Transcript of The Evacuation

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Whaler and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Whaler: I don't want to sound like the Sheep Who Cried Dragon, but Shuma is attacking Honazo! It's a crabbing town, so they won't be able to defend themselves.
  • Player: How can you be sure it's Shuma?
  • The Whaler: Boats of refugees, messages for help... My sea monster sense is tingling, too.
  • Player: That sounds like evidence enough. We should start by evacuating the townsfolk.
  • The Whaler: Evacuate? Cannibal halibuts! We need to kill Shuma! Kill her, and no one has to lose their home: evacuate them, everyone loses everything.
  • Player: No, Hubbub. We save the people first.
  • The Whaler: Are you feeble-minded? This is the act of a fool, a...
  • Player: Hubbub!
  • The Whaler: Alright, alright. I don't agree, but I can help. I know Shuma, I know what she's capable of, and I promise that I will not attack her.

After Voyage

  • Player: You'll get another chance, Hubbub.
  • The Whaler: That's not what's bothering me! There's something wrong with old Shuma. Whenever we fight, it can feel like we're sparring. Oh, we both want each other dead, of course, but we...enjoy it.
  • Player: You think this is a different whale?
  • The Whaler: One-eyed ancestral spirits! No! At least, I hope there's only one Shuma! No, something's different. She's lost something. If I were to guess, she wants revenge, like I did once my city was destroyed. I guess this is as good a time to finish my story. Rumour was that a seasinger was to blame for the sea monster attack on my city. The more I travelled, the less crazy that rumour seemed. Sea monsters were attacking fleets together. And then I witnessed an attack for myself. Squids, hydra, flying sharks, giant urchins - all raiding a village. And, at their back, a single man, watching from an albino narwhal. I sailed out to the man and grabbed him by the neck. He gave up the name of a seasinger, Quin, and said that he was a bodyguard of hers. Discord, I think his name was. Discord said that Quin could control ALL sea monsters at once. She used an ancient horn to wake them, control them, and send them after her opponents. So, Quin became the target of my revenge. I watched her palace from a way back, but Quin never leave the palace, no. She never go to sea, and I was about as useful on land as a saddled jellyfish. Pfeh. So, I returned to my island, gathered every coin my people had, and made for the Death Lotus, the order of assassins. I paid them to kill Quin. But the attempt never succeeded. Quin had the assassins in her pocket. And, from then on, she gained a sort of 'siege mentality', surrounding herself with traps, assassins and sea monsters. No one can get near her. So, now you find me, chasing a whale.