Transcript of The Great RuneScape Bake-Off - Community Competition

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:15] I'm not sure about this one Mary my
[00:18] thoughts exactly pullets it's really
[00:21] quite dry do you think they forgot the
[00:22] butter mmm I'll say and it's quite bland
[00:25] as well do you think there's no sugar in
[00:27] it oh how peculiar it's almost like they
[00:31] didn't know quite what they were doing
[00:32] mmm hey skaters I've teamed up with the
[00:37] guys from jagex to host the first-ever
[00:38] runescape bake-off from now until the
[00:40] end of the month we want you to take to
[00:42] your kitchens I make an item of
[00:44] runescape food in real life once you've
[00:45] selected and created your item over in
[00:47] scope food you need to send it to
[00:48] community at jagex com where it will be
[00:50] inspected by our expert judges there's
[00:52] some fantastic prizes up for grabs so
[00:55] what you waiting for get in the kitchen
[00:56] and start making some real life cooking
[00:58] games good luck everyone I look forward
[01:00] to seeing your entries if you need any
[01:02] inspiration when picking which item of
[01:04] food to cook then you can click on
[01:05] either of the pictures here to be taken
[01:07] to my video about how to make them
[01:08] before you go though don't get hit that
[01:10] subscribe button share the runescape
[01:11] channels and love