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This transcript involves dialogue with The Memory, The Occultist, and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • The Memory: Oh! Hello, World Guardian.
  • Select an option
    • (Before Qualia of Life:)
      • How are you today, [Aagi/Kami]?
        • (Before False Memories:)
          • The Memory: I'm settling in okay, thank you. I still don't feel completely safe, though.
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After False Memories:)
          • The Memory: I'm still having bad dreams about divination craters, but I do trust you. I'm just glad I don't sleepwalk.
          • (Shows the previous options.)
    • (After Qualia of Life:)
      • How are you today, Kami?
        • (After Qualia of Life:)
          • The Memory: I've been having dreams about Genma. He feels strong...I wish I were as strong as him.
          • The Memory: Not that I even know what he looks like - my mind makes things up when I dream. He might not even be a he!
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After Go With the Flow:)
          • The Memory: I had a dream about Kakashi chasing me... Well, it was a nightmare really. But I know you won't let him take me.
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After Mind over Matter:)
          • The Memory: I had another dream about Kakashi, but this time, HE was being chased by Bandos! Ha!
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After Remember the Dead:)
          • The Memory: Now, when I sleep, I can sense the sea creatures. They talk to me. I don't think they're dreams.
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After Lament of the Sea:)
          • The Memory: The sea creatures are crying out, mourning those that Kakashi has murdered. They're so sad - we have to stop him!
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After Gu: Masters of the Magic Mountain:)
          • The Memory: I'm scared for you, World Guardian. I don't know if Kakashi's weapon would even hurt you...but I don't want you to die.
          • (Shows the previous options.)
        • (After Guardians of the World:)
          • The Memory: Kami-shima is so beautiful; I hope the island will let you visit some day. I'll show you my pet shi cub - she's so cute! I named her Fraji, in honour of Aagi's mother.
          • (Shows the previous options.)
    • (If The Memory has clue voyages available:)
      • About your voyages...
        • The Memory: I trust you. If you think there's something I can help with, I'll do it!
        • Select an option
          • About clue voyages...
          • View all voyages...
            • (Voyage list interface opens.)
    • Do you prefer to work alone?
      • (If The Occultist has not been unlocked:)
        • The Memory: I'd like to learn more about runecrafting. I think it might make me closer to my dad.
        • Unlock the Occultist (90 Runecrafting required) to unlock additional joint voyages.
        • (Shows the previous options.)
      • (If The Occultist has been unlocked but is not present:)
        • The Memory: I'd like to learn more about runecrafting. I think it might make me closer to my dad. There's that occultist lady...
        • If both the Memory and Occultist are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
      • (If The Occultist has been unlocked and she is present:)
        • The Memory: I'd like to learn more about runecrafting. I think it might make me closer to my dad. There's that occultist lady...
        • Player: Um, I'm not sure she's a good role model for you, [Aagi/Kami]...
        • The Memory: I'm not a child. I'll be okay with her, honest!
        • (Voyage list interface opens.)
    • Have any memories to share?
      • (Before Remember the Dead:)
        • The Memory: Maybe...but none I want to share just yet.
      • (After Remember the Dead:)
        • The Memory: Oh! Maybe... I don't really know what I know, until I know it, you know?
        • Player: I don't follow...
        • The Memory: I'm literally made of memories, but you have to ask me something before I know if I know the answer or not, you see? So ask me!
        • What would you like to ask Kami?
          • Do you know what you are?
            • The Memory: Technically, I'm Guthix's manifested memories of his daughter Aagi... ...but I think I'm really an entity created by the planet's Anima Mundi. When I was formed, that's all I was, but now I've become my own person, with my own experiences and memories, and that's made me sort of...more 'real' somehow. I still don't quite understand that part. A lot of my emotions are really how Guthix felt, and it's sometimes difficult to separate out my own feelings. I get sad a lot even when I've no reason to be...but then I just remember my experiences in Wushanko and with you and I'm happy again.
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • What do you remember of Aagi?
            • The Memory: It was just her and Guthix most of the time - they lost her mum when Aagi was quite young. Aagi has very few memories of her mum, but I can see a lot of Guthix's memories of his wife. When I feel Guthix's grief, I try to remember how happy Aagi was - it helps. Oh, and Aagi really did love butterflies. But me - Kami - I much prefer birds!
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • What do you remember of Guthix?
            • The Memory: Well, I'm mostly memories of Guthix's daughter, so I sort of just remember him as my dad, and how he was as a father. He raised me mostly by himself, and he was a great dad! I loved him very much and...I miss him. But then I also have some of Guthix's other memories, so I know how sad he was. Lonely too. And here's the strangest part - I also kind of remember making you the World Guardian. That's weird, right? Those memories were how I knew to look for you, that I could trust you to help me.
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • Do you know what Divination is?
            • The Memory: Hey, I know as much as you do. In fact, you probably know more! I'm just happy you didn't harvest my energy and throw me in a crater, or transmute me into something else! I think part of it is returning some of the energy that Guthix used back to the world - sort of healing it a bit. But it's also energy that can change things, and become things...things like me, or the sea creatures!
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • I have so many questions! But...
            • The Memory: I know...but I can't answer EVERYTHING! That'd be cheating! But I don't know why he made you World Guardian. I don't know much about him after he left Naragun. I don't know ANYTHING about Seren other than her name...and that she's really pretty! And I DEFINITELY don't know the secrets of the universe! If I did, I'd tell you - honest!
            • (Shows the initial options.)
    • [View previous cutscenes]
      • (If the Memory was not the first adventurer unlocked by the player and the player has not completed any other voyages than "Meet the Memory":)
      • Which story cutscene would you like to see?
        • (Each dialogue option is unlocked after successfully completing the relevant voyage:)
          • (If the Memory was not the first adventurer unlocked by the player:)
            • Meet the Memory
              • You're about to watch 'Meet the Memory'.
              • (See the transcript for Meet the Memory.)
          • False Memories
            • You're about to watch 'False Memories'. Would you like to see the beginning or the end?
            • Select an option
          • Qualia of Life
            • You're about to watch 'Qualia of Life'. Would you like to see the beginning or the end?
            • Select an option
          • Go With the Flow
            • You're about to watch 'Go With the Flow'. Would you like to see the beginning or the end?
            • Select an option
          • More
            • Which story cutscene would you like to see?
              • Mind over Matter
              • Remember the Dead
                • You're about to watch 'Remember the Dead'. Would you like to see the beginning or the end?
                • Select an option
              • Lament of the Sea
                • You're about to watch 'Lament of the Sea'. Would you like to see the beginning or the end?
                • Select an option
              • Gu: Masters of the Magic Mountain
              • Guardians of the World
                • You're about to watch 'Guardians of the World'. Would you like to see the beginning or the end?
                • Select an option

Story voyages[edit | edit source]

Meet the Memory[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Meet the Memory.
  • The Memory: Thanks for taking me in, World Guardian. I knew I'd be able to count on you!
  • Player: I wouldn't turn away a child in need. But would you mind telling me something of yourself?
  • The Memory: You probably suspect some of it! I'm naragi, the same race as Guthix. And - depending on how you look at it - Guthix was my father.
  • The Memory: I'm his daughter, Aagi, but I'm also not Aagi. It hurts my head thinking about it. In truth, I'm a colony of wisps - divine energy. We're Guthix's strongest memories of his daughter, coalesced into a single entity.
  • Player: And that's why that diviner was after you? To harvest your energy?
  • The Memory: What else would a diviner want from a colony? The eastern mercenaries called him 'Kakashi'.
  • Player: Well, you'll be safe from him here. They didn't get the chance to report your location back.
  • The Memory: Thank you, World Guardian! I feel like I know you, or have been watching you for some time. Sorry if that sounds creepy - that must be one of Guthix's memories.
  • Player: This is going to take some getting used to...
  • The Memory: For both of us!
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Memory adventurer, Aagi! The Memory now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

False Memories[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:False Memories.

Before Voyage

  • Player: How are you settling in?
  • The Memory: I'm holding it together - quite literally. I feel like I could explode into wisps or butterflies at any moment!
  • Player: What is it, Aagi? You seem a little down.
  • The Memory: Please, would you not call me that? I might look and think like her, but I'm not her. I'm Guthix's memory of her, and an idealisation at that! All of my memories are just his! I hate it! I hate him for making me like this!
  • The Player: What if we gave you a different name? Would that help?
  • The Memory: I...I don't know. I'm not even real - I'm just energy. And I have been feeling the pull of divination craters. I feel compelled towards them, to just throw myself in.
  • The Player: There are no craters in Wushanko - it's isolated from the west, and the locals aren't big on gods. Perhaps there's a place out east for you.
  • The Memory: You know what? Yes, I think I'd like that!
  • Player: It's the least I can do. I'll inform the crew.

After Voyage

  • Player: How was your trip?
  • The Memory: I felt something new. Your boat took us out near the mermaids - they were so pretty. Their songs had an odd energy to them. I could feel it - it was weird, but in a good way. They were rude to your crew, though, throwing fish at them and using bad words. My first instinct was to tell them to stop. But that instinct came from Guthix. So I swallowed it down, ignored it. Instead I picked up a fish and threw it in the face of one of the mermaids! We were all laughing, caught up in the game. I was enjoying myself! It's the first time I've felt like...not Guthix, I guess is how I'd say it. I just wish it lasted longer. It went away pretty quickly.
  • Player: What happened?
  • The Memory: I felt the pull of the divination craters again. They want to consume me, I can feel that...and sometimes I want to, but...I don't want to go. Please don't let them take me.
  • Player: It's alright, we won't let you be absorbed back into the craters.
  • The Memory: I'm afraid of them. I'm afraid I'll give up and just jump in. I need to get far away from them.
  • Player: Then we'll get you further away. I'm sure there's somewhere east where you'll feel safe.

Qualia of Life[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Qualia of Life.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Are you still feeling the pull of the craters?
  • The Memory: Yes, and it's getting stronger. I even sleepwalked out of bed last night. I can't control myself even when I'm asleep!
  • Player: Let's see if we can't find you a safe place in The Hook - my captains tell me that The Fistmarks of Genma always gives them a strange feeling when they visit. Maybe you'll feel something like the mermaids' songs made you feel. It's worth a shot, and at the least you'll be further from the craters.
  • The Memory: And further away from Kakashi, too. He still has his mercenaries out hunting for me. If this place is out of the way, I might be a little safer.
  • Player: I'll inform my captain. While you're away, I'll look into this Kakashi character.
  • The Memory: Thank you, World Guardian. I'm starting to see why I chose you. Gah! I mean why Guthix chose you!

After Voyage

  • The Memory: Oh, it was wonderful! Thank you, World Guardian. There IS an energy at the Fistmarks, and it felt strangely familiar. Whatever Genma was, I think it was a bit like me! We also met some sirens out there! They called me 'Kami', and they pulsed with music. I could feel the energy of sorrow and joy in their song. I don't know what 'Kami' means, but I like it. Just hearing it made me feel more...more real! Does that make sense?
  • Player: I'm not sure either of us knows what makes sense for you yet.. Why didn't you stay longer?
  • The Memory: I had to leave - Kakashi's ships were on the horizon. Your captain suggested we came back quickly.
  • Player: Ah, yes. Kakashi. He's new in Wushanko. Despite his name, I think he must be a westerner. That fits with him being an experienced diviner. I was meaning to ask - have you felt the pull of the divination craters today?
  • The Memory: Oh! I'd completely forgotten! I didn't feel them at all while we were away!
  • The Player: It seems that spending most of your time in the east is working.

Go With the Flow[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Go With the Flow.

Before Voyage

  • Player: I've arranged another voyage for you, Kami - this time to The Scythe. I think you'll like it. I know that you've been spending more time with Surula, and her family comes from that region.
  • The Memory: Surula's family? It would be good to spend time with a living, breathing family, rather than just a memory of one. Surula has always been good to me. She even let me...no, I shouldn't mention that to the Portmaster.
  • Player: She let you what?
  • The Memory: Promise she won't get in trouble? I mean, technically I've only existed since Guthix died, but I have the memories of an ages-old god, so I'm not a child...
  • Player: Just tell me, Kami...
  • The Memory: She let me have a sip of beer. I mean, it was disgusting and I spat it right out! I won't do it again - honest! Please don't tell her I told you - I don't want to get her in trouble. She said I should seek out new experiences, and it felt good to try it...even if it was gross.
  • Player: Hahaha! It's okay, Kami. I don't think the usual rules apply to you. I think spending time with Surula's family will be good for you.

After Voyage

  • Player: How was it?
  • The Memory: I had a surge of feeling as we arrived in The Scythe. Like the feeling I get from the divination craters, but without the desire to obliterate myself! The captain said there are lots of sea creatures in that region. It must be them - they must have a strong connection to the Anima Mundi! I could feel a connection, like we were made of similar stuff. And they're sad, so very sad. Their sadness filled me up and I felt it with them.
  • Player: Oh, Kami...
  • The Memory: It's okay! I think it was Guthix's sadness, not mine. I can tell when my emotions come from Guthix rather than me. This time I agree with those feelings. Whatever's making the sea creatures sad, I want to stop it.
  • Player: That won't be easy with Kakashi still chasing after you. Speaking of, I've found out more about him. He used to be a follower of the god Bandos. I'm afraid that means he's not going to give up easily. We'll need to do something about him, and soon.

Mind over Matter[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Mind over Matter (voyage).

Before the voyage:

  • Player: Kami, I have bad news. Kakashi found out I'm sheltering you here. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep you safe.
  • The Memory: Oh!
  • Player: I wanted to run something past you. You don't have to say yes - your safety is more important - but I think it's our best shot for dealing with Kakashi. I mean, I'd rather not put you in this position, but I'm not sure what else we can do...
  • The Memory: What is it?
  • Player: How do you feel about being the bait to lure him out?
  • The Memory: I'll do it!
  • Player: Don't rush into this - it could get dangerous.
  • The Memory: If it will mean I don't have to keep being scared of Kakashi, then I'm doing it! I'm not a little girl, you know, just someone's memory of one. When I felt what those sea creatures were feeling, I understood what I needed to do. I need to help them, and I can't very well do that if I'm running scared.
  • Player: I'll ensure your safety, of course - it'll only be my best crew. I've employed some Death Lotus assassins in case Kakashi gets too close.
  • The Memory: Will they kill him? I...I don't know how I feel about that.
  • Player: We'll do whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • The Memory: Could we just scare him off? I don't want anyone to die...not even him.
  • Player: We'll try, but you are our priority. The plan is to send you to the Glittercaves. We'll spread rumours that you are headed that way. Kakashi should take the bait.

After the voyage:

  • The Memory: It worked! It worked, it worked! Kakashi took the bait, but he didn't get within ten feet before he was surrounded by the Death Lotus! He was so angry. You know, when you said he was Bandosian, I thought he'd be some little green goblin, or an ogre or something...but he was human!
  • Player: A human diviner following Bandos's teachings, eh? I'm going to have to look into this more. What else happened?
  • The Memory: He said he would give up chasing me. He promised on the memory of Bandos. The Death Lotus handed him a red knotted cloth: a promise that he will die should I die. Our fates are tied, which I guess is why it's a knot...
  • Player: It seems unlikely that Kakashi would just give up.
  • The Memory: I'm not so sure. He seemed disappointed when he saw me, as if I wasn't what he wanted, or not what he expected. I've changed. When he started chasing after me, I was just divine energy - the wisps - but now I'm more real! Whatever reason he wanted me for to start with, he doesn't anymore!
  • Player: That's great news. Anything else to report?
  • The Memory: After he left, we went to the Glittercaves - it was beautiful! I could feel the presence of a giant sea creature there. There was a lingering sadness there, but more than that I felt fear. I have to understand the sea creatures more; I have to find a way to help them!

Remember the Dead[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Remember the Dead.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Good day, Kami. Did you get a good night's rest?
  • The Memory: No. I had a terrible vision while I slept. I was a sea creature swimming in the Pincers region, near Paradise. I was in a pod with others of my kind, and we were happy. Then a voice spoke to me. It commanded that I do things...bad things...and I lost all control of myself. The voice made me do awful things. It made me attack ships, and eat people. And then this giant ball of light fell into the water and exploded and...
  • Player: Don't worry, Kami. It was only a dream. We all have bad ones from time to time.
  • The Memory: I know what a dream is, and this wasn't one - it was a memory! I don't know when, but it really happened!
  • Player: Is the voice what the sea creatures are scared of?
  • The Memory: They don't like the voice and what it makes them do, but it's the light they're scared of... I have to go out there! I have to visit Paradise and connect with these sea creatures. They're in pain, alone and afraid, and they need help. I can help them, I know it.
  • Player: Okay, I'll inform my captain to get a boat ready.

After Voyage

  • The Memory: Oh, it was horrible. Those poor creatures.
  • Player: You actually saw one?
  • The Memory: We thought we'd run aground on a reef at first, but...it was the corpse of a sea creature. And then we looked ahead, and there were more. Miles and miles of them!
  • Player: All of them sea creatures?
  • The Memory: I'll never forget the sight...and the smell. Someone massacred them. There must have been at least fifty of them, just floating there.
  • Player: Who would do something like that?
  • The Memory: I don't know, but I'm going to find out. I want to thank you, World Guardian. Before I came here, I was nothing, in danger of just disappearing, of being forgotten.
  • The Memory: But you've given me a home, and my own identity...and now I have a reason for being too. I'm going to find out who did this and stop them, and I'm going to do all I can to protect the sea creatures.

Trio Story Voyages[edit | edit source]

Lament of the Sea[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Lament of the Sea.

Before Voyage

  • Player: I've brought you together because you've had dealings with Kakashi. I knew there was something familiar about him, and I've asked around. Kakashi means 'scarecrow' in the west - the man's real name is Davosi. He helped the war god Bandos create a god-killing weapon, but Bandos was defeated and killed by the god Armadyl. That explains why Davosi is not a fan of birds, at least.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: We're not exactly fans of him either! We have a spy in his ranks - Benkei - who's informed me that Kakashi is building a weapon. It could be similar to the god-killing weapon you speak of.
  • Player: The last Scarecrow weapon was powered by divine energy.
  • The Memory: Oh! Is that what he wanted me for? He wanted my energy to power a weapon? That's horrible!
  • The Exile: You are safe here, little cub.
  • The Memory: I'm not a cub! Honestly, I'm older than you are...sort of.
  • The Exile: Why am I here, Portmaster?
  • Player: Kakashi still has your brother in his employ. There must be a link between the sea creatures your brother has been killing and the weapon Kakashi is building.
  • The Exile: Perhaps they are testing the weapon by killing these sea creatures.
  • Player: A weapon like this would be powerful enough to kill a god, potentially. I doubt they'd waste its energy to kill animals. No, there's something more going on. I need the three of you to work together to find out Kakashi's plan. We need to know where this weapon is, how he intends to power it and, most importantly, what he plans to use it on.
  • The Tengu: I know of seasingers in a place called Light under Sea who live among sea creatures as if they were their own. Perhaps they will know more of why Kakashi is having sea creatures killed...
  • Player: Good, then you three should head there now.

After Voyage

  • Player: How did it go?
  • The Tengu: Kakashi was already attacking the seasingers when we arrived! At sight of us, he turned and ran - the coward - but we got to see his plan in action.
  • The Memory: He doesn't care about the seasingers. He just wants to kill sea creatures...but he wasn't just killing them, he was draining them!
  • Player: What do you mean draining them?
  • The Exile: Draining their life force. To the seasingers, the sea creatures are not monsters - they refer to them as 'kami'.
  • The Memory: Kami? That's what they called me! I thought it was just a name, but... Oh! My energy and the sea creatures' is the same - they must be made of anima too!
  • Player: So that is how Kakashi is powering his weapon...by harvesting their energy.
  • The Exile: That is sickening!
  • Player: Did you learn anything else?
  • The Tengu: The seasingers mentioned another word when talking of Kakashi - 'Kami-shima'. They were scared, but they would not tell us who or what it was.
  • The Exile: Whatever it is, it must be linked to the sea creatures and their anima.
  • The Memory: I fear that if Kakashi finds out something even worse is going to happen.

Gu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Gu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain.

Before Voyage

  • The Tengu: My companions, we need to discover what this 'Kami-shima' is that the seasingers mentioned. There is one group of people who know more about the history of Wushanko than any other.
  • Player: Your creators, the Gu? I thought you carried all their knowledge.
  • The Tengu: Not all. Even they have secrets to keep - information that they wanted to be forgotten, that they wanted to lose.
  • Player: Then a voyage to the Tengu Archipelago is in order. I'll make arrangements.
  • The Memory: I should go with him! I am better able to explain matters of anima and divination. No offence, Sojobo.
  • The Tengu: None taken, little wren.
  • The Exile: What of me?
  • Player: I have something else in mind for you, Honovi; I need you to meet up with Benkei. Sojobo will be busy with the Gu, but we need to know more about Kakashi's plans.
  • The Tengu: I'll send a coded message and have Benkei meet you on Bladewing Crag, so he knows he can trust you.
  • The Exile: I will not fail you, challem.

After Voyage

  • Player: How was your audience with the Gu?
  • The Memory: They heard our pleas and, though they were reluctant to impart this information, they told us about Kami-shima.
  • The Tengu: This one was most convincing. They saw the shared kinship between her and the sea creatures.
  • The Memory: Kami-shima is an island - a hidden island in The Shield! It's where all the sea creatures come from - it's their source!
  • The Tengu: The island is shrouded in protective wards, and surrounded by a barrier of anima. The Gu sought to keep its existence hidden, to protect the sea creatures.
  • Player: Hmm... Maybe this explains some of why there are no gods in this part of the world.
  • The Memory: Yes, it is protected! By the world itself!
  • The Exile: Then I am afraid my own news is worse than I thought. I went to meet with Benkei, but when I found him he was dead - his throat slit. My brother's handiwork, no doubt.
  • The Memory: Kakashi must have discovered he was a spy - he'll know that we're coming for him!
  • The Exile: Benkei had a note hidden on his person. In it, he says that my brother has raised a mercenary army! Kakashi will have a fleet of ships and troops to protect him.
  • Player: This is not good.
  • The Exile: It gets worse. Kakashi is proudly telling his troops that he has divined the location of Kami-shima. He plans to use it as a power source for his weapon.
  • The Memory: That's crazy! He'd drain the entire island just to build a weapon? He's insane! Why would anyone do that?
  • The Exile: That was Benkei's final word - the target.
  • Player: Who? Who is his target?
  • The Exile: You, challem. He intends to kill you.
  • The Tengu: Why all this trouble just to kill one [man/woman]?
  • The Memory: Because [he/she]'s the World Guardian!
  • Player: Please, all of you, I need to consider this. I'll call you all back once my captains have located Kami-shima.

Guardians of the World[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Guardians of the World (voyage).

Before Voyage

  • Player: Welcome back, everyone. My captains have discovered Kami-shima, at the furthest edge of The Shield. If they didn't know how to divine its location, they'd never have found it.
  • The Tengu: Do we have a plan?
  • Player: Davosi, Kakashi - whatever he's calling himself - I have to go and face him. For whatever reason, he wishes to kill me.
  • The Memory: No! You can't! You're the one person who CAN'T face him!
  • The Exile: She is right. It is what he wants. If you go, he will fire the weapn for sure.
  • The Tengu: You must leave this to us. Allow a dying hero his swan song. We shall not fail.
  • Player: We don't even know if this weapon will affect me. Guthix made me resistant to godly magics. You should know this better than anyone, Kami.
  • The Memory: You might resist gods, but can you absorb a planet's worth of energy? And what if Kakashi isn't converting it to magic? It could overload you with anima.
  • Player: Is that even possible?
  • The Memory: That's just it - we don't know what could happen. But if you go, we'll find out at the expense of the world. I'm[sic] won't ALLOW you to go!
  • The Exile: You have proven your courage many times over; allow me to show the courage you helped me find.
  • The Memory: We will have aid of the seasingers - they can keep Kakashi's fleet occupied while we land on the island.
  • The Tengu: And the Gu will send their warriors to fight beside us on the island.
  • Player: And what of the bloodrager and Kakashi?
  • The Exile: The bloodrager - *spit* - he is mine. I know not if I am ready for him, but the spirits of my tribe stand at my back.
  • The Tengu: And I shall face Kakashi once again. The scarecrow doesn't scare this bird!
  • Player: And the weapon?
  • The Memory: I...I will deal with it. I will try to absorb its power...or channel it back to its source.
  • The Exile: No! Little cub, it is too dangerous. I will not lose more family.
  • The Memory: It's MY decision. Why do I have to keep reminding you all? I'm not a child! This world created me to protect it, and that's exactly what I'll do - even if it kills me.
  • Player: And I'm not going to talk you out of this? Any of you?
  • The Tengu: Haha, no!
  • The Exile: No, challem.
  • The Memory: Not a chance.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: And besides, Shanao just reminded me - I drugged your drink. You'll be unconscious in a moment. Let's head to the ship!

After Voyage

  • The Tengu: Haha! It is done! Kakashi is defeated!
  • The Memory: And the weapon is destroyed!
  • The Exile: Kami-shima is safe once more.
  • Player: I can't believe you drugged me.
  • The Memory: We had to make sure you wouldn't follow us.
  • Player: Regardless, I'm glad you're all back, and safe. What happened?
  • The Tengu: It was a true battle of legend! We fought on sea, on land...in the skies!
  • The Memory: The island itself came alive to aid us! Before our eyes sprang into being strange creatures to protect us, and to fight Kakashi and his mercenaries!
  • The Tengu: I know of these creatures from Gu folklore - they are shi-guardian lions! They were ferocious. Kakashi never stood a chance - his death was a great victory for justice!
  • Player: And the bloodrager?
  • The Exile: Captured. He will pay for his crimes. Carrying all my burdens made me stronger than I realised; the teachings of the Gu gave me the courage I needed to wield it.
  • The Memory: You would have been proud of her, World Guardian. She lifted him right over her head!
  • Player: The weapon?
  • The Memory: Destroyed! I managed to return its energy back into the island, but...some of it stayed with me. It's connected us all to Kami-shima.
  • Player: What does that mean?
  • The Tengu: The island has made us its guardians! Just being there has reinvigorated Shanao! He feels as spry as a young bird of eighty again! You should have seen him soar!
  • Player: I'm proud of all of you, but does this mean...
  • The Memory: Goodbye? No, silly. We'll all still visit! Who else is going to keep an eye on you?
  • The Exile: And where would I be without the counsel of my challem?
  • The Tengu: And I'll always need someone to play pranks on!
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • Player: Hahahahaha! Oh, Shanao!

Clue voyages[edit | edit source]

(Dialogue from the "Clue focus" option on The Whaler. When one of the islands is successfully searched, it disappears from the dialogue options.)

  • Aagi is exploring The Arc to jog her memory about...something she can't quite remember.
  • The next island Aagi is planning to search is: [Island picked]
  • In the first part of clues
    • Suggest an island to search?
      • Aminishi
      • Goshima
      • Tuai Leit
      • Waiko
      • Leave them to it!
  • On first success
    • The memory has recalled one piece of memory from her travels, the existance of the Island of Regret.

After completing Local Knowledge[edit | edit source]

  • Kami has rediscovered The Island of Regret, and will offer to take your captains there!

Random events[edit | edit source]

Last Orders[edit | edit source]

  • The Memory: Um, I think I might be too young for beer. Unknown how triggered; presumably before Qualia of Life
  • The Memory: Eww, no thanks. Beer is gross. Unknown how triggered; presumably after Qualia of Life

A Simple Favour[edit | edit source]

  • The Memory: Oh! No, thank you.