Transcript of The Giant Dwarf journal entry

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  • I have been taken to Keldagrim, capital of the dwarven realm, but accidentally knocked over a huge statue on the way in.
  • I have been asked to assist in the rebuilding of the statue and have promised to do so.
  • Blasidar the sculptor asked me to get several things for his model, so that he can start on the rebuilding of the statue.
  • I have completed alt the tasks that the sculptor asked me to do.
  • I have pledged my support for one of the directors of the Consortium of mining companies.
  • I have witnessed a meeting of the Consortium The director of the Red Axe was not well pleased that he was not chosen for the statue. He has decided to boycott the Trade Octagon in protest.
  • The statue has also been rebuilt, which ends my involvement with the Giant Dwarf.