Transcript of The Hand in the Sand journal entry

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  • I have spoken to the Guard Captain.
  • I have shown the hand to the Wizards in Yanille.
  • I have Bert's copy of the Rota.
  • I have Sandy's copy of the Rota.
  • I have taken the scroll to Zavistic Rarve.
  • I have distracted Sandy successfully.
  • I have drugged Sandy's coffee.
  • I have interrogated Sandy.
  • I have returned the information from the orb.
  • The Sandpit has been enchanted.
  • I have retrieved the head of a wizard.
  • The dead wizard has been buried and Sandy arrested for murder.
  • Every day I may ask Bert to transport some sand to my bank.
  • If you haven't collected any sand today
    • You can collect your sand now.
  • If you have collected sand today
    • You'll need to wait about X hours to collect your sand.