Transcript of The Magister's Journal 3

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Menaphos continues to fascinate me - its mythology and, most importantly, its gods. There is one, Amascut, named now as the Devourer, who has left her mark on the very essence of the people here. A foul corruption has spread across their bodies and threatens their souls.

It is not a useful ailment. It damages the souls, leaves them weak, vulnerable, and ultimately unfit for my experiments. A pity. Fascinating, but ultimately problematic.

Another, more active, deity is the one I have encountered many times on my journey back to the Underworld: the dog-like Icthlarin.

An interesting sort, obsessed with guarding the souls on their journey to an afterlife. He seems burdened by an ancient guilt; perhaps that is why I feel a sense of kinship with him?

I wonder if he realises the sheer power at his disposal.

If he just wanted... If he just reached out and used the vast energy flowing through his domain on a constant basis, he could rival any of the other so-called gods.

Even Saradomin himself would fall.

Ha, listen to me, ever the blasphemer!