Transcript of The Great Brain Robbery journal entry

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  • I have agreed to help Brother Tranquillity and the other monks with the dastardly zombie pirates. I will have to equip my diving gear to pass through the now flooded underground passage to get to the secret room.
  • The pirates are planning on knocking out the monks with sleeping gas! I have to warn Brother Tranquillity right away!
  • I have a prayer book and a blessed symbol. I am ready to return to Harmony to prevent the gas knocking out the monks.
  • The pirates have released the gas. I must recite the prayer immediately!
  • With the monks' help, I have warded the granary from the gas. I should speak with Brother Tranquillity to see what to do next.
  • After numerous references to my supposed cat habit, I have managed to ship Fenkenstrain over to Mos Le'Harmless, where he will be picked up by Brother Tranquillity.
  • The doctor has been sent to Harmony. I should speak to him to find out his plan for restoring the monk's brains.
  • I have given all the items needed to the doctor. I should see what he intends to do with it all.
  • Oh, merciful gods! that was the worst thing I have ever seen! I want to be sick... In other news, the monk have all had their brains swapped back into the correct bodies and the zombie bodies have been disposed of.
  • I think I should check with Brother Tranquillity to see how he is feeling and what he believes will be the best way to proceed from here.
  • I confronted Mi-Gor and his response was to get his ten-foot wooden abomination, the Barrelchest, to try to do painful things to me with a rusty anchor.
  • I should tell Brother Tranquillity that Mi-Gor has fled the island.
  • I have spoken to Brother Tranquillity and I have been rewarded for all my hard work. Now all I need to do is find something to settle my stomach after watching that operation...
  • I have not used my blessed lamp yet.