Transcript of The Golden Gnome Video Awards 2011 - they're here!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] ladies and gentlemen oops and people
[00:09] like myself is I could glory holes brave
[00:13] boy never walked lime green sea coastal
[00:16] the most stylish time has come once
[00:19] again yes that's right the second goal
[00:24] garlic yeah move your head I'm trying to
[00:31] do something right now I'm trying to
[00:33] count to 43 one to six thousand geez
[00:41] second golden don't video watch
[00:43] competition is altered the losers you
[00:46] don't know what that is it's a
[00:47] competition of why the very best deal
[00:49] making talent in the entire runescape
[00:51] amusing and yes society tears awards
[00:54] recycling this year's golden domes will
[00:57] be held at moon rock Johnson you'll be
[01:00] taking place in you could be that 30 day
[01:04] and here are the beautiful categories s
[01:08] voice that blah blah blah blah blah blah
[01:15] blah that's you some thanks
[01:23] let's use of sound the sport blah blah
[01:37] blah blah blah blah blah the end shut up
[01:47] new book and funniest video runefest
[01:58] audience will vote on the finalists
[01:59] knows categories they're also be a
[02:02] blessed day overall category in which
[02:04] the entire estate community will go
[02:05] three nominees will easy VIP tickets to
[02:09] route dance my cat's name is garbage
[02:18] formal details rules terms and
[02:21] conditions go to room fest off from and
[02:24] click competitions that totally just
[02:27] robbed me garbage you're gonna go
[02:31] swimming