Transcript of The Loophole

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Occultist and the player.


  • The Occultist: The ritual was a damp squib, darling.
  • Player: What happened?
  • The Occultist: Nothing happened, and that was very much the problem. The ritual wasn't strong enough. I shouldn't be surprised - it was only ever designed to remove the power from a soothsayer. Any soothsayer that got out of line, well, they got the ritual. There was talk of giving it to me at one point. Why keep me, when you can neutralise me? But I tried the ritual on myself, in my chamber. It failed. It simply wasn't potent enough to take my powers. And so I must admit something, darling. I'm not actually standing here with you. I'm leagues away, at a place called the Hole in the World. What you see in front of you is a projection - a simple spell, really.
  • Player: Wait, you're not really here? What are you up to, Zu Zu?
  • The Occultist: I left on a ship several hours ago. Don't worry, I paid for my own - I wouldn't want to endanger one of your vessels. I've come to the Hole in the World, so that I can throw myself into it. It's a little over-dramatic, I know, but it answers the problem, don't you think? So, here it is. Goodbye, darling, it's been an absolute pleasure.
  • Player: No! Wait! I'm sending a boat to get you! Promise me you'll wait!
  • The Occultist: I wish I could wait, but this is the only solution. Oh, typical. It seems I have company. Must go - Quin's bodyguard, Discord, is here, and I don't think he's a fan of the Hole in the World idea. Get away from me, Discord!


  • The Occultist: Gah! Attempt to throw yourself into an eternal pit, and everyone tries to save you. It's endearing but ever-so-frustrating.
  • Player: I couldn't let you do that to yourself. You see, I have a plan.
  • The Occultist: Your plan was a lovely diversion, my dear, but it failed.
  • Player: Not that plan - Quin is the only one still after you. Oroshu is dead, the soothsayers are scattered and disorganised. There's only one person left who wants to capture you.
  • The Occultist: We have thinned their ranks a little, haven't we? You're most persuasive - as convincing as a siren, but less blue and obsessed with your hair. Fair enough. We stay vigilant for the moment. I warn you, though: at the slightest hint of incarceration, I am throwing myself down the deepest well I can find.
  • Player: Agreed.
  • The Occultist: Good. Now, I'm going for a well-deserved bath. With that image I leave you, and hopefully we can talk more in the future. And thank you. It's the first time I've uttered those words. You should be proud.