Transcript of The Feud journal entry

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  • I met with Ali Morrisane, who asked me to travel to Pollnivneach, a small town to the south of Al Kharid and look for his nephew.
  • A local drunk suggested that Ali's newphew's disappearance may be linked to the two gangs that seem to run the town.
  • I have endeavoured to resolve the feud that exists between the Menaphites and the bandits in order to earn their trust and hopefully information concerning Ali Morrisane's nephew.
  • After purchasing two camels from 'Sami's Discount Camel Store', I gave each group one.
  • This approach seems not to have worked as neither group keeps their word.
  • Perhaps I should try being a little more direct and join one of them.
  • I have joined the Menaphites. However I must now prove myself by pick-pocketing 3 villagers in Pollnivneach.
  • I pick-pocketed the 3 villagers using a number of different techniques, some more subtle than others.
  • On reporting my success I was informed that I had now passed the first stage of my initiation.
  • I successfully staked out the house to make sure no one was home.
  • I entered the mayor's house using the key which Rashid the Operator gave me.
  • I have successfully burgled the mayor's house and given Rashid the Operator the jewels.
  • I have been given the task of identifying a traitor within the gang.
  • The local hag agrees to concoct an undetectable poison for me if I bring her the ingredients.
  • On giving the hag the snake, she then asks for some fresh camel dung to complete the potion.
  • The hag gave me the poison once I had given her a snake and a bucket of camel dung.
  • I have poisoned 'Traitorous Hesham's drink.
  • On talking to the leader of the Menaphites he appeared tobe deranged and power-mad.
  • I have to rid the town of the Menaphite leader.
  • I talked to the villagers who informed me that I had caused them more harm by removing the Menaphite leader.
  • I have defeated the Bandit Leader's champion.
  • The villagers were still ungrateful despite me defeating both groups and freeing the town from their influence.
  • The mayor out of gratitude for my efforts tells me what has become of Ali Morrisane's nephew.
  • I told Ali Morrisane about his nephew's fortunes, despite the failure of the quest's overall goal he seemed more than satisfied with the outcome.