Transcript of The Golden Gnome Video Awards -- a helping hand

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hey it's excel here jagex has requested
[00:08] that I created a series of five tip
[00:10] videos for some good yet quick video
[00:12] making advice how to reach the plan on
[00:13] making a few full-length video tutorial
[00:15] guides but I have a tendency to ramble
[00:17] on and jagex cut the length of them five
[00:20] quick tips for using video making
[00:21] software number one try online searches
[00:24] for a lot of free software that can be
[00:26] used to make videos camstudio and fraps
[00:28] demo can be used for video recording
[00:29] while audacity and wavepad demo can be
[00:32] used for sound recording and editing
[00:33] number to practice your first videos on
[00:36] Microsoft movie makers it's free and
[00:38] comes with most pcs find out if you're
[00:40] going to even like video making before
[00:41] you go out and spend 100 dollars on a
[00:42] better editor number 3 check out Vegas
[00:45] movie studio for an affordable video
[00:47] editor that can let you do most of the
[00:49] editing tricks at a pro version to do
[00:50] but for a lot less money other video
[00:53] editors out there may also do the
[00:54] tricking also cost less than one hundred
[00:56] dollars number four use a youtube search
[00:58] for video tutorials on how to use
[01:00] software that you've downloaded or set
[01:02] up many people explain things a lot
[01:04] better than you'll ever be able to find
[01:05] out on your own number five explore
[01:07] other types of software like image
[01:09] editors text generators sound mixers 3d
[01:13] generators and special effects
[01:16] generators to find alternative ways of
[01:17] generating video images or sound for
[01:19] your video and now five quick tips for
[01:22] creating a simple video number one split
[01:25] or clip your videos frequently to get
[01:27] lines and actions so flow more freely
[01:29] nobody could type out or a boat as fast
[01:31] as they can speak lines for a video
[01:33] number to change the camera angles often
[01:36] to break up the monotony of a single
[01:38] angle shot number three record your
[01:41] audio track first or separately from the
[01:42] video then try to trim and place the
[01:45] video to match the audio rather than the
[01:46] other way around this will make your
[01:48] spoken lines sound a lot more natural
[01:51] number four don't be afraid of removing
[01:54] large chunks of your video to pace it
[01:56] properly with the audio a 1-minute
[01:58] free-flowing video is going to be a lot
[02:00] more enjoyable than a five minute one
[02:01] that drags on and on number five if your
[02:04] video editor allows it download a
[02:06] runescape font and use text overlays to
[02:08] add in spoken lines after you've done a
[02:10] recording unless you be a lot more
[02:12] flexible with the lines and a lot easier
[02:14] on your actors if they don't have to
[02:15] remember or type out their lines
[02:24] you