Transcript of The Evolution of Combat - Mod Mark's Big 5.

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hello. My name is Mod Mark and I'm the Lead Designer of RuneScape
[00:06] and I'm here to tell you why the Evolution of Combat
[00:09] is the greatest thing ever to happen to the game we know and love so well, RuneScape.
[00:15] Abilities
[00:17] We've got basic abilities; threshold abilities and the most awesome thing are the ultimate abilities.
[00:22] Ultimate abilities are basically like a really cool finishing move where you can suddenly do something
[00:28] that looks absolutely amazing, does a whole bunch of damage to your opponent.
[00:31] We've got things like the Tsunami ability which is a huge wave that suddenly appears in combat
[00:37] and allows you to damage all of the opponents that are in front of you.
[00:41] We've also got really cool ultimate abilities like the Massacre ability.
[00:45] That's a particular favourite of the design team and that's something you can use to really wreck your opponent.
[00:50] One of the best ultimate abilities that we've made is the Momentum ability
[00:54] and that's an ability we've created after receiving lots of feedback from the players on the forums.
[00:59] This is an ability that you would use if you want to have a bit of a break from combat.
[01:04] and your basic attacks will be incredibly powerful.
[01:07] Of course, Evolution of Combat is particularly good for PvP players.
[01:11] The tactical choices that you make during the combat, the variety of choices that you have available to you
[01:17] really means that PvP combat and boss fighting will be about the skill of the user rather than just having really cool statistics.
[01:25] What that means is that everyone will have a really, really good chance to make their mark on the game.
[01:30] Dual Wielding
[01:32] This is a brand new system that we've invented which will allow you to wield a weapon in each hand.
[01:37] That means twice as much damage, it means twice as many hits on your opponent
[01:42] and it generally means that combat is going to be much more exciting, fast-paced and much more engaging for everyone.
[01:50] Absolutely every single weapon has been remodelled for the new combat system and they all look amazing.
[01:56] You'll also be able to sheathe all your weapons, so when you're not in combat,
[02:00] if you want to you can put your swords away down by your side, put your two-handed sword across your back or your staff,
[02:05] and just wander around the cities of RuneScape in kind of, casual mode
[02:09] and then as soon as you're back and involved in combat, you'll pull those weapons out and wade right into the fight.
[02:15] Action Bar
[02:16] We've made the action bar because we felt that there was a lot of time with the old combat system
[02:23] that players were just navigating between interfaces and rather than actually getting involved with the fight
[02:28] quite a lot of the time they were just working out which panel they needed to have active.
[02:33] So we've built the action bar so that you can have your prayers, your spells, your food, your summoning abilities
[02:39] and also all of your new abilities on that action bar. You'll have everything you need directly in front of you.
[02:45] Of course, the action bar has got multiple layers to it as well so if you fill up one of your action bars,
[02:50] you'll have more action bars that you can use.
[02:52] You can even if you want; use the action bar for skilling and this is one of the most exciting things that we've done.
[02:58] So even if you're not hugely combat oriented as a player,
[03:01] you can use the action bar to better the way that you interact with the game.
[03:06] You can do things like drag your spells there.
[03:08] Of course, spells are not just for combatants.
[03:11] You also have a lot of spells that skillers use as well so if you're high-alching a lot,
[03:15] you can drag your high-alch spell up to your ability bar and the items that you're high-alching
[03:21] and you can just do all of those spells navigating through the ability bar
[03:24] rather than having to interact with loads of different interfaces.
[03:28] The Combat Triangle
[03:29] The triangle is the bedrock of RuneScape combat.
[03:32] It's always been about what happens when you're a warrior and you come up against a wizard
[03:37] or what happens when you meet someone who is at the other end of the triangle from you.
[03:42] Over the years we've kind of let things level out a little bit
[03:46] and with the new system we're really giving everybody a fighting chance,
[00:27] making the triangle mean something has meant that
[03:53] we've had to add a whole range of new equipment to the game.
[03:56] So we've got cool things like bat-wing armour.
[03:59] We've got these carapace armours that rangers use;
[04:02] a whole bunch of things to give everyone a really cool look when they are involved in combat.
[04:08] Combat Academy
[04:09] We've literally just made the beta world available to every single player that we have in RuneScape,
[04:14] and if you go into the beta worlds and you go into Lumbridge you'll find a combat academy there.
[04:20] The combat academy has been written specifically for those players with a good experience of RuneScape already
[04:27] The combat academy is there for you to learn
[04:29] and to give you an opportunity to fully understand
[04:32] the new combat system before it goes into RuneScape.
[04:34] You'll also have the opportunity to earn some experience points for your live account
[04:38] so please go and try it out today and be honest. Let us know what you really think.