Transcript of The Jack of Spades journal entry

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  • I spoke to Emir Ali. He has requested my services for something related to Menaphos.
  • Menaphos has invited a delegation from Al Kharid to travel there, with the aim of establishing a new trade deal.
  • Apparently, the Pharaoh named me personally to be a part of the delegation. I have agreed to go.
  • Osman has asked to brief me on the current political climate in Menaphos, while Hassan prepares for our journey.
  • Osman has, surprisingly, told me not to act as a spy during my time in Menaphos, in line with Emir Ali's instructions.
  • Osman caught me up on the current state of Menaphos and the Pharaoh. After talking to Osman, I informed Hassan that I'm ready to set off on our journey to Menaphos.
  • Hassan prepared some special magic carpets for us both to travel to Menaphos on, which is exactly what we did.
  • The gate opened for us both to enter the city of Menaphos!
  • Ambassador Jabari welcomed Hassan and me to Menaphos.
  • Ambassador Jabari led Hassan and me to our living quarters in Menaphos. We are being hosted by Grand Vizier Ehsan of Menaphos.
  • Hassan and I introduced ourselves to his counterpart. Grand Vizier Ehsan. While talking, a character known as the Jack of Spades appeared and stole Ehsan's tax ledger, before running off!
  • In searching for the Jack of Spades, I met a man named Admiral Wadud, in the bar of Menaphos's Ports district. While talking with him, the Jack of Spades turned up again and stole Wadud's prized trinket!
  • In my continued search for the Jack of Spades, I met with Commander Akhomet, but while talking with her, the Jack showed up again and stole Akhomefs ceremonial dagger!
  • The worker, Batal, brusquely suggested I search the tombs beneath the city, right after the Jack of Spades appeared for just long enough to steal Batal's coin purse.
  • I entered the tombs beneath the city, where I found and confronted the Jack of Spades!
  • The Jack of Spades - aka my friend, Ozan - told me how he got into the city and what he’s doing here.
  • Ozan told me he stole from Grand Vizier Ehsan, Admiral Wadud, Commander Akhomet and Batal as a way for me to get friendly with them, by me returning the items he stole. They are, according to him, some of the most corrupt people in Menaphos.
  • I returned Batal's coin purse. Commander Akhomet’s ceremonial dagger.
  • Admiral Wadud's prized trinket and Grand Vizier Ehsan’s tax ledger. In doing so, I gained some reputation with each of them, and now think they will give me more work. The more they trust me, the better placed I will be to get rid of their corrupting influence on Menaphos in the future.
  • After returning the stolen items, I reported back to Hassan. I should probably return to talk to Ozan in the tombs beneath the city soon.