Transcript of The First Commander

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This transcript involves dialogue with Zanik and the player.

Journal pages[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Hob-da-Gob.


The Warforge is where young goblins are sent to become warriors. It is literal forge where goblin weapons made, but also the Crucible forge strong gobbo warriors. In this arena, goblins fight and die for honour of Big High War God, moulding themselves into strong and worthy subjects.

I was sent here a decade ago and am soon set to leave and re-join Dorgesh tribe. In my time, I have been Crucible champion handful of times. I thought this why Bandos called me to his private sanctum behind throne, but when I got there, he was angry. I was afraid, in awe, awaited his words.

Angry, yes, but not with me. He ordered I help improve Crucible. Simple fighting was no longer enough, he said. He needed goblins to be stronger, faster, deadlier. I tell him silly thing about Hob-da-Gob. He went quiet. I thought he was going to kill me. But he listened while I explained.

I tell him of Narogosh tradition on Yu'biusk to play a game - tribe split into two teams and took turns throwing ball at each other. If you got hit, you out. Simple game, but it make us faster and stronger - dodge hits, but learn to take those you can't. His eyes burned, glared through me; I thought skin would melt off.

But he laughed! He happy! Hob-da-Gob tournament announced for next Crucible fight! Rules were changed some, though. Bigger ball, harder, bouncy. Hits not knock you out unless they knock you out - Bandos like that rule especially, appreciates irony. We make bronze weapons here, though, so I not get joke.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Chained Heat.

Chained Heat

Bandos was so happy with my help before, he task me with talking to other tribes. Wants to turn their traditions into Crucible games. I talk to Rekeshuun champ and she tell me of tether game. They had thing where two goblins chained together - at hip, at ankle, it varied - then they race other pairs, fight other pairs, hunt while tether. Said it build team work. Have to learn to trust goblin at your side or both die. Trust is hard lesson for goblin to learn.

I took it to Big High War God and he shout at me. Say it not good enough, need more danger. He nearly squish me when kicking me out. I got to learn how he think to make sure he not get mad again. So I did. I talk to other Rekesh and we add some rules.

Tethers not chains but forged rods, sharp bladed edges. Not two goblins together but four, one facing each way. I worry it not enough when I go back, but Bandos laugh again. First Crucible games with it led to many deaths. Winning team used tactic of running into other groups, sharp tether first, cut right through them. In end, only two winners survive, carrying two more in dead weight. Me starting to see pattern and I not like.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:It a Knockout.

It a Knockout

Had to get the next one right first time. Couldn't make Bandos angry again, might not survive to graduate and go home. Talked to Ekeleshuun, they tell me of silly masks they wore to scare enemy. That not good enough. Just silly masks, all greenskin do this.

One Ekelesh made joke about Big HEAD War God. I smack him - can't say that! It not respectful; also get you killed. But it did give me an idea. Big head mask would be silly, not scary. Maybe I make Bandos laugh again. Thought some more. He always saying how other gods stupid, so I set to work, and with Ekelesh make big head masks of bird brain and blue man gods, also demon man.

Put them on gobbos when done and it funnier than expected. Masks so big they can't even see. They flailing around wildly, bumping into stuff, tripping up. Some of those watching pee self with laughing. I think Bandos gonna love this, so I take it to him. He not react right away, but also not angry, and did not give new rules. Felt silent for ages, but eventually he just said we try it out.

Come Crucible games day and I think even Bandos may have peed himself with laughing. Was roaring success, even though death count was record low. Gobbos barely seeing each other make it harder for them to hit each other. Happy on both counts. Doing good job and staying alive.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Nosorog Horn Toss.

Nosorog Horn Toss

Bandos still want more, so I go talk to Idithuun. I think this one obvious, too obvious to make boss man happy, though. I talk to Longhorn about his animals - he keep strange creatures in cages, we sometimes fight in Crucible. Longhorn love his animals a bit much, though. Longhorn name is funny story, but we not get into that.

Always he get sad when they die, more so than when fellow gobbos die. Other Idith not like that. None kill more gobbos than nasty nosorog. Rumour is it come from Bandos home - got big front horn like him, tough skin like him, thick skull like him, runs right at enemy. Hard to kill. Scary thing, hate it. Not Bandos though, love Bandos.

How I make nosorog more dangerous than already is? So, I figure, it hard to kill it, but it even harder to survive it. So, came up with game where gobbos can't kill nosorog, not even attack it, just must survive it. I took child gobbos toy - coloured stacking rings. Made aim to get rings on nosorog horn in order. Once final ring was on, game was won, and survivors were victorious.

When I tell Bandos, I think he was unsure of rings, thought it mocking the proud nosorog. I thought he take personal offence. This is big mistake...but he let slide. I thought I was a goner, but Big High was happy. I not know how that happen but am okay with that.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion
The following text is transcluded from Transcript:First Chosen.

First Chosen

I am out of tribes to talk to now - we have Crucible games based on twelve different traditions. Tapped out. Was scared of next visit to Big High but I got the call. I stood silent, nothing new to give him. He stare at me. I still silent. Just stood there looking at him, not cowering, eyes open wide. Felt like forever.

Then he broke silence. Said I have graduated, that I am true goblin, forged in Crucible. I earn true goblin name - Zealheart - for my devotion to him and my love for him. Who am I to argue? I happy, I go home.

But before I turn to leave, he stopped me, said the games could have come from anywhere, but making me do them was a test. Bandos said Zealheart was creative thinker, something he not like so much of greenskins, so I was worried he changed mind. Instead he say I am chosen, did something magic to me, made me feel tingly but stronger. I know not what it mean. He say to me to make many more goblins and send them to Warforge. All to be chosen if survive Warforge. My hope is children can better stand up for and protect gobbos than I did.

-Zealheart of the Dorgeshuun, First Chosen

Zanik[edit | edit source]

Talking about the mystery[edit | edit source]

Before finding all the pages[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik We've made some good progress, but we need to find more clues.

After finding all the pages[edit | edit source]

Before solving the mystery[edit | edit source]
  • Zanik Great job, we've found everything and I've made notes in the site report.
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'The First Commander' - Solve this mystery.
  • You gain 12,000 Archaeology XP for completing a mystery!
After solving the mystery[edit | edit source]
  • Zanik We've found everything and I've made notes in the site report.