Transcript of The Lost Toys

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The Lost Toys[edit | edit source]

  • Lex: They're gone, they're all gone! Why would they leave me alone like this? I'm so sad...
  • Player: Why are you so sad, little boy? Wait a minute. You are just a normal human child, right, and not just a vampyre in disguise?
  • Lex: What, of course not! Why would you say something so mean?
  • Player: Okay, I'll play along... Oh no, What has gone? Why are you alone?
  • Lex: I've lost my entire collection of vampyre plushie toys. They're my only friends in the world, since my parents...left me. Could you pleeease help me find them again? Pleeease? I'll give you a reward. I don't have much - I am just a little boy, after all - but it will be worth it, I promise! Please, would you find all of my lost toys? They could be ANYWHERE in Moyrtania!
  • Will you help Lex find his lost toys?
    • Yes.
      • Lex: Ok, thank you!
      • Player: Okay, sure, what do I have to do?
      • Lex: I had a complete collection of Lost Toys, but I lost them - there are thirteen to collect in all. But I only have a vague idea of where I lost them. They should all be in or very close to Morytania still, though. If you can return them all to me, I can give you one of my old collection as a reward. Also as you find each one, could you give it a quick squeeze to make sure it still works?
      • Player: So, you give me an idea where to find these things, I find them, squeeze them, and then bring them to you?
      • Lex: Yes, that's right!
      • Player: And once I've found all thirteen, I'm done, but they could be anywhere in Morytania.
      • Continues below
    • No.

Getting hints[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Any clues where to find a plushie?

Clues, in order

  • Lex: Ummm, I think I might have lost a plushie in a prison cell.
  • Lex: Umm, I'm sure I lost one deep in the Haunted Woods.
  • Lex: Ooh yuck - that place with the spiders. I ran away fast!
  • Lex: Umm, I might have dropped one in a hidden library somewhere.
  • Lex: Umm, the next one I lost was near a tree with a big hole in it.
  • Lex: Umm, I think I lost one in a secret hideout.
  • Lex: Umm, there was a tomb nearby when I lost the next one.
  • Lex: Umm, I remember being in a mine one time.
  • Lex: Umm, the next one I lost on a wall somewhere.
  • Lex: Umm, I lost one in an underground laboratory somewhere.
  • Lex: Umm, there was loads of blood near where I lost the last one!
  • Lex: Umm, there was a carpeted cave I remember - I might have lost one there.
  • Lex: Umm, I lost one in a graveyard, I think.

Finding a Plushie[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I should give this plushie a test squeeze, then return it to Lex in Canifis.

Squeezing plushie

  • [Mr Bitey] I'll tear your soul apart.
  • [Fangs] My teddy lost its head.
  • [Count Snugula] No tears now, only dreams.
  • [Mr Puddles] Ow! You're crushing my internal organs!
  • [Drakemon] We should get matching stitches!
  • [Draccles] It's time for beddy-byes. I hope you wake up...
  • [My Little Vanstrom] The others don't love you like I do!
  • [Heartless] Let's go! I don't play well with others!
  • [Vamplushie] You smell different when you're awake!
  • [Vlad the Embracer] Your neck is my own personal sippy-cup!
  • [Blushie] I don't like you very much.
  • [Booboo] Hey, listen! I can hear your heart beating!
  • [Scare Bear] Scare Bear stare...s into your soul.

Returning a Plushie to Lex[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey, Lex, I have some plushies for you!
  • Hand in all pre-hugged plushies
    • Yes.
      • (Player asks for another clue as above)
    • No.

Found all Plushies[edit | edit source]

  • Lex: Oh, thankyou thankyou thankyou - that was the last of my collection! I'm so happy - thankyou thankyou thankyou! And now that I have them all back...
Lex transforms into Lord Alexei Jovkai
  • Lord Alexei Jovkai: ...the children will be so happy.
  • Player: Oh. Look. I am so shocked. You were a vampyre the whole time. I had no idea. How silly of me. I feel so duped.
  • Lord Alexei Jovkai: Oh, er, well, don't get me wrong, I am thankful. And the children really will be so happy. Here... Take this, your very own Draccles plushie, as a reward.
Lord Alexei Jovkai teleports away
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'The Lost Toys (miniquest)' - Find and squeeze Morytania plushies, and return them to Lex in Canifis.
  • Player: Yeah, right, the 'children' will be so happy. You great big weirdo.