Transcript of The Hand in the Sand

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This transcript involves dialogue with Bert, Guard Captain, Zavistic Rarve, Betty, Sandy, Mazion, and the player.

Lend a Hand[edit | edit source]

Meeting Bert[edit | edit source]

  • Bert: Eeee, wha' shall I do! I'll mos' certainly lose tha job...
  • Player: Lose your job? What's wrong, why?
  • Bert: I w-w-work...over yon sand pit...and weeell...I found...this...hand! T'were buried in't Sand!
    • Select an option
      • Oh, you found a hand in the sand - that's nice for you.
        • Player: Oh, you found a hand in the sand - that's nice for you.
      • Eww a hand, in the sand! Why haven't you told the authorities?
        • Player: Eww a hand, in the sand! Why haven't you told the authorities?
        • Bert: They's no' wha' they once was. Tha cap'ain o'the Guard spends near all o'the time drunk in yon pub.
        • Player: Oh? The Guard Captain is drunk in the pub you say? That's not good, what will you do?
        • Bert: you think yer could 'elp me?
          • If the player rejects the quest
            • Player: I want no part in this!
          • If the player accepts the quest
            • Player: Sure, I'll give you a hand.
            • Bert: ....Nae, ye can 'have the 'and as h'evidence.
            • Bert gives you a rather smelly, sand covered hand.
            • Bert: P'raps tha smell will get t'Guard Cap'ain's nose out o'his beer fer 2 seconds!
        • Bert: Did ye see yon Guard Capt'n 'bout hand?
            • Player: Not at the moment, but I will be seeing him soon.
            • If you destroyed the Sandy hand
            • Player: Err, I kind of... lost my grip on it.
              • Bert: Thank t'gods! I tho' I searched up another when I been pickin' this'un up outside... Take tha' blasted thing to yon Guard Captain quick sharp.
              • Player: Thanks Bert, I'll go see the Guard Captain right now.

A chat with the Guard Captain[edit | edit source]

If the player tries to talk to the captain without the hand

  • Perhaps you should be carrying the hand that Bert gave you as evidence of the crime.

If the player carries the hand

  • Guard Captain: Need more beer...
  • Guard Captain: I hate the schtuff, just gimme a beer...
  • Player: Sir? I have some more beer for you...
  • You give the beer to the Guard Captain who takes a large gulp.
  • Guard Captain: Ahh... just' wha' I need, now, wha' did you wanna know?
  • Player: I've come to report that Bert, the sandman, found a hand in the sand pit.
  • Guard Captain: Lucky for him, means he can get even more work done.
  • Player: But aren't you going to find out who it...belonged to?
  • You hand the Guard Captain, he fumbles with it, drops it in his beer, fishes it out and hands it back.
  • Guard Captain: Oops, No 'arm done. S'prob'ly a wizard. i's always the wizards fault, go ask them, jus' ring the bell outshide the guild and talk to the first pointy hatted ninny you shee!
  • Player: Err...ok, I'll go ring the bell and talk to a wizard then.

Talking to the guard again

  • Player: Hello Sir!
  • Guard Captain: Go 'way. This pint'sh nearly finished! Unnlessh you got more that ish....? Wizards, s'all the wizards fault...prob'ly that Zavistic one, he'sh the worsht!
  • If the player lost the beer-covered hand
    • Guard Captain: E're, you left this 'and in me beer!
    • The Guard Captain fishes the hand out of his beer and hands it to you.
  • If the player still has the beer-covered hand
    • Player: I think I should go talk to the wizards in the guild before he makes me buy him more beer!

Returning to Bert

  • Bert: Did ye see yon Guard Capt'n 'bout hand?
  • Player: Yes, the Guard Captain said to see the wizards in the guild.
  • Bert: So why you hangin' abou' 'ere then? Go ring t'bell at t'mage guild just over yonger!
  • If the player lost the beer-covered hand
    • Player: It seems to have slipped through my fingers!
    • Bert: Thank t'gods! I tho' I was bein invaded by undead 'ands from t'sand when I found this'un! Take i' to tha mage guild and ring tha' bell to talk ta someone.
  • Player: Thanks Bert, I'm off to see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of Yanille!

Ringing the guild bell[edit | edit source]

After ringing the bell in front of the wizard's tower

  • If the player has not completed Zogre Flesh Eaters
    • Zavistic Rarve: What are you doing ringing that bell?! Don't you think some of us have work to do?
    • Player: But I was told to ring the bell if I wanted some attention.
    • Zavistic Rarve: Well...anyway...we're very busy here, hurry up what do you want?
  • If you've completed Zogre Flesh Eaters
    • Zavistic Rarve: What are you doing...Oh it's you...sorry didn't realise...what can I do for you?
  • Player:I have a rather sandy problem that I'd like to palm off on you.
  • If the player do not have the hand
    • Maybe you should have the hand with you before speaking to Zavistic
  • Bringing the hand
    • You wave the hand at the wizard.
    • Player: Ummm...Do you have all your wizards?
    • Zavistic Rarve: All my...whatever do you mean...?
    • Player: The Guard Captain asked me to see if you have any...missing...wizards.
    • Zavistic Rarve: That's silly! No one would kill a wizard...would they?
    • Player:
    • Player: Well...maybe, you see Bert found this hand and it might belong to...a wizard!
    • Zavistic Rarve: Bert? Ah yes, the sandman who seems to have been working for very long hours recently. Let's see that hand...
    • You hand it over.
    • Zavistic Rarve: Oh my! This is most definitely Clarence, my most able student! You must find out who did this!
    • Player: Do you have any input as to the matter at hand?
    • Zavistic Rarve: Well...Ask Bert about the long hours he's been working, that sounds suspicious to me. Digging things up at all hours of the day isn't natural.

Talking to Zavistic again

  • Zavistic Rarve: Did you find out who killed Clarence yet?
  • Player: Not yet, but don't lose your head over it.

Back to Bert[edit | edit source]

  • Bert: What info ye find out 'bout hand, Player?
  • Player: I dug up quite a lot about the hand. Can you tell me about your job?
  • Bert: Sand! Lots o' sand! Me boss be Sandy o Sandy's Sand Corp based in Brimhaven on the isle of Karamja an' I hauls sand fr' there to yon sand pit!
  • Bert: I's looong harrrrd hours, bu' keeps me busy, y'know what tha say! 'Idle hands'r Zamorak's tools.'
  • Player: So you're employed by Sandy's Sand Corp in Brimhaven. Have you changed your hours recently?
  • Bert: Nae! See for yersel', here's a copy o' me rota tha' be held a' head office - yer can looksee iffin ye talk t' Sandy, me boss.
  • Player: Thanks for the Rota Bert. I'll go check for the original with Sandy in Brimhaven.

Talking to Bert again

  • Bert: Ey'up Player. Did yer see Sandy in Brimhaven 'bout me rota?
  • If the player lost the rota
    • Player: Err, no, I kind of... lost it...
    • Bert: Lucky fer yorn tha' I's made a copy then ain't it, 'ere 'ave another.
  • If the player still has the rota
    • Player: No, I'll fit it in my schedule somewhere soon.

Speaking with Sandy[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello Sir, do you run the Sand Corp?
  • Sandy: Who wants to know?
  • Player: I'm (Player). I'm here investigating the possible murder of a wizard.
  • Sandy: I don't care about that. I have far too much work to do. Let the authorities take care of things like murder and stop snooping around my office!
  • Sandy seems very keen to get you out of the office, perhaps you should take a look around.
  • You quickly sift through some of the papers on Sandy's desk and find a work rota for Bert.
  • You rummage around in Sandy's pockets... You find a small amount of sand.

Returning to yanille[edit | edit source]

Once more to Bert[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I managed to get a copy of the original rota. Your hours changed a week ago!
  • Bert: Nae! Nae! I din't remember tha', bu'... hmmm, aye... tha' migh' be it...
  • Player: What? Give me a hand here, I'm having a hard time understanding how you don't remember changing hours!
  • Bert: I's all be tha wizard's fault! Tha magic leaks fr'm yon magic guild I tells yer! That's why this weirrrrd scroll appeareded a week ago!
  • Player: A scroll appeared? Can I take a look at it while you look at the rotas?
  • Bert: Of course (Player), le's be 'avin'yon rota and 'ere be tha scroll, yer be takin' it back ta those inferrrrnal wizards quick sharp!

Talking to Bert before going to Zavistic

  • Bert: I be hopin' tha search is goin' well... are tha wizard's owning up ta anythin' yet?
  • If the player still has the scroll
    • Player: I've found out a lot and will let you know when it's all over.
  • If the player lost the scroll
    • Player: Err, no, I kind of... lost the scroll...
    • Bert: I's be seein' ya drop it on tha' way out, 'ere 'tis

Talking to Zavistic[edit | edit source]

Without the scroll

  • Perhaps you should have the scroll from Bert with you before you speak to Zavistic

With the scroll

  • Player: I talked to Bert and found something very strange about his hours.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Oh? Did he kill Clarence?
  • Player: No, but he doesn't remember changing his hours, and his rota and the original that his boss Sandy had, are different!
  • Player: ... oh, and this scroll appeared when they changed - he gave it to me.
  • Zavistic Rarve: I recognise that type of scroll! It's used in a mind altering spell of some sort. Did you speak to this... Sandy guy? Perhaps he had a hand in this.
  • Player: I took a look around his office. I don't know about a hand in it, I think he has both hands and feet in it!
  • Zavistic Rarve: Even more suspicious! Here, take this magical scrying orb and get some Truth Serum from Betty in Port Sarim, she owes me a favour, just tell her I sent you if she complains.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Then you will be equipped to ask Sandy a few questions. Oh Clarence, I will find your murderer!
  • You exchange the scroll for the magical scrying orb. Perhaps Zavistic can give you even more of a hand to find the murderer?

Talking to Zavistic before leaving

  • If the player lost the orb
    • Player: I've lost my magical scrying orb!
    • Zavistic Rarve: No matter, here, have another and please hurry, whoever killed Clarence must pay!
  • Player: Can you help me more?
  • If the player has not been teleported yet
    • Zavistic Rarve: Bring me a vial and I'll help you a little more.
    • If the player has a vial
      • Player: I have a vial here for you.
      • Zavistic Rarve: Ok, would like me to transport you to Port Sarim? I'm sticking my neck out a bit helping you like this and can only do it once though.
      • Select an option
        • Yes, that would be great!
          • Player: Yes, that would be great!
          • Zavistic Rarve: Off you go then, break a leg!
        • No, I prefer using my legs, thanks all the same.
          • Player: No, I prefer using my legs, thanks all the same.
          • Zavistic Rarve: Ok, suit yourself!
  • If the player has been teleported once
    • Zavistic Rarve: Unfortunately I've already helped you with one teleport, get some exercise - your legs won't fall off!

The witch in Port Sarim[edit | edit source]

Speaking with Betty[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've come from Yanille, the wizard says you can make Truth Serum?
  • Betty: This is true deary, I'll need an empty vial.
  • If the player has no vial
    • Player: I'll have to find one then, I'll be back!
  • If the player has a vial
    • Player: I have one here!
    • Betty: That's good, now you'll need to make a rose tinted lens. Pink dye can be made from red berries in this bottle to make redberry juice, then add white berries. Just use that on a bullseye lens.

Talking to betty again before making the lens

  • Betty: Hello deary! Have you manage to make that lens yet?
  • Select an option
    • I'm still working on it.
      • Player: I'm still working on it.
    • I'm afraid I've forgotten how!
      • Player: I'm afraid I've forgotten how!
      • Betty: Pink dye can be made from red berries in the bottle I gave you. Add white berries to make the pink dye and then you just need to use that on a bullseye lens. Good luck!
    • If the player lost their bottle
      • I've lost my bottle!
        • Player: I've lost my bottle!
        • Betty: Oh don't worry about that deary, I have plenty and you can start the whole thing again. Here, have another.

After successfully creating the lens[edit | edit source]

  • Betty: Wonderful deary. When you're ready, just stand in the open doorway and focus the light on the empty vial on my desk and I'll pour the serum into it.
  • Player: Ok, what does that do?
  • Betty: Why it makes the person who drinks it unable to hide in the shadow of lies. The light of truth will shine!
  • As you focus the light on the vial and Betty pours the potion in, the lens heats up and shatters. After a few seconds, Betty hands you the vial of Truth Serum.
  • Betty: Ok, now the last ingredient, something personal from the person you need to tell the truth, else it won't work!
  • If the player has not stolen any sand
    • Player: Ok, I'll see if I can find something.
  • If the player has sand stolen from Sandy
    • Player: What about this sand straight from his pocket?
    • Betty: That's excellent deary!
    • You hand the sand over and watch Betty sprinkle it in the serum, it fizzes.
    • Betty: Don't forget to dilute it in something like tea or coffee.

If the player loses the truth serum

  • Player: I've lost it!
  • Betty: That's not a problem, I kept some of it here just in case, here you are!

Trying to use the sand on the truth serum yourself

  • Perhaps you should let Betty do that, it looks tricky.

Talking to Zavistic after making the serum

  • Zavistic Rarve: Have you made the serum and talked to Sandy yet?
  • Player: Not yet, but don't bust a gut over it!

Sandy's confession[edit | edit source]

  • Sandy: I don't have time to talk to you. Go away!
    • Player: There's a herd of huge mutant herring about to drop from the sky!
      • Sandy: I'm not falling for that one!
    • Player: A small parrot with a pink banana is sitting outside your window!
      • Sandy: I'm not falling for that one!
    • Player: But the pygmy shrews have eaten all the sand!
      • Sandy: Wow! I must see this!
  • Sandy turns to look out of the window, now is your chance!
  • You pour the serum into Sandy's coffee, then a little while later watch him drink it.
  • You rub the magical scrying orb as the Wizard told you, it starts to glow, recording everything it sees and hears, now you can talk to Sandy in Brimhaven.
  • Player: Now, I'm going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer me truthfully...
  • Sandy: Ok...
  • Player: Why is Bert's rota different from the original?
    • Sandy: Because... I changed it.
  • Player: Why doesn't Bert remember the change in his hours?
    • Sandy: Because.... because...... I bribed a wizard to put a spell on him so he would believe everything I say!!
    • Player: Why?
    • Sandy: So that I could make him work longer without paying him more!
  • Player: What happened to the wizard?
    • Sandy: I....I... KILLED HIM! So I wouldn't have to pay him and no one would know. I put his body in the next load of sand.
    • Player: I think I have enough evidence now, you can go for now, but I think you're up to your neck in it!

Showing Zavistic the evidence[edit | edit source]

  • If the player lost the orb
    • Player: I got the whole story from Sandy... but I lost the orb
    • Zavistic Rarve: It's ok, I saw the whole thing as the orb is connected via magic to me as I enchanted it.
  • If the player have the orb
    • You hand the magical scrying orb to the Wizard and watch as the recording is played back.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Well, well...I think this Sandy needs a lesson, please bring me 5 earth runes and a bucket of sand.
  • Player: Erm, why?
  • Zavistic Rarve: Don't question me or you'll end up as braindead as that legless Guard Captain!
  • Player: Umm.. ok, I'll get you the 5 earth runes and bucket of sand.

Failing to fetch the items

  • Zavistic Rarve: You really mean you forgot? Bring me 5 earth runes and 1 bucket of sand to help stop that moneygrabbing Sandy!

After fetching the items

  • Player: I've brought what you wanted, what are you going to do?
  • Zavistic Rarve: Ahh excellent, let's have those! Watch and learn...

A cutscene plays where Zavistic enchants the sand pit

  • Zavistic Rarve: There, the sand pit will now magically refill. No more work for Bert!
  • Zavistic Rarve: We must find the rest of Clarence, I've sent some wizards out to some of the sandpits, would you please check the Entrana sandpit?

Talking to Zavistic before leaving

  • Zavistic Rarve: Did you visit the Entrana sandpit yet? Ask the worker there if he's found an arm or a leg.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Not yet no. I've been running around like a headless chicken, but I'll get to it!

Entrana sandpit[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Mazion: Uh...greetings Player!
  • Player: Uhh.... How do you know my name?
  • Mazion: Oh, I like to keep ahead of things.
  • Player: Er.. ok. Well, I've been sent from the Wizards' Guild in Yanille. There's been an... incident... Do you have any body parts?
  • Mazion: How did you know! I found the most awful thing in my sandpit - a head!
  • Player: Ahhh good! I need to take it back to be buried!
  • Mazion: You're very strange, but if it means I get rid of the horrid thing...
  • Mazion hands you the head.

Talking to Mazion before leaving

  • If the player still carries the head
    • Mazion: I see you still have that head! Take it back to the Wizards in Yanille!
  • If the player lost the head
    • Mazion: Hello again Player!
    • Select an option
      • What should I do with the head?
        • Player: What should I do with the head?
        • Mazion: It was you that came demanding the head to give to the wizard in the first place! Go back to Yanille with it!
      • I've lost my head
        • Player: I've lost my head!
        • Mazion: Keep your hair on! You dropped it! Make sure you take it straight back to the wizards else you won't have a leg to stand on.
        • Mazion hands you the head.

Heading to Zavistic[edit | edit source]

  • You give the wizard the head.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Alas poor Clarence, I knew him well.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Thank you Player, we shall bury him today. I have sent word for the guards to arrest Sandy, so no one will ever see him again!

Claiming the secret reward from Bert after quest completion

  • Player: Bert! Good news!
  • Bert: Arrr...Good news always be handy.
  • Player: They arrested Sandy for the murder of the wizard and the sand pit now refills itself!
  • Bert: ME JOB! I'VE LOSTED ME JOB! 'ow c'n yer say tha' be good news?? Me wife'll tear me limb fr'm limb!
  • Player: Don't worry, the Wizards are going to pay you a large pension so that you can retire...
  • Bert: Bu' wha'll I be doin' wit' me day now! I be lovin' tha sand.
  • Player: What will you do with your day? Well... You could build sand castles with your own two hands!
  • Bert: I din't think so... bu' iffen yer ever need someone ta haul buckets o'sand 'round. ye be lettin' me know Player, I's can help yer!
  • Player: Wow! That would be great! Buckets of sand direct to my bank everyday, you say? That's great!

Once per day, you may ask Bert to help you by carrying 84 buckets of sand to your bank. Just talk to him.