Transcript of The Eyes of Glouphrie journal entry

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  • Brimstail has told me about his researches into old gnomish magic
  • I've had a look at a strange machine and crystal bowl in the cave next the Brimstail's study.
  • Brimstail has shown me a strange machine built by a famous gnomish hero - Oaknock.
  • I have the level 46 Magic required to mind meld with Hazelmere.
  • Brimstail asked me to visit Hazelmere and ask him about Oaknock's machine and gnomish history.
  • I've visited Hazelmere and he performed some sort of gnomish mind-meld on me.
  • Hazelmere has told me stories about King Healthorg, Oaknock and Glouphrie.
  • Hazelmere has shown me lots about Grand Migration and the gnomes involved.
  • I have the construction skill required to repair the machine.
  • I have talked to Brimstail, however, while we were talking an invisible intruder sabotaged Oaknock's machine!
  • It seem that the machine is being used to hide some sort of illusion.
  • I have fixed the machine now.
  • I have unlocked the machine now.
  • I have got the machine working now.
  • The machine has revealed that cute fluffy creatures that were running around the place are in fact evil spying creatures!
  • I have told the King about the creatures.
  • I found all of the creatures and disposed of them.
  • I have discovered lots about Gnome History, King Healthorg and his advisors. I have fixed Oaknock's anti-illusion machine and revealed that the Arposandran gnomes have in fact had spies in the Gnome Tree Stronghold for some time... They have been watching - what are they planning?