Transcript of The Golden Gnome Awards!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hi guys how's it going I'm on Paul M and
[00:09] I'm joined here again stay with Maude
[00:10] Margie hello hello
[00:12] so it's video competition time again and
[00:14] this time we're not just celebrating
[00:15] machinima we're also celebrating
[00:17] live-action and animation with the
[00:19] golden known video Awards and we've got
[00:21] loads lined up you've got some great
[00:23] categories we've got our SMB and we've
[00:25] also got short stories so were with a
[00:27] bit more information about those
[00:28] categories over to Gregor's thank you
[00:34] and choose the style and category that
[00:36] suits you best awards will be given to
[00:38] the best examples of machinima short
[00:40] story using runescape is your stage this
[00:43] is the best two minutes short story that
[00:45] you can come up with using the magic of
[00:47] machinima machinima runescape music
[00:50] video so if you lovely machinima and
[00:52] you're so fancy yourself as a bit of a
[00:54] Spike Jonze then this is probably the
[00:55] category for you live action short story
[00:59] this is real people acting in real life
[01:01] using runescape as their muse I think of
[01:04] it as real scape IRL if you will my
[01:07] actual music so yeah maybe you want to
[01:13] do a flash mob situation in the middle
[01:15] of a town or something maybe we've got
[01:17] dance troupe together I don't know but
[01:19] used one of our two-minute bits of music
[01:20] and create your best live-action music
[01:22] video animated short story this is the
[01:26] first of two last-minute additions to
[01:27] the competition the animated short story
[01:30] we're super excited about this so your
[01:32] best animation may be choosing
[01:33] plasticine maybe it's 3d animation
[01:35] whatever you've got we'd love to see it
[01:37] and finally animated risk a music video
[01:40] think animation a music video
[01:45] so those of you all cat quiz and you can
[01:47] take you fancy before you work off and
[01:51] start downloading the myriad of software
[01:53] that's available it'll free off the
[01:53] internet to help you make your video we
[01:55] should probably go through some rules
[02:00] entries must be uploaded to YouTube just
[02:04] read that all videos must include your
[02:21] username and the words golden gnomes
[02:23] either verbally or in writing in your
[02:25] video the deadline for entries is 12
[02:28] o'clock midnight on 16th of August GMT
[02:31] that's British time all videos must
[02:34] comply fully the YouTube Terms of
[02:35] Service and the runescape rules of
[02:37] conduct when animation machinima or
[02:40] live-action your video must be runescape
[02:42] related if you're making a risque music
[02:45] video we've provided five soundtracks
[02:48] you're free to chop and remix as much as
[02:51] you like you can add your own vocals and
[02:54] sound effects but they must be your own
[02:55] work and you can find all of this the
[02:59] download section on runescape calm okay
[03:02] that's enough for all stone Rises
[03:07] winning videos will be masterpieces
[03:10] showcasing the very best of your talent
[03:11] we want to reward that kind of skill
[03:13] with some awesome prizes very best in
[03:16] each category
[03:17] will receive big ticket which is an
[03:20] all-expenses-paid trip to come and visit
[03:22] us here at Jagex we'll take you around a
[03:23] studio take you around town take up
[03:25] dinner just generally treat you really
[03:27] right for a couple of days a runefest
[03:29] goodie bag with some signed memorabilia
[03:32] lifetime runescape membership and of
[03:36] course the coveted golden gnome award
[03:38] yes an actual golden No
[03:41] lots of great prizes then hopefully
[03:44] that's enough to get you motivated into
[03:45] the creative juices flowing after the
[03:47] 16th
[03:48] we'll review all the entries we'll take
[03:49] the best two videos in each category to
[03:51] runefest where the audience there will
[03:53] vote for their favorites
[03:54] I forget guys if you need any more
[03:55] information at all if we haven't covered
[03:57] your question here we've got forums
[03:59] you're more than welcome to come and
[04:00] throw your questions at us there you've
[04:02] also got the YouTube channel YouTube
[04:03] board / runescape and five questions at
[04:06] us there and one of us will get back to
[04:08] you no time at all yeah we're really
[04:09] really excited about seeing what you're
[04:11] going to come up with for this
[04:12] competition so best of luck what he said
[04:15] thanks again guys see you soon - yes bye