Transcript of The Grand Tree journal entry

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  • King Narnode has told me that the Grand Tree is dying and has asked me to help.
  • I have taken a bark sample from the Grand tree from King Narnode to Hazelmere.
  • Hazelmere took the bark sample and gave me a message that I translated and passed on to King Narnode. It seems that Daconia rocks are killing the Grand tree!
  • On instructions from the King, I found Glough to tell him about the Daconia rocks.
  • I told Glough about the Daconia rocks and he blames it on humans.
  • I found Charlie, the prisoner, and talked to him.
  • I spoke to Charlie and agreed to search Glough's house, which is just in front of the Grand Tree.
  • Glough threw me in prison but he King freed me!
  • I crash landed in Karamja jungle and made my way to the shipyard.
  • I have an invoice that the foreman had. I need to find more proof of Glough's plans.
  • I asked Anita, Glough's girlfriend, for the keys to Glough's chest.
  • I found invasion plans in Glough's chest!
  • I used the twigs to open a trap door in Glough's house.
  • I defeated the Black Demon that Glough set on me! Glough fled like the coward he really is.
  • I should talk to the King and tell him what happened.
  • King Narnode has seen the light. I found the last of the Daconia rocks and the Grand Tree is safe.