: I apologise. There's no way of telling the story without making me a twisted serpent of anger and sadness. I'll tell you more of it when I'm feeling less blue.